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1/5 favorite mvs:
because of you - after school

  ↳  I cried a lot because of you
       I laughed a lot because of you
       I believed in the love because of you
       I’ve lost everything because of you

#AFTER5CHOOL Happy 5th anniversary to my beloved girls, the most hardworking team on kpop. Even though it seems every hardship they have gone through has been useless, it has not, we all fans value their hard work and all the time and pain they have had to bring their stage to the next level ♥ keep working hard, playgirlz and playboyz arround the world will be always supporting you, the past members and the future members, because After School will never end. Nowadays, the 11 of you who have been there will always have my support ♥ After School hwaiting!

#AFTERSCHOO7TH - 17/01/2009: Happy seventh anniversary to the most hardworking and persevering girl group, After School. Thanks for bringing it to the next level. Always. No one beats them in hard work despite all.

To all the eleven members who had contribute with their talent, and hardwork: keep fighting, let’s hope for a 2016 full of joy and new achievements. ♥


JoKwon (2AM): “#Priscilla  공연보러와준~! Mina noona~! SunwooJungAh noona ! LeeHi~yang!Kevin ! Marshall ! Thankyou :-)”

Mina Kwon: “권조 짱이였다..진짜 상상초월 

External image
External image
그리고 천재 선우정아님도 만나서 반가웟고 하이도 올만에 봐서 좋았고 케빈도 올만이였삼 ㅋㅋ #Priscilla #Bravo”

Marshall Bang: “프리실라 뮤지컬 3번째 보는건데 ㅋㅋ 아직도 너무 너무 짱재밌음~ 권이는 완전 천재구~~~ 너무 잘봤어, Thank you Kwon-ah~!!^^”

#SAVEAFTERSCHOOL - Youtube playlists

First, check this post (cr. prklzy) or the #saveafterschool section in our blog and the tag to know why this is shared now!

Pledis has some playlists done where you can stream their videos on loop, unfortunately, some are not added to the lists, which that means you will have to stream directly from the video.

You have to set the playlist on loop and, if you dont want to hear the vids, make sure to mute you pcs sound but NOT youtube’s sound, since that reproductions will not be counted.

After School playlist

Orange Caramel playlist

Happy Pledis playlist

These are the main playlists you should stream, but you can also stream playlists from their other artists: NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, and Han Dong Geun 


Actor Dong Hyun Bae nominates his brother, Taeyang for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

*NOTE: Taeyang received plenty of nominations including Tiny G’s Mint, Choreographer/Dancer Aimee Lee Lucas & After School’s JungAh