lee mun jae

Notes and Observations from Shinhwa's V-app, Episode 4


>Minwoo does catspeak

>Minwoo makes lame jokes (that’s Oppayam’s specialty….but you can borrow it!)

>Hyesung nags at Minwoo. (H: “Lee Minwoo, seriously! The sausage is burning!”)

>Hyesung and Dongwan bicker like a married couple again! Nag, bicker, nag, bicker.
H: “Yah, why did you get so much lettuce?!”
D: “I was going to get less, but someone there said I should get more.”
H: “Just how many wraps are you going to eat?!”
D: “I only wanted to get a little.“
D: “Can you just wash the veggies?”
H: “There is so much (because of you).”

>Wansyung works together in food prep.
D: “Did you wash the enoki mushrooms?”
H: “I did. Everything’s washed.”

H: “Sesame. Sesame oil. Dongwan-ah, where’s the sesame oil?”
D: “It’s here! This is it.”
(Such a good married couple.)

>DONGWAN OPPA CAN COOK. What am I going to do?? *wails* He’s too perfect…..

>Ricsyung makes ssamjang. Or rather, Hyesung makes ssamjang and Eric taste-tests and tells him how to perfect it.

>Wansyung bickers some more.
D: “Hyesung is the nagging king. He nagged so much.”
H: “And because I did, we bought the right amount!”
D: “Alriiight!”
H: “If I let you, you would have bought twice as much.”

>Ricsyung scolds Minwoo together.

>The members feed wraps to the staff.

>Jinnie and Andy really want to smoke on camera.

>Eric’s goal for the night is to make Hyesung drunk enough to vomit!!