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Pyro- and Cryokinesis


That fic for @ming-chan‘s fantastic Sky High klance au is done!!  I promised by the morning and it’s 2am right now, so that counts!  I’ll probably rb this a few times for the next few days.

Any further writings on this would be done in a collection style and would likely only describe excerpts of events, such as classes with Coach Boomer or dates with their powers being needed for whatever reason.

Im not crying 😭 you are😭🤧 he will forever be our baby just like Jang Doyoon, Yao MingMing, Shin Dongjin have a special place in the Sm17es CARATS HEARTS ♥️

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Choi Minho legit slammed that fucking door just to give him a back hug while throwing some curse words. What a lovely boyfriend you have Lee Taemin hahah 😂😂

Seventeen (Performance Unit) reaction to a member being too close with their gf

Anonymous asked : Seventeen Performance unit reacting to their gf and a member being really close and always hanging out together.

Thanks for choosing a unit first :) 

Jun:  S.Coups: “So what type of present will the boyfriend get this year?” Jun: “Well I’m thinking about a-” Jeonghan: “I know exactly what I’m getting her for her birthday” Members: *looks confused* S.Coups: “I was asking the boyfriend” Jeonghan: “She has a boyfriend..who?” Jun: *GIF*

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Hoshi: (*Note:don’t mind the “it was very otl” on the gif) The members were giving Hoshi a speed Q&A about his girlfriend to see how well he knew her.  The8: “What is a habit (y/n) does before she eats Hoshi: “Uh….” *DK interrupts* DK:*quickly answers* “Spaces her food out!!”  Hoshi: “Well of course you would know”

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The8: His girlfriend showed up at their fan meeting, he was happy to see her in the crowd..and guess so was Vernon. He seen how Vernon looked in her direction, steady staring while grinning a little. He didn’t want to make a scene in front of everybody so he politely went up to him and said what he needed to say to him, while also laughing a bit to stop from showing the intense vibe he actually had.

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Dino: Everybody knew that he hated seeing (y/n) and Seungkwan together all the time, but he didn’t want to seem like he was jealous, so he never bother to say anything. Everyone was gathered around and non stop all Seungkwan was talking about is the day the two of them spent together. Even though he didn’t say that the whole situation bothered him, all the members could tell he was feeling a certain way.

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Exo reactions

Bts reactions





More of predebut seventeen! (SO SMOL OMG) So… LOOK AT SAMUEL. LOOK AT SEOKMIN’S HAIR. look at coups tho xD. LOOK KIDS IS YOUR UNCLE MINGMING I really miss MingMing and Dojoon ;^; (some still look the same lmao)