lee joon


*explaining the word to a non-kpop fan*

*discovering a new bias*

*attempting to order your bias list*

*always focusing on your bias in MVs*

*dealing with fucking bias list ruiners*

*when someone mentions your bias*

*motherfucking ultimate biases*

People complaining about how Zyan left 1D, Yeah well:
  • Luhan and Kris Left EXO
  • Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun left DBSK 
  • Thunder and Lee Joon left Mblaq
  • Jessica was kicked out of Girls generation
  • Hangeng and Kibum left Super Junior 
  • Woobin left FTIsland
  • Sunmi left Wonder Girls
  • Taewoon left SPEED
  • Jay park left 2pm 
  • Lee U left F.cuz
  • Hwayoung left T-ara
  • Kibum, Alexander, and Dongho left Ukiss 
  • Yookyung left Apink 
  • Jihae, Jiin and Jisun left Girls day 
  • Nicole left Kara 

and the list continues, just putting it out there, we know what you’re going through directioners, almost all kpop fans have experienced it.

Bulge Appreciation Post

So basically, this bitch said that ‘Koreans have the smallest dicks. It’s a fact.’ So I decided that instead of getting mad, I would just show off many idol’s dicks that are not, by any standards, small.