lee minho 1993

First The Moon that Embraces the Sun and now this?!

Rooftop Prince is such a cute, adorable, hilarious, outrageous, amazing, OMG drama… This is just an addition to my hype about The Moon that Embraces the Sun craze… 

I love Lee Minho in both dramas! Every time he smiles, omg! Such an amazing actor! 

Micky/Yoochun is my bias now from JYJ/DBSK(which ever band you guys refer him to, I use both so I don’t make others mad). He was my first bias in JYJ/DBSK then it went to Yunho and now it is back to Yoochun! 

I can’t wait to finish Rooftop Prince! It is getting intense! Love it so far. Made my mom and me laugh so much! 

My favorite actor in the drama would have to be Lee Minho~ Started from The Moon that Embraces the Sun~ He is so adorable! Only one year older too… Now I sound like a total fangirl… I put him as Lee Minho 1993 so I don’t confuse him with the F4 Lee Minho. lol.

Kays, good nighty! haha.