lee joon once

Some thoughts about Joon and Thunder leaving....

Well in this case I blame the news for this chaos because they leaked the info before jtune was prepared to give an announcement. Even the army came from someone else. Jtune rep said the information of joon leaving wasn’t suppose to happen till after curtain call so clearly people are leaking info and throwing everything off or you know news companies trying to be the first on a scandal.

Clearly it’s throwing MBLAQ off guard that everything is coming out so soon. It’s pretty clear they knew Joon at the very least was leaving and were prepared for it. Even Thunder’s news came too fast. I’m not saying that Jtune has some master plan but Jtune’s tweet makes me want to just calm down about the matter and wait for them to reveal the facts to us bit by bit. Atleast it’s not ugly like some of the departures we’ve been seeing and they did say that they are still talking things over so for now I’ll keep my eyes on Jtune. Maybe that’s what G.O and Mir meant?