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One of my favorite things about wrestling is seeing dreams come true.

Being a wrestling fan is basically like being a parent

First, you pick your favorites. Your favorites become your children. You now have to make sure your children don’t accidentally hurt themselves, you yell at them when they do stupid things, And then you fight with other parents to protect and defend your children.

Cat Fights - Sami Zayn Imagine

“Sami!! Look this kitten looks like you!” You squeal slightly as you pick up the ginger kitten who’s hair was slightly darker on his chin, making him look like he had a beard “Oh come on Sami let’s get him, we need someone round the house.” The kitten starts to cuddle into your arms till two large hands scoop it up and place him back in the kitten pen “We can’t Y/N I’m not home enough as it is and when I do get home I don’t want to be dealing with a cat scratching at the furniture… How about we get a movie, some food and go home to cuddle” you huff as he pulls you out the shop.

Four hours. That’s how long ago Sami texted you saying he was at the airport and in the first hour you thought it was traffic, which was understandable for the time he landed well that was until you checked Finn’s Instagram. He was out getting drunk. Fine he wanted to go out with the guys and get drunk, then you can go do whatever you want.

Round about 2am Sami came back home completely wasted thinking he was a stealthy ninja as he was walking up the stairs “Stop it!!.. I love you baby.” He stops outside the door hearing you giggle and squeal, suddenly he got extremely angry and stormed in ready to fight the guy you were with what he didn’t expect was to see you sat up on the bed with a little ginger kitten on your lap “Seriously Sami.” You shake your head at the Canadian wrestler as you stand up leaving the kitten on the bed and go to grab a blanket and pillow “get out my sight.” You hiss as you shove the pillows into his chest.

Groaning, you roll over sighing when you felt the cold, empty side of the bed “Zayn Jr!” You call out wanting the warmth of the small Kitten. When you didn’t feel any movement on the bed you sat up, rubbing your eyes “Zayn Jr?”
Quickly, you jump out the bed and run down the stairs, stopping when you saw the sight of Sami holding the ginger feline wearing a matching hat to him in one hand and a bouquet of daisies in the other “Listen, I know I’m an idiot and I don’t deser- I’m sorry I can’t concentrate when you look so beautiful, I mean you’ve just woken up and you look like a super model. Anyway, I don’t deserve you and I really need you to forgive me because I can’t function without you Y/N. we can keep the cat, Hell, we can buy a thousand cats if it would make you happy because that’s all I want. I know I’m ranting but I just really Lo-” his eyes widened as you cut him off with a kiss “I forgive you, you idiot. I love you both of you.”

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Sometimes your best friend was once your enemy, sometimes you’re both enemies off and on, sometimes you just stay friends…sometimes you’re not even enemies. You just feel that mutual respect. You just hit it off immediately with the other person. You’re brothers, you’re sisters, you’re best friends. You’re frenemies with immense mutual respect.

You spend your time warring with each other or with others side by side. You come to their aid, they come to yours, or you’re on opposing sides. Then comes the definite end, one of you is leaving, retiring, sick or anything…and the feud turns to respect, admiration, friendship, even brother/sister-hood. Now you can’t imagine a life without them. Sometimes it’s good friends, better enemies…other times it’s good enemies, better friends. Bottom line, your paths crossed and in the end, you’re glad they did.

Society on female rock/metal artists:

Hayley Williams is nothing but hair dye

Maria Brink is a whore/sex metal barbie

Taylor Momsen is satanic and a slut and needs a sandwich

carah Faye’s too inked and so is LIGHTS

Amy Lee’s too fat

Lzzy Hale’s too bitchy

Avril’s a bad girl and is a attention whore

Lynn Gunn and Alexa San Roman should not exist cuz they’re gay

Jenna Mcdougall and Tay Jardine are ugly(?)

Cherri Bomb is pop band because their name sounds poppish

Joan Jett’s too old

Jen Ledger and Korey Cooper weren’t meant to play drums and guitar

Now you ask why girls suicide due to fucking stereotypes and always being lower than men.

This is the reason.

Our society is so fucked up for women.And it’s fucked up for men too.

These women here,who are classified into categories,are Saviors of a million people.People put down razors,put back pills,got a life because of these amazing women.Give them the chances they deserve.

.All girls can rock.

Note: this post is not meant to defame the opposite sex in any way.