lee mcdermott

alexhoeghandersen: #tb to this rare occasion in which the cripple actually get to do some stunts. I miss it.  A massive shoutout to the stunt crew on @historyvikings who gets beat up more often than not to make the actors look good. In this video: Richard Ryan, Jonathan East, Lee McDermott, Darron Castello and of course my handsome stunt double Michael Redmond who, by the way, deliver a quite interesting performance as a doomed shield maiden… and gets killed twice. #crew PS. Yes, I’m the one doing the sound effects.

you know that horror flick? the one I SEE DEAD PEOPLE flick? right, who doesn’t. well that’s the story of LEE MCDERMOTT’S life, only bruce willis isn’t anywhere in sight and he was raised in a worse environment and he grew up to be a horror actor—-okay so admittingly really there’s nothing in common with the two outside of their abilities but it got your attention right?

so please LIKE / REBLOG if you’re interested in interacting with a kid who’s a little too obsessed with the horror genre, has more bad jokes than good ones, and compares his life to episodes of ghost adventures on a daily basis. he’s just a troubled kid trying to better himself and look for people to deal with his annoying, monster loving ass. penned by haller.


Bergenfest, Norway

20150614 – Röyksopp

  1. Skulls
  2. The Girl and the Robot – feat. Jonna Lee
  3. This Must Be It – feat. Jonna Lee
  4. What Else Is There? – feat. Jonna Lee
  5. Poor Leno – feat. Jamie McDermott
  6. Eple
  7. Never Ever – feat. Susanne Sundfør
  8. Monument – feat. Jonna Lee
  9. Here She Comes Again – feat. Jamie McDermott
  10. Only This Moment
  11. Do It Again – feat. Jonna Lee
  12. Sayit – feat. Jonna Lee
  13. I Had This Thing – feat. Jamie McDermott
  14. 49 Percent – feat. Jonna Lee
  15. Running to the Sea – feat. Susanne Sundfør

*Setlist unconfirmed.
*Photography: Gøril Hernes