EW Staff Picks: Which other TV shows deserve the reboot/revival treatment?

Fuller House. X-Files. Twin Peaks. Star Trek. Gilmore Girls. McGyver. Prison Break…the list of old TV shows suddenly getting the reboot or revival treatment goes on and on.  And on. (Wait, what’s that? The Worst Witch was just added to the list? Okay, then!) We asked EW staff members what other TV shows they missed the most, or ones they thought truly deserved a comeback. Are you paying attention, heads of programming? 

Pushing Daisies (ABC, 2007–2009)

So many Bryan Fuller shows to choose from, but my vote’s for Pushing Daisies. Ned the pie-maker — played by an endearing Lee Pace — has the ability to bring people back to life with one touch, but permanently dead with a second. When he resurrects his childhood crush Chuck (Anna Friel), he decides to keep her alive, and the two go gallivanting around town solving murders. Despite critical acclaim, the show was cut short after two seasons due to the writer’s strike. But the visual style was whimsical and vibrant, the writing smart and witty, the characters played to perfection by a stellar cast including Kristin Chenoweth, Chi McBride, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene, and narrator Jim Dale. There’s not enough of that quirky charm on TV right now, so let’s revive (ha) Pushing Daisies. —Danielle Zhu, Intern


Dairies of an average fan girl

Dear Lee Series, Volume 3.0

February 12th 2016

Dear Lee, 

Today, I woke up and I decided to write about something I usually intend not to write about. Today, I woke up and decided to write my feelings towards an incident that happened yesterday. 

Now, it is not like I invade privacy ( you know Lee, how much I respect you right? well, probably you do not but I respect you A LOT )… anyways let me tell me what happened yesterday…

I was hanging around Twitter , as always , ( something you should do more often by the way :P) and then I came across the below:

You see Lee, I am that JoeMacmillanInSpeedo girl, odd name is not it ? :P but remember, you even favorited my tweet once: 

Hehehe, anyways back to the point, so one girl tweeted and said she met you at the Berlin airport and you know what Lee ? I could not help but smile from cheek to cheek because I do not know… I just had to :) to know that you are well and the girl said you were SMILING, that’s a big thing for me because you know lately in all your selfies ( which you look awesome and great as ever in by the way) you do not smile! it makes me wishing and longing for one to be honest… 

I mean look how great you look:

Now , I know why you are glowing in this pic :) because you are relaxed and rested :)

And those #INeedNature selfies, by the way , thanks to you I am now a strong advocate of nature ! *yupe, told you Lee, you are a great influencer for me :D*

And how can I forget that “A Little Life” book? and I love how you tweeted and said “ Felt compelled to share” I mean, you are not “obliged” to share anything but I just love the fact that you shared the recommendation of this particular book … I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT maybe I will talk to you about it in another diary entry :)

Oh, that one! we have been all waiting for it after the renewal of Halt and Catch Fire and it came just in time and oh my! was a glorious day for us Lee, we smiled so hard like “YESS!” hehehe <3 you rock as Macmillan !

and yes, I just discovered as well that you are a council member of the Nature Is Speaking which is so awesome and cool ( I will tell you why after your birthday :D )

The Selfie Promise

and going back to my point, this is when I saw you last smile in a selfie and I love it beyond words Lee and when the girl saw you at the Berlin airport and told us that you were smiling my heart fluttered a little and I felt so happy , I do not know why! I stayed up all night thinking of the happiness you deserve in this life Lee .. you deserve  SO MUCH

You said this year you want:

  • Joy
  • success
  • love 

to all of us and , steamed buns for yourself ha ha  but I think, after the “glowing” selfie , you in Berlin and all this I think you have ALL THREE already and that makes me extremely happy Lee!

Look how happy you were that day!

I wish to see you happy again this year Lee, I wish to hear that you got MARRIED and you are living a loving life with your other half and have loads and loads of kids Lee ! I can not wait for these news LITERARY CAN NOT!

Till my next entry dear Lee <3

Yours truly:

Average Fan Girl

Netflix Guru and Chill: Quirky Romance

“Watching people other than ourselves bungle up a bit in life and love is satisfying. What’s more, watching quirky characters on screen can make us feel a bit better about our own small oddities. 

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008)

What it is: 

Miss Pettigrew (Frances McDormand) is a recently unemployed, down-on-her-luck governess who gets drawn into the fast-paced life of potential rising star Delysia LaFosse (Amy Adams). In the 24 hours the two spend together, Miss Pettigrew in thrown into the whirlwind world of pre-WWII high London society and ends up making her own splash as she helps Delysia navigate through her love life and career.

Why you should be watching: 

[Lee Pace, duh. He’s obviously the answer to everything and is the only reasoning for watching anything. He’s totally lowkey my Valentine. Let’s be real here.] Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day (2008) is a charming, quirky period rom-com that makes you feel good on the inside and say “aww.” Also, several familiar faces in this film– Lee Pace, Christina Cole, Shirley Henderson, Ciaran Hinds, and Mark Strong — bring their best performances to this fluffy confection of indulgence.“


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