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So let me get this straight. He's taking a 'a off' June 30-31. Then he will be at Anime Expo from July 1-4 being an attention whore when he should be at home working on his damn game because he gets paid to work, not go see anime tiddies. Then July 5 he goes back to 'his house'. That's a straight week of NO work. So people basically pay him TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Basically. If he really cared, he should disable the patreon donations for the months that he’s going to take a break from. It’s not like he’s in an immediate need of money either.

-Mod Lee

YOI Characters as things my classmates have said
  • Yuuri: You think I'm innocent but you should see me in a group chat
  • Viktor: Guys I think I'm gay but I'm not sure yet-- never mind I'm sure I'm gay
  • Yuri: I'm 5'2 but I'm still ready to fight someone
  • Otabek: Wow y'all think I'm a gentleman but wait till you see me swallow a quesadilla whole
  • Phichit: What's your Snapchat? I don't have one I just want to know for future reference
  • Chris: I got an A on my science test and I'm ready to bust a nut
  • JJ: I may look cool, but on the inside I'm just a soggy pile of worthlessness just like you guys
  • Leo: I might have failed three of my classes but that's chill. Im chill
  • Guang-Hong: *in a squeaky voice* I'll shank you
  • Georgi: I don't know whether or not I've had two girlfriends in the past month is good or bad
  • Seung-Gil: I'm great at parties. I mostly just hide in the corner and hope nobody notices me. It works like a charm.
  • Michele: No homo but guys are really pretty
  • Emil: Yugi-Oh is for babies; I play Magic the Gathering like a real man

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YOI Characters as things people at my school have done
  • Yuuri: Got choked (lightly) by my history teacher with the strings of his sweatshirt and looked absolutely terrified; probably whispered "harder" under his breath
  • Viktor: Latched onto my leg and stayed there while I tried to get to the next period
  • Yurio: Stared at a bird that was outside in science class for the entire period and called made sports announcer commentary on everything it did
  • Otabek: Tried to do parkour on the desks
  • Phichit: Held a funeral for a dead rat that we had to dissect
  • JJ: Tripped on his own shoelaces and dabbed on the way down
  • Christophe: Asked me if I bleached my asshole
  • Georgi: Got surrounded by crows and declared himself "Supreme Corvid Overlord"
  • Leo: Belted "My Heart Will Go On" in the hallway
  • Guang-Hong: Started randomly screaming in the cafeteria; everyone else joins in
  • Seung-Gil: Tried to sneak out of class in combat boots
  • Emil: Tried to make friends with a squirrel
  • Michele: Screamed "I do not tolerate that behavior" when someone called him a whiny bitch

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a @yoieventsSeungchuchu Week 2017!! We would like to encourage the creation of works for this pairing through this event, and spread the love for this rarepair! 

The event will last from 22 May to 29 May. We welcome all kinds of content, whether art, fic, edits, or more! For more details, please read our guidelines here. Our official tag will be #seungchuchuweek


20 March - 9 April: Accepting prompts

10 April - 20 April: Prompt voting

23 April: Prompts announced

24 April - 21 May: Content creation

22 May - 29 May: Official week

Please reblog this post to spread the word, and don’t hesitate to ask questions through the inbox or messaging. Follow @seungchuchuweek for latest updates!

We look forward to your participation!! Thank you \(^ヮ^)/

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