lee roman

“If you smell what The Rock…”


“You can look…”


“There’s only one word to describe you and I’m gonna spell it out for you.”


“Rusev putria…”


“Had a dream I hadn’t made it, there’s nothing dragging down me yeah.”


“Let’s light it up.”


“Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta…”


Things I’d rather see than Randy as champion:
  1. Carmella moonwalk the Mania 33 ramp
  2. Breezy Bella
  3. Miz and Maryse impersonate John and Nikki
  4. Alexa and Daniel bicker on Talking Smack like a father and his rebellious teen daughter
  5. Big E freaking out while playing virtual reality games
  6. Bray spider walk the Mania 33 ramp
  7. Jack, Aiden, and Simon having a tea party
  8. Ride Along with Baron and Corey
  9. Kevin promo
  10. Nattie talking about her cats
  11. Enzo do the running man down the Mania 33 ramp
  12. R-Truth teaching Dean how to dance
  13. Stone Cold drink 100 beers
  14. TJ dab for 10 hours
  15. Live concert of Naomi, Sasha, John, Tyler, and Shawn singing their theme songs
  16. Jillian singing 
  17. LayCool
  18. Santino as Santina
  19. Watch Finn build with his legos
  20. Peyton and Billie kangaroo hopping down the Mania 33 ramp
  21. Braun working out by lifting trees
  22. Shinsuke dance for 10 hours straight
  23. Chris name everyone on his list and go into detail why they’re on it
  24. Byron dancing and hugging Bayley’s wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men
  25. Paul promo while Brock stands beside him bouncing
  26. Breezango writing everyone in the locker room fashion tickets
  27. Naomi slide down the entire Mania 33 ramp
  28. Paige’s Anti-Diva gimmick from NXT
  29. Emma yelling at everyone about how it’s “all about me”
  30. Brie give birth
  31. Roman and Dean do the Bella Twins entrance
  32. Seth and Dean do the Funkadactyls entrance
  33. Xavier freaking out while playing jump scares on UpUpDownDown
  34. Renee try to do Dean’s hair
  35. Lana speak Russian for 6 hours
  36. Team B.A.D. sing Christmas carols
  37. Liv eat pizza
  38. Alexa trying to pick up Baron
  39. Broken Matt
  40. Team B.A.D. and New Day having a twerk off
  41. AJ Lee and Mickie having a skip off
  42. Roman jumping over the top rope
  43. Neville’s 450 Splash
  44. 15 hours of Becky saying her best puns
  45. Alicia flipping out
  46. Nattie’s cats
  47. Shane jump off the titantron
  48. Seth’s Phoenix Splash
  49. Noam saying “Alicia Foooooooooooooooooooox” for 10 hours
  50. Charlotte’s corkscrew moonsault
  51. Seth mosh
  52. Nikki spear the shit out of everyone
  53. Dean doing shots with Renee’s mom
  54. Asuka murder everyone in sight
  55. Maryse read the dictionary doing her impersonation of how Nikki talks
  56. The New Day dancing
  57. Seth losing his shit on UpUpDownDown

World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume III announced for 28th March 2018!

“World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume III features artwork from Peter Lee, Roman Kenney, Stanton Feng and Joseph Lacroix, while writing duties have been tackled by Chris Metzen, Matt Burns, and Robert Brooks. The third volume of World of Warcraft Chronicle will focus on the events “that shaped the modern history of Azeroth and delves into the backstories of Arthas Menethil, Illidan Stormrage, Jaina Proudmoore, and other iconic World of Warcraft characters.”

Being a wrestling fan is basically like being a parent

First, you pick your favorites. Your favorites become your children. You now have to make sure your children don’t accidentally hurt themselves, you yell at them when they do stupid things, And then you fight with other parents to protect and defend your children.

The “Fun”dant Thief

Hello everyone! I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been down in the dumps lately. So I’ve wrote this light-hearted tickle fic of the sides that I’m hoping will lift your spirits. I certainly couldn’t stop grinning and giggling while writing this, and I hope you won’t either while reading it.

This was supposed to be a drabble, but it turned out to be longer than my 1,000 word limit, but still I hope you enjoy.

The “Fun”dant Thief

(Ships): None

Words ~ 1,971 ~

It was a very uplifting day in the mind palace. Virgil was in reality working one-on-one with Thomas to help sort some things out that he had been struggling with in the past, leaving the other three to tend to their own matters. Everyone had grown closer as friends because of their escapade in Virgil’s room and getting along much better than in the previous videos. But, this was the first time that only Virgil had left. What would become of the mind palace if the darker trait wasn’t there to balance things out? Well, for one thing, Patton had become much more giddy and daring.


For no reason in particular, Logan felt he needed to bake a cake. He had already mixed everything together with little to no mess, and the batter was now rising in the oven. He still didn’t understand why he was baking a cake or why at this moment he had a sweet tooth, but he ‘rolled’ with it.

Once the timer went off, he opened the drawer to look for the oven mitts, only to find they were all gone. His eyes widened slowly as he began to frantically search for pot holders. He was only able to find one, so he used some cloth rags for a second, make-shift potholder. Logan quickly grabbed the cake out, set it down gently, and turned the oven off. With a sigh of relief, he checked his masterpiece confirming that it had not been burnt.

The cake must have smelled good because the other two aspects slinked into the kitchen, trying to find the source of the wonderful aroma.

“You’re gonna share that right?”

Logan turned around to find both Roman and Patton staring, drooling at the cake.

“What makes you think I will?” Logan crossed his arms, looking defiantly at them.

“Sharing is caring.” Patton licked his lips as he began to sneak towards the unfrosted cake.

“No!” Roman held him back. “It’s not even decorated yet Patton! You can’t just dig into an undressed cake! While thats just savagery! At least give it decent protection first!!”

Patton pouted while Logan nodded, agreeing to Roman’s argument. “Then perhaps we can make a compromise. If you both aid me in decorating this cake, then you can each have a piece.”

“Two pieces?” Roman wiggled his eyebrows at him, getting a “don’t push it” look from Logan in return. “Bwahahaha!” Roman heartily laughed. “I’m just joking Mr. SmartyPants.”

Patton jumped up and down for joy. “YES DECORATING!!!!!” He ran to the pantry to grab out the frosting, sprinkles, and other items needed for the so called ‘dressing of the cake’. He came back, arms full, and set everything down on the table. He was about to open a can of frosting when it was snatched out of his hands by Roman.

“No Patton. We are NOT putting you in charge of the frosting again. Remember what happened last time?” Logan reminded the giggling aspect while the Fanciful trait passed the object of attention to him.

“This whole thing was gone. In less than five minutes.” Roman pointed to the can of frosting that Logan was now holding.

“And don’t let us catch you eating the decorating candies either or there will be no cake for you.” Logan opened the can and began spreading out the first layering of frosting.

“You can help me decorate, Patton!” Roman exclaimed excitedly. He handed him a bag of chocolate chips. Patton huffed slightly, annoyed that he wasn’t getting his way, but he had a sneaky plan in mind.

It had been a couple minutes into the Dressing of the Cake and everything was going smoothly. Roman was decorating away while Logan gave his input, mostly to have it shot down by the egotistical Prince. By complete accident, the two aspects had left the tubes of icing unattended giving Patton the opportunity to grab one of them. Of course he grabbed Roman’s favorite color: red. Whether he just wanted to stir up trouble, or he legit wasn’t afraid of anything, even Patton didn’t know the answer. What he did know, however, is he wanted that icing and he wanted it bad.

With the fondant in his hands, he carefully slinked away trying not to make a sound. He wasn’t as successful as he would have hoped.

“Patton?” The childish trait turned around and faced the two aspects who were currently staring at what he had in his hands. Foolishly, Patton had forgotten to hide his secret treat. Instantly, Patton put on an innocent face and hid it behind his back. Morality knew they had seen it, but he was having fun being troublesome.

“Oh hi! I was just leaving…” He pointed in the direction he was originally going and began to back away.

Logan rubbed the bridge of his nose while Roman began cracking his knuckles. The fanciful trait then leaned over and whispered into the other aspect’s ear. Logan turned his head back to Roman and nodded. “Yes. I suppose that can be arranged. Patton. In the words of Roman, you’re dead.”

Patton literally bolted. He ran like his life depended on it.

“Ill take left! You go right! We’ll meet in the middle.”


The chase was on. While Roman ran after Patton, Logan took the other way around hoping to cut him off somehow, allowing the fanciful trait to catch him. And this is exactly what happened. Logan hid behind a corner as he heard Patton’s squeals make their way to his location. At the last second he jumped out, stopping the icing-stealing trait in his tracks. As he was stunned, this granted roman enough time to scoop the aspect up and throw him over his shoulder.

Logan swiftly grabbed the icing out of his hands and put it back on the kitchen counter where it belonged.

“Ohoho!! Thought you could get away didn’t ‘cha?” Roman teased as he walked to the living room with Logan close behind.

“Nooooooo!!!! Let me gooooooooo!!!” Patton was smiling, undoubtedly happy that he got caught, but he was afraid of what they were going to do to him.

“It is too late for that, Patton. If you didn’t want to be caught, then you don’t steal in the first place.” It seemed that Logan couldn’t hide a grin either, which made Patton very nervous.

The first thing Roman did when he got to the living room, was chuck Patton onto the couch, then proceeded to straddle his hips. Logan sat down on a different couch and decided to watch from afar.

“Rooommmaaaannn!!! Get offa me!!” Patton tried to push the fanciful trait off of him, but to no avail, couldn’t even budge him.

Roman chuckled and trapped Morality’s hands under his knees, preventing movement. “Uh-uh-uh. I was serious when I said that I would win at physical fighting. Perhaps, this will teach you not to toy with me. As I recall, ask the dragon witch, she knows the drill you’re screwed. Royally!”

Patton’s eyes widened as Roman wiggled his fingers teasingly over the captive trait, before diving his hands straight in to squeeze his sides.

Laughter instantly bubbled from the dad aspect’s mouth. Apparently his arms were not restricted enough, because they got free and tried to protect himself from Roman’s wiggling hands.

Roman grunted as Patton fought him off. “Oi! FitBit! Get over here and help!” Rolling his eyes, the logical aspect calmly got up and held Patton’s arms above him, giving more access to the current tickle monster.

“Logaahahahahahahahn!!! Nooohohohoho!!!”

“Aha!!! A window of opportunity!!” Roman retrieved his hold on Patton’s sides, squeezing up into his armpits and back down.

Poor Patton was already beside himself with laughter. He wiggled desperately trying to get away, but he was weakening by the second, and the fact that both aspects were hell bent on punishing him didn’t help either.

Pretty soon he felt both of his arms shift to being held by only one of Logan’s hands. Suddenly, Patton snorted as a third hand joined the tickling assault, scratching at the inside of his right armpit. Morality looked up to see Logan trying to suppress a smirk on his face.

“Keep it up Logan! I’ll go for his tummy next!”

“Noooooooohohohohoho!!! I dooohohohnttt wahahahahnt iiihihihit!!!”

“Too bad, so sad. I’m glad, you’re mad.” Roman didn’t hesitate as he scribbled his fingers over Patton’s shirt. Patton let a tiny squeal out before his higher pitched giggles began to escape.

“Awwww! That was so cute. For being the dad, Patton, you certainly could use a deeper voice.”

“You realize we all have the same voice right?”

“Shut up NVidia! No one asked you.” Roman’s hands then journeyed their way underneath Patton’s shirt and began grazing his ribs. Even worse, Logan’s elbows were holding down Patton’s hands with ease while his hands circled both of Morality’s armpits.

“Nohohohohohohohoh Fahahahahahir!!! Hehehehehehlp!!! Someoneeeeeeee!! EEEHheehehehehe!!!”

“Just face it Patton. No one will be coming. The knight in shining armor that would be saving you, is actually torturing you. Muahahahah!!!” Roman gave an evil laugh as he poked and pushed Patton’s belly button with one hand while reaching behind him and squeezing one of his knees with the other.

Patton was now shrieking instead of laughing. Both of the aspects had to stop tickling and cover their ears because Patton’s screams were so shrill.

A certain feeling suddenly circled the air. Thomas had heard Patton’s screams. Looks of panic were exchanged between the two ticklers.

“Oh shi-I mean. Roman! Finish it up and hurry!”

“On it!” Roman took a deep breath and blew right on Patton’s tummy causing one last squeal to escape his lips as the parental trait laid back breathless, seemingly endless giggles still pooling out of his mouth.

Roman jumped off of Patton and ran with Logan back to the kitchen. As soon as they arrived, Thomas and Virgil suddenly materialized in the kitchen.

“What the hell is going on!? Why was Patton screaming?!” Virgil was obviously in an angry state of confusion.

“Is he alright? What happened!?” Thomas was in a less angry, but more confused state than Virgil.

“It’s alright-

“He’s fine-

“We were just-”

“-Having a tickle fight!” All eyes turned to look at the figure who was leaning against the entrance of the kitchen, red in face, panting and breathless.

“Patton?” Virgil and Thomas asked together.

“Ohohoho no! There was no tickle fighting involved.” Roman stated. “It was two against one.”

Despite how tired he was, Patton giggled mischievously. “I know. There’s a reason why I said ‘“having” a tickle fight.’” He laughed evilly, raised his fingers up, and ran at his two prior torturers.

“You’re on your own, Motherboard!” Roman ran away first and was out of the kitchen faster than someone could say that super long word from Mary Poppins that not even the author knows how to spell correctly.

Logan instantly took out his vocabulary cards and threw them at Patton, eveloping the whole kitchen in a cloud of white temporarily stunning the parental trait. Logan grabbed the first card he could get his hands on and quickly followed Roman’s footsteps. “I am not dealing with this dipshit!”

Morality recovered and ran after him. “Language Logan!”

This left Virgil and Thomas in the kitchen as the shouting, laughing, squealing, and other weird noises reverberated all over the mind palace.

“How often does this happen?” Thomas turned to Virgil.

“Never…” Virgil mumbled, almost jealous of the bonding session the other traits were having without him. There was once again silence between Thomas and Anxiety, as various crashes from the others’ antics rang about, killing any ounce of peace and quiet that had previously rested in the mind palace.

Thomas shifted from side to side, slightly uncomfortable, but his nervousness changed into delight as he glanced to his left.

“Oooh! Cake!”


Dear friend,

You know who you are! I hope this cheered you up. <3


So  anything that has a description next to it is a long imagine, the plain ones are gifs and would includes

Aj Lee -

Aj cheering you on

AJ Styles -

Something to do with your hands - You’re new in town and AJ just happens to be there anytime something breaks

Adam Cole-

Facetiming Adam

Adam making you jealous/you making him jealous

Bray Wyatt-

Dating/baby/married would include

Going on a midnight walk

Braun Strowman-


Big Cass-

Dating/married/sex would include

Jealous Cass

Baron Corbin-

Dating/married/sex would include

The Wolf - ‘Can I have fluff where the reader gets hurt during a match and her boyfriend Baron goes to check on her’

Corey Graves-

Someone like you - High school Au. Bad boy Corey has to learn how to dance in two weeks as a punishment, Could this possibly lead to love? pt1, pt2


Dating/sex/kids/married would include

Dolph  Ziggler -

Dirty little secret - ‘Could I request a Dolph Ziggler x Reader where you had been ‘secretly’ dating for a while now and before you could tell your co-workers, they find out in some way’

Dean Ambrose-

Dean after an argument

Dean after mind-blowing sex

Dating/sex/married/baby would include

Jealous Dean would include

Finn Balor-

Finn getting all smiley and embarrassed in a interview with you

Finn whenever you ask him to pose or a picture

Finn Stripping and fucking you with NXT title on

Dating/married would include

Sex would include

John Cena-

Sex would include

Jay Briscoe-

Dating Jay would include

un-named Drabble-  Could you do a Jay Briscoe drabble where he gets all protective cause you’re stood ringside for one of his and marks matches?! Please 😊

Kenny Omega-

Being married would include

Rough Sex would include

Karl Anderson-

Dating would include

Kevin Owens-

Dating/sex would include

Matt Jackson-

Dating/sex/married would include

Pete Dunne-

Traveling would include

Roman Reigns-

Roman always knowing you’re watching at home

Having a baby would include

Dating/married would include

Buying a dog would include

Sex with Roman would include

A date with Roman would include


Married/sex/dating would include

Sami Zayn-

The purrfect birthday- Sami tries to make your birthday perfect with a little surprise

Sami realising you’re his tag team partner

Seth Rollins-

Seth helping you study

Seth whenever you say another guy is hot

Being pregnant would include


Dating/sex/dating/kids would include

Deserving of a Smile

Written for @golden-honeyhoney and based on her prompt: “Cheer up tickles for Virgil, with one or more ler!” I feel like I could have written this better. Once again, its a longer drabble. I get too carried away with story elements, but I hope you all still enjoy it.

I apologize for lateness. I had some set backs, but I still feel like it came out ok.

Please enjoy:

Deserving of a Smile

(Ships): Can be taken as Moxiety, doesn’t have to be.

Words ~ 1,273 ~

It was about 2:00 pm and the mind palace was strangely quiet. With Logan and Roman working in the real world on one of Thomas’s personal projects, it left the whole place to the remaining two aspects. This was one of the only instances where Virgil could listen to music in the living room without being disrupted or humiliated by the other two traits. Patton never bothered Virgil while he was in his ‘zone’ unless he had a good reason too, which the darker aspect was extremely thankful for. However, it was at this particular moment that he kind of wanted to be bothered.

Virgil had been depressed lately and he really didn’t know why. Granted his dark and brooding music wasn’t really helping, but at least it drowned out his negative thoughts. Patton must have noticed his dreary mood, because whenever the happy aspect would pass by him, he would linger in the same room as him for a considerable amount of time.

Virgil caught on pretty quick to Patton’s antics. He had tolerated it for a couple hours before hand until he had had enough and wanted to know what was on his ‘dad’s’ mind. At the moment, Patton was in the living room with him very slowly organizing some misplaced objects that the other sides had left scattered about earlier. While still looking like he was listening to music, Virgil kept a watchful eye out waiting for him to leave the room. Once Patton did, the darker aspect took it as an opportunity to confront him.

He rose from his spot, stopped his music, and rounded the corner into the hallway he saw the parental trait walk into. He suddenly stood still when he noticed that Patton was nowhere in sight. Virgil scratched his head thoughtfully. He couldn’t have just disappeared…could he?

He was about to venture further down the hallway when his question was answered by two arms swiftly hugging him from behind, and wrapping themselves around his midriff. Anxiety gasped in surprise. “What the-” But he was cut off as the pair of arms hoisted him into the air and carried Virgil back to the couch he was just sitting at. Now he was sitting again, but not on the couch. He looked down. Patton had just literally pulled Anxiety onto his lap.

“Patton! Wha-” Virgil was silenced by a single finger being pressed to his lips, his free arm still holding firm around Virgil’s tummy.

“Hey kiddo. I know you don’t want to be bothered right now, but a dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do. And what this dad’s gotta do is making sure that your alright! And what better way to cheer you up than with a nice hug!” Patton removed his finger from his lips and pulled the darker trait into a big snuggly hug.

It was at this moment Virgil’s demeanor broke. He couldn’t say anything. He felt tears, but held them back, because he wanted to enjoy Patton’s hug. Slowly but surely, Virgil returned Patton’s gesture. He could feel the parental trait’s eyes sparkling with pride as the two finally let go and looked each other.

“Thanks…dad.” Virgil tried to avoid eye contact and the tiny grin on creeping on his face.

“Your welcome Virge! But we aren’t done yet! Do you know what goes well with hugs?” The mischievous smile on Patton’s face gave the answer away.

Virgil’s face turned to one of terror. “Oh god please no.” He scrambled to get away, but to no avail was pulled back onto Patton’s lap.

Morality giggled. “Tickles!” He gingerly slid his hands into Virgil’s armpits and began tickling the sensitive skin that resided there.

Virgil did all he could to keep the giggles threatening to surface inside of him. “Patton!! No! I don’t want it!”

“Sorry kiddo! But, I’m not letting up until I’ve tickled all the depression out of you! After all, I hate seeing you so sad all the time. You deserve to smile every once and awhile too!”

Patton’s hands tickled their way down to Virgil’s sides, squeezing the bits of loose skin the parental trait could find.

“No no no nohohohohoho!!! Patton Stahhhhahahahp!!” The darker trait’s chuckles progressively bubbled out of his mouth as Patton’s hands neared his most sensitive spots.

“Awww…you have such cute laughter Virge! Why don’t you let it out more? Tickle tickle tickle!!” Patton cooed as he scratched at the bottom of Virgil’s ribs. Anxiety was weakening fast, but continued trying to pry Patton’s hands away from his sides. Still it seemed that the parental side had the upper hand of the situation.

The two were too busy caught up in their situation that they didn’t notice Roman and Logan had materialized into the mind palace right in front of them. They did a double take on the situation before Logan coughed into his hand, announcing their arrival.

Virgil’s eyes shifted to the two aspects and his face flushed red. Patton slowed the tickling slightly so that Virgil could still talk if he wanted to.

“Hey guys! Wanna help? Virgil’s been sad lately, so I’m cheering him up.” Patton was now scribbling his fingers over the darker traits belly.

“Hehehehehehehehelp Meheheheheh!!!!” Anxiety called out to the two other sides in vain.

Roman had a hand over his mouth the entire time trying to stop squealing from cuteness. “Oh my goodness!! Yes I shall help you Virgil! Let’s cheer up this emo together!” He walked over and knelt beside Virgil’s flailing legs. With one swift move he grabbed both of them and trapped them in a headlock maneuver. Princey then began to strip Virgil of his socks and shoes.

“Princey nohohoho!!! That’s not what Ihihihilhih meant by hehehehehehlp!!!” Anxiety began to laugh considerably louder as Patton’s hands slipped under his shirt and tickled the bare skin there.

Logan pushed up his glasses and walked away from the interesting sight. “I see no reason to take part in your endeavors.”

“Awww come on Logan! Don’t be a debby downer.” But Logan had already walked to his room and shut the door, turning a deaf ear to the three ‘lunatics’ in the living room, or so he called them.

Roman was now tickling Virgil’s bare feet, wiggling his fingers along the bottoms of Virgil’s toes. Their victim was cackling his head off, red in the face, and unable to fight back against the two stronger sides.

Patton noticed Virgil’s growing exhaustion and motioned to Roman to give him a break. The fanciful trait did as he was told, stood back up, and sat next to Virgil on the couch. Most of Morality’s fingers stilled as well, except a pointer which was now circling his navel leaving a trail of giggles stringing from Anxiety’s mouth.

“So…has the emo been officially cheered up?” Roman teased him, flashing his iconic, pearly-white smile.

“Yeeehehehehehs!!! Just stahahahap already pleahahahahaseee!!!”

Patton did as Anxiety asked by taking his hand out of his shirt and wrapping him once again in a nice hug. “Good to hear, Virge!”

Roman took this opportunity to hug Virgil too. “Virgil sandwich!!”

“Virgil sandwich!” Patton echoed out as the darker aspect was now smushed between his fellow sides.

“I hate you both so much…” Anxiety grumbled as he regained the breath he had lost from the others’ tickle attack.

Patton booped his nose. “Awww… you don’t mean that.”

Virgil let a last, tiny chuckle escape his lips. “Hehe…you’re right…I don’t.” For five more minutes, the three aspects cuddled on the couch. Though Virgil would never admit it, he enjoyed every second of time spent with those two buffoons.


If anyone has any prompts feel free to send them in. I’m always looking for new ideas! :)

Hey guys quick lesson in pronouncing the characters’ names in wlate because I heard someone pronounce siwon’s name as sigh- wohn and god i never want to hear that again:

Yoon Taemin (윤 태민) = yoon teh meen
Min Woojin (민 우진) = meen oo jeen
(There actually isn’t any w sound at all, but the oo sound is romanized as woo in translations)
Han Siwon (한 시원) = hahn shee wuhn
(The “hahn” is hard to explain, but it’s a very light and short A sound)
Min Siwoon (민 시운) = meen shee oon
Choi Minjun (최 민준) = chweh meen joon
Lee Hoon (이 훈) = ee hoon
(Like woojin’s name, ee is romanized as lee, but it is pronounced differently)

So yeah I hope this helps???

Edit: changed shi to shee bc some people might read it as shy which isn’t right