I.M: WonHo

MH: WonHo? WonHo?

WH: *gives mic to Changkyun*

I.M: Oh! I got two mics!

Monsta X // dog thoughts

Minhyuk: “What if my human never comes back?!” 

Wonho: “What if I never find out who’s a good boy?”

Kihyun: “My human stepped on my foot. Why does he hate me?”

I.M: “Please don’t lint roll my hair off of you. That was a gift.”

Jooheon: “Why does my human talk in a normal voice to other humans but in a high-pitched, baby voice to me?”

Hyungwon: “My human leaves me for hours at a time. He must be going to the park without me.” 

Shownu: “I DO want to go outside! How does she know?!”