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My interpretation of ‘The Starry Night’ <3 !!!
Started: 7th November, 2016
Completed: 18th December, 2016
No. of Stitches: 27,117 (single crochet)
Notes: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I didn’t have the blues/greens needed to get anywhere near the palette of the original, so I infused a thwack of purple into it :D I love the gothic vibe it’s given the piece and LOVE the  way it makes those blues and that aqua green pop! I hope Vincent would be proud <3! XOX

Venom Hosts in a Nutshell
  • Eddie Brock: The Original. Simple characterization, but memorable as hell. The one everyone knows and loves.
  • Angelo Fortunato: Admit it, you forgot he existed.
  • Mac Gargan: Boring as hell. Tried to be interesting, but failed miserably. Looked cool though.
  • Flash Thompson: Potentially the greatest. Character development at its finest. Turned a villain to a hero and it worked.
  • Lee Price: And then there's this asshole.

I’ve created a pair of playlists to listen to on those nights you’re feeling particularly witchy. I’ve named them “Evening” and “Night,” for the second is darker than the first, musically. Hope you enjoy!

This is Part 1.
(You can find Part 2, “Night: Moths,” here.)

The Mystic’s Dream
~ Loreena McKennitt
Rhiannon ~ Fleetwood Mac
How to Be Invisible ~ Kate Bush
Pagan Poetry ~ Björk
Sister Janet ~ Tori Amos
Pink Moon ~ Nick Drake
Godrevy Point ~ Patrick Wolf
Horse and I ~ Bat for Lashes
Take Me as I Am ~ October Project
Clowns ~ Goldfrapp
Freely ~ Devendra Banhart
shadowshow ~ iamamiwhoami

if you need to feel something - playlist

draw your swords - angus and julia stone
dust to dust - the civil wars
high horses - the swell season
holocene - bon iver
landfill - daughter
little lion man - mumford and sons
poison and wine - the civil wars
all the wild horses - ray lamontagne
dreams - fleetwood mac
words - gregory alan isakov
follow you down to the red oak tree - james vincent mcmorrow
slow it down - the lumineers
down in the valley - the head and the heart
colors - amos lee and norah jones
anymore - ethan thompson



Lee Hi

South Korean pop star Lee Hi boasts a jazzy, retro-upbeat spin on pop music and her exclusive matte Lipstick is a red deep, dreamy enough to match Lee’s own style and star power. Available now!

part of the reason why i enjoyed wfkbj so much is that bok joo’s crying always felt very deep and ugly. lee sung kyung didn’t try to give off a single tear when bok joo had a crying scene, she dove headfirst into her character’s emotions and straight up bawled. kim ji won is doing the exact same thing for ae ra in fight for my way and honestly i couldn’t be happier

To celebrate Venom reaching 150 issues in May, the return of Eddie Brock as Venom, and this blog reaching over 2,000 followers, I pieced together all 150 Venom titles into one image. Thanks for all the support guys and long live Venom!


Jimmy Stewart! The latest star to join the ‘Crocheted Hollywood Gang’ <3 !!

Time to re-stock the yarn supplies and move on to the next one! Xox