lee roman

“If you smell what The Rock…”


“You can look…”


“There’s only one word to describe you and I’m gonna spell it out for you.”


“Rusev putria…”


“Had a dream I hadn’t made it, there’s nothing dragging down me yeah.”


“Let’s light it up.”


“Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta…”


Things I’d rather see than Randy as champion:
  1. Carmella moonwalk the Mania 33 ramp
  2. Breezy Bella
  3. Miz and Maryse impersonate John and Nikki
  4. Alexa and Daniel bicker on Talking Smack like a father and his rebellious teen daughter
  5. Big E freaking out while playing virtual reality games
  6. Bray spider walk the Mania 33 ramp
  7. Jack, Aiden, and Simon having a tea party
  8. Ride Along with Baron and Corey
  9. Kevin promo
  10. Nattie talking about her cats
  11. Enzo do the running man down the Mania 33 ramp
  12. R-Truth teaching Dean how to dance
  13. Stone Cold drink 100 beers
  14. TJ dab for 10 hours
  15. Live concert of Naomi, Sasha, John, Tyler, and Shawn singing their theme songs
  16. Jillian singing 
  17. LayCool
  18. Santino as Santina
  19. Watch Finn build with his legos
  20. Peyton and Billie kangaroo hopping down the Mania 33 ramp
  21. Braun working out by lifting trees
  22. Shinsuke dance for 10 hours straight
  23. Chris name everyone on his list and go into detail why they’re on it
  24. Byron dancing and hugging Bayley’s wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men
  25. Paul promo while Brock stands beside him bouncing
  26. Breezango writing everyone in the locker room fashion tickets
  27. Naomi slide down the entire Mania 33 ramp
  28. Paige’s Anti-Diva gimmick from NXT
  29. Emma yelling at everyone about how it’s “all about me”
  30. Brie give birth
  31. Roman and Dean do the Bella Twins entrance
  32. Seth and Dean do the Funkadactyls entrance
  33. Xavier freaking out while playing jump scares on UpUpDownDown
  34. Renee try to do Dean’s hair
  35. Lana speak Russian for 6 hours
  36. Team B.A.D. sing Christmas carols
  37. Liv eat pizza
  38. Alexa trying to pick up Baron
  39. Broken Matt
  40. Team B.A.D. and New Day having a twerk off
  41. AJ Lee and Mickie having a skip off
  42. Roman jumping over the top rope
  43. Neville’s 450 Splash
  44. 15 hours of Becky saying her best puns
  45. Alicia flipping out
  46. Nattie’s cats
  47. Shane jump off the titantron
  48. Seth’s Phoenix Splash
  49. Noam saying “Alicia Foooooooooooooooooooox” for 10 hours
  50. Charlotte’s corkscrew moonsault
  51. Seth mosh
  52. Nikki spear the shit out of everyone
  53. Dean doing shots with Renee’s mom
  54. Asuka murder everyone in sight
  55. Maryse read the dictionary doing her impersonation of how Nikki talks
  56. The New Day dancing
  57. Seth losing his shit on UpUpDownDown

One of my favorite things about wrestling is seeing dreams come true.

Being a wrestling fan is basically like being a parent

First, you pick your favorites. Your favorites become your children. You now have to make sure your children don’t accidentally hurt themselves, you yell at them when they do stupid things, And then you fight with other parents to protect and defend your children.


So  anything that has a description next to it is a long imagine, the plain ones are gifs and would includes

Aj Lee -

Aj cheering you on

AJ Styles -

Something to do with your hands - You’re new in town and AJ just happens to be there anytime something breaks

Adam Cole-

Facetiming Adam

Adam making you jealous/you making him jealous

Bray Wyatt-

Dating/baby/married would include

Going on a midnight walk

Braun Strowman-


Big Cass-

Dating/married/sex would include

Jealous Cass

Baron Corbin-

Dating/married/sex would include

The Wolf - ‘Can I have fluff where the reader gets hurt during a match and her boyfriend Baron goes to check on her’

Corey Graves-

Someone like you - High school Au. Bad boy Corey has to learn how to dance in two weeks as a punishment, Could this possibly lead to love? pt1, pt2


Dating/sex/kids/married would include

Dolph  Ziggler -

Dirty little secret - ‘Could I request a Dolph Ziggler x Reader where you had been ‘secretly’ dating for a while now and before you could tell your co-workers, they find out in some way’

Dean Ambrose-

Dean after an argument

Dean after mind-blowing sex

Dating/sex/married/baby would include

Jealous Dean would include

Finn Balor-

Finn getting all smiley and embarrassed in a interview with you

Finn whenever you ask him to pose or a picture

Finn Stripping and fucking you with NXT title on

Dating/married would include

Sex would include

John Cena-

Sex would include

Jay Briscoe-

Dating Jay would include

un-named Drabble-  Could you do a Jay Briscoe drabble where he gets all protective cause you’re stood ringside for one of his and marks matches?! Please 😊

Kenny Omega-

Being married would include

Rough Sex would include

Karl Anderson-

Dating would include

Kevin Owens-

Dating/sex would include

Matt Jackson-

Dating/sex/married would include

Pete Dunne-

Traveling would include

Roman Reigns-

Roman always knowing you’re watching at home

Having a baby would include

Dating/married would include

Buying a dog would include

Sex with Roman would include

A date with Roman would include


Married/sex/dating would include

Sami Zayn-

The purrfect birthday- Sami tries to make your birthday perfect with a little surprise

Sami realising you’re his tag team partner

Seth Rollins-

Seth helping you study

Seth whenever you say another guy is hot

Being pregnant would include


Dating/sex/dating/kids would include


Sometimes your best friend was once your enemy, sometimes you’re both enemies off and on, sometimes you just stay friends…sometimes you’re not even enemies. You just feel that mutual respect. You just hit it off immediately with the other person. You’re brothers, you’re sisters, you’re best friends. You’re frenemies with immense mutual respect.

You spend your time warring with each other or with others side by side. You come to their aid, they come to yours, or you’re on opposing sides. Then comes the definite end, one of you is leaving, retiring, sick or anything…and the feud turns to respect, admiration, friendship, even brother/sister-hood. Now you can’t imagine a life without them. Sometimes it’s good friends, better enemies…other times it’s good enemies, better friends. Bottom line, your paths crossed and in the end, you’re glad they did.

Hey guys quick lesson in pronouncing the characters’ names in wlate because I heard someone pronounce siwon’s name as sigh- wohn and god i never want to hear that again:

Yoon Taemin (윤 태민) = yoon teh meen
Min Woojin (민 우진) = meen oo jeen
(There actually isn’t any w sound at all, but the oo sound is romanized as woo in translations)
Han Siwon (한 시원) = hahn shee wuhn
(The “hahn” is hard to explain, but it’s a very light and short A sound)
Min Siwoon (민 시운) = meen shee oon
Choi Minjun (최 민준) = chweh meen joon
Lee Hoon (이 훈) = ee hoon
(Like woojin’s name, ee is romanized as lee, but it is pronounced differently)

So yeah I hope this helps???

Edit: changed shi to shee bc some people might read it as shy which isn’t right