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“Come here often, big boy?”

Many fans ship Rolf and Marie together only because they have similar hair color.

Marie and Lee have both expressed admiration for Rolf because he was in a uniform. That turns them on. I wonder if this is what attracted their mother to men.

Rolf splashes Marie with the dirty water making Marie snap out from the curse.

Marie asks what just happened. 

Does everyone remember what events took place after falling under the curse? Edd apparently remembers everything that happened with May.

Rolf insults everyone calling them weaklings for falling under the power of love.

Look at Marie. She looks hurt by this comment. Does she like Rolf, or is someone close to finding out her mask?

I have a theory that Marie is not who she is. Her punk chick look is to make herself look intimidating. She is insecure about herself and the life she comes from. The Kanker’s always drive everyone away.

Remember the cool girl from ‘Inside Out’? She’s looks as if she knows what she’s doing on the outside, but she is freaking out in the inside fearing that people will catch on to her. I feel like that is Marie because she has a different personality behind what she portrays to the world. Edd is intrigued by this side of her finding something new each time he is around her. In the background of one episode Marie is seen reading. 

Marie likes Edd because he’s different. He’s gentle and sweet even when he is scared of her. The Kanker’s father’s are an enigma, but from what’s implied the Kanker’s or weary around violent people. What if Marie’s father was abusive?

The Kanker’s home lives sport so many theories. There is more to these girls then how they’d always attack the Ed’s. 

Eddy is next to be broken out from his love curse. 

Eddy’s reaction has to be my favorite.

Hr’s all, “Who, what, when, where?”

Takes a brief look at Plank….

Mini barfs and drops the piece of wood.

Plank’s existence has confused everyone over time. It doesn’t help that Plank can move on ‘his’ own sometimes. I have always believed that it is Jonny doing magic tricks or mimicking voice in his head. He’s only trying to look cool in front of everyone else.

Eddy’s reaction confuses me to whether or not he remembers what happened.

Eddy has been contemplating his sexuality since about season 4 when he noticed he was becoming closer with Edd. He’s still too young to understand these feelings. And he’s also trying to make a good impression for Bro. 

Bro belittled Eddy making fun of all his talents. Remember how Eddy could juggle, play piano, do all sorts of interesting things at the beginning of the series? Bro came back to haunt his mind. He affected him to the point where Eddy believed he couldn’t do anything and started having inner breakdowns. 

Jonny and Nazz are sharing a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment.

Jonny you didn’t share the meatballs? 

And right when they’re about to share a kiss Rolf breaks up the moment.

Rolf is so disgusted by love.

How is love presented in his family? Since Rolf comes from another country was his parents marriage set up? 

This also puts Rolf’s sexuality in question because he’s never been attracted to any of the female characters. He’s always so busy doing chores to notice. Rolf is who he is. He follows along his own traditions That’s what I like about Rolf. He’s not afraid to be who he is. 

Rolf is the only character on the show who doesn’t wear a mask. All the kids have insecurities about themselves which they mask. Rolf does fear what will happen if he goes against family tradition, but other then that he stays true to himself. He tends to go overboard in family tradition going so far as to prove that he can make a whole journey on his own to capture the Ed’s. Eventually Rolf will take his own path in the future. 

Okay, this has to be my favorite love trance moment.

Kevin is giving Lee an imaginary boat ride.

Ah, the beauty of loving in a cartoon world.

I just noticed Lee wearing Kevin’s hat!!! OHMYGOD that is so precious!!

Kevin lent his hat to Nazz in Boys Will be Eds, but only because he was trying to get her attention. 

This is a very different side of Kevin I have never seen before.

As I have theorized I think the affect of the love curse brings out attitudes that the kids are suppressing. Kevin has a soft side. He hides that because he feels embarrassed. He wants to look tough. I have a head canon that Kevin’s parents are divorced. Like my theory with Nazz’s parents they both keep it a secret from the world thinking they’ll look weak. 

This goes for the Kanker’s too They haven’t told anybody about their home life. The Kanker’s trailer home flies over the Ed’s heads. Anything is a home. It’s actually heartwarming that the Ed’s have never said something against the Kanker’s home. Maybe they have a little understanding for how the girls live their lives. 

And the second the curse is broken Lee bops Kevin on the head.

She has no feelings for him. Lee has always found Kevin annoying. On an interesting note Lee is attracted to all the male characters except Kevin and Jonny. She steers clear from Jonny, while she likes to torment Jimmy. The Kanker’s find Jonny creepy for some odd reason. It’s sad how everyone views Jonny as odd even a second before even knowing him. 

We can’t judge a book by its cover. 

Second to last we have Ed who moment before his love curse is broken is spouting off to his sandwich, “You, and me, and dog named Boo.”

I have never thought about this comment until now, but does it confirm what Ed’s sexuality may be? 

I ship Ed and May. Ed’s sexuality has always been a question for fans. He liked babies in an earlier season and here he would like to raise a dog with he and his future partner. 

This line can have several different meanings. It’s sweet to know that Ed would like to get married some day. He still finds girls gross, so we think. Ed is the oldest out of his friends. He thinks he’d be made fun of by Eddy for being attracted to girls. Still this is ironic seeing how they were all attracted to Nazz. 

Ed’s love curse is broken.

‘Oh well, I can still eat the sandwich.’

Poe Party: A Dating Sim (Potential spoilers ahead!)

A dating sim based on -surprise, surprise- Poe Party. It would start off similarly to how Poe Party begins up to around after Eddie “dies”. Edgar and Lenore are both playable characters who share the same available routes, but the stories of the routes are different to varying degrees depending on who you choose to play as.

  • The available routes are Annabel Lee, Mary Shelly, Louisa May Alcott, H.G. Wells, Oscar Wilde, and Ernest Hemingway. The reason for this is because these are the only characters that I have a vague idea for what their routes would be.
  • Secret routes would be Emily Dickinson(really just for the joke), Eddie Dantes, some kind of route that has to do with everyone, and one of Edgar’s ravens(A nod to Asagao Academy which is dating sim.)(This would be a joke route and like Asagao’s would be a really weird one.). Emily’s would probably be unlocked by clicking on something in the background which would change randomly between a list of items for every playthrough. Eddie’s would be unlocked by getting the Bad Ending for every route including Emily Dickinson’s. The raven might be unlocked by doing something specific while playing as Edgar. The route that would include everyone could be achieved by getting the good ending on all of the route’s except the raven one. 
  • The Emily and Eddie routes are also shared by Lenore and Edgar but the story does change, the raven one is only for Edgar, and the one about everyone switches between Lenore and Edgar. 
  • If you get the good ending in a route you’ll get a picture of the character that would be cute and kinda pinup-ey. I don’t if they would change depending on who you played as.
  • The Bad End for a route would most likely be the character dying, but I would imagine before that happens they would say something that would indicate that you guys aren’t working out/that you’re getting the Bad End. 
  • The party members who die depends on who’s route you choose. Pretty much the person you choose is not going to die, unless you get a bad end, with the exception of Annabel when playing either character and H.G. when playing Lenore. Depending on the route, Oscar and/or Ernest will die. Annabel’s route when playing as Edgar and H.G.’s while playing Lenore would be the most accurate to what actually happens in Poe Party.
  • I had tossed around the idea that no matter what whoever you choose dies when playing Lenore, but I felt that it would make things lose their impact and become more repetitive than it already would be if you were to play through the routes. I get that this is just a concept but the idea was still unappealing to me making me not want to add it.
  • Edit: OH YEAH I forgot to mention that kinda like how Shovel Knight has playable content besides the main story, this would also have two playable stories besides the main one. These take place in a universe after the events of the actual Poe Party series but everyone who died, except Eddie, comes back as a ghost and now haunts Edgar. One story features Shelcott and the other Hemingwells, and are also dating sims. For the Shelcott one you play as Mary who asks Louisa on a date and for the Hemingwells one I’m not really sure.
  • Feel free to add anything to this! Also, I plan to make a post dedicated to to what the routes would be like so feel free to share ideas for that as well!

These are authors from the awesome web serie the Poe Party by @shipwreckedcomedy ! I wish I could drew more of the cast, especially the cop duo which were so much fun to watch. So if you didn’t  watch this show yet, i don’t know what you are waiting for. LIT JOKES EVERYWHERE.

And again sorry for the RGB conversion. tumblr, whyyyyyyyyy 

  • HG: If you bite it and you die; its poisonous. If it bites you and you die; it's venomous.
  • Louisa: What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Charlotte: That means you're poisonous. Jesus Christ, Louisa, learn to listen.
  • George: What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Lenore: It's voodoo.
  • Annabel: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Mary: That's correlation, not causation.
  • Oscar: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Ernest: That's kinky.
  • Edgar: Oh my god.