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SHINee’s reaction to you moan their name while you’re sleeping

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He had woken up to go and drink a glass of water and when he returns to the room he shares with his S/O he hears his name. At first, he just thinks she’s dreaming so he doesn’t pay much attention, but when his name resonates in the room in an incredibly sensual way every sense turns on and a shiver runs through his back, his throat dries and a violent low-belly heat makes him realize that he likes that sound. Perhaps he loves it. Swallowing he reclines at her side and begins to caress her abdomen, going to touch with the tip of his nose a sensitive point of her neck. 

“J-Jinki..” She groans again and this causes yet another shiver into his lower belly, while the erection held by the boxer becomes increasingly hard and eager to get rid of that annoying tissue. 

“Jagi.. Jagi.. ” He whispers into her ear with a tone of voice laden with lust, low and that he reverberates in the body of his girlfriend who slowly opens her eyes.
Meanwhile, his hand slipped under her shirt, stroking with his fingertips every inch of skin that manages to touch, to taste and to appreciate. The redness on the cheeks of his S/O makes him realize that she understood what happened but doesn’t give her the time, their lips collide and he begins to kiss her with passion making heated that kiss. 

“What were you dreaming of, mh?” He asks onto her lips, moving away in search of air. The redness on her cheeks increases and he smiles amused, descending to kiss her jawline while with his hand begins to play with the elastic of her pajama shorts. 


"Before you didn’t stutter, Jagi.. How about if we resume where your dream must have stopped?? ”
Despite his being very private and shy in public, at that time is another Jinki and wants to give proof to his girlfriend that he’s much better than his dream self.  

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He’s reviewing a script that his manager sent him a few hours before when he hears a voice, low and almost suffocated, coming from the living room. Intrigued he rises from the bed and as soon as he approaches the couch a little grin relaxes on his full and soft lips.
He curses himself for not noticing the return of his girlfriend, but seeing her on the couch, slightly sweaty and with her hands that violently shake the pillow amuses and excites him at the same time.
And as his name comes out of her mouth, almost as if she was begging him, it does nothing but excites him. But he has in mind much more for her and without saying anything she takes her in his arms, in bridal style, and takes her in the bedroom letting her enjoy that night of rest, unaware of what will happen the next day. 

The sun is now high and he is on the chair near the bed that fingers his phone when she finally wakes up. He smiles and throws himself on the bed, with a sneer that she immediately notices. 

“What’s going on, Bummie?" 

Without giving her time to say anything he puts herself above her, blocking her arms to the sides of her face and approaching his own face to hers. Their breaths collide and the excitement in remembering how she moaned his name becomes increasingly intense, so much so that she notices something that presses against her lower belly. 


"I didn’t think you were a wet dream person, you know?" 

Her distraught expression is already a first prize for the young man, who has always been amused to tease anyone with his ways, while he starts to stroke his pelvis against her and immediately smiles satisfied seeing how she reacts to his movement. 

"What was I doing in the dream?” He asks, shortening the distance between their lips;  "Indeed I would say that for today I can also do late, fuck all.“


Returning after a long day of work is always pleasant for Minho because he knows that to welcome him at home there is his sweet S/O.
But being the silence to welcome him provokes in him a strange feeling, perhaps concern because it’s not from her not to be at home at an hour so late. She usually warns and it ’s with that thought in mind that he enters the room, noticing only at a later time that someone is hiding between the sheets and moans something. 

"What the he–” He murmurs, interrupting only when he hears his name groaned over and over again. 

Her voice, so warm and low, caresses his name in that way every time they make love and this causes in Minho two different reactions. The first is to wake her up and make love to her, all night if possible. The second is sweeter because he knows how tired she is and has worked all day. So with a sweet smile printed onto his lips, he begins to undress and stretches to her side, gently drawing her into his arms. That gesture wakes her up and the slightly shy smile that she addresses is yet another test against his self-control because he thinks “how it is possible that she’s so beautiful just awake" 

"Sorry if.. I-I was sleeping.. " 

"It’s okay Jagi, you can go back to sleep if you want.” He whispers by touching her forehead with his own lips, starting to caress her back up and down with his fingertips. 

“Hmm.. I-I would have something else in mind..”
A thick and extreme warmth suddenly appear in his abdomen, because he’s aware of what she'ss talking about at the moment. And the wake of moist kisses that immediately after she leaves on his neck doesn’t leave him more doubts.
And his self-control goes literally to the hell while their lips meet and their tongues begin a struggle to see who dominates among them. 

“I wanted to leave you quiet…" 

"I prefer to make reality what I dreamed of.”


His headphones prevent him from hearing what is coming out of his girlfriend’s mouth, but when a hand squeezes on his wrist he remains astounded. By pulling the headphones off the sound of his name whispered breathlessness strikes him, causing a knot in his throat that with fatigue he manages to dissolve.
A slight layer of sweat is formed immediately on his forehead because he’s holding in every way the desire to wake her up and make those groans become more real.
But he keeps motionless, staring at the screen of his PC and wondering mentally what he needs to do. Wake her up or let her sleep?
The problem is that under his boxer there is a small battle and with shame he'ss forced to admit that those groans have excited him violently. So he puts the pc on the bedside table and turns towards her, starting to kiss her naked shoulder going down then towards the breast. 

“Wake up.." 

"Mmh… J-Jonghyun.. What are you doing..? ” Her voice is now more sleepy than excited as shortly before, but immediately her body becomes tense under his touch.
He raises his face and smiles, rather making her a wink, slowly approaching her face and biting her lower lip, having fun playing with it among his own teeth.
She swallows, caught by surprise, while effortlessly he squeezes her hips and laying on the bed he makes her seat on his pelvis, where his erection was already well visible below the boxer. And she feels it, pressed against her core so that he can smile even more excited and amused. 


"It’s not my fault, baby.” He murmurs, brushing her hips now discovered by the shirt. She sighs and instinctively begins to rub her own intimacy against his erection covered by the boxer, ripping to him a couple of suffocated moans.
That’s too much for Jonghyun, who immediately takes the situation in hand and flips positions. He’s arranged between her legs and is held on his elbows, pressed firmly against the mattress.
No one can play with his excitement and then come out “unscathed”.


It’s a shy boy, our taemin. And when, one night, he hears his girlfriend repeatedly moaning his name he’s totally petrified.
He turns to her, watching slightly upset and understands, even after a few minutes, what is going on in the dreams of his S/O. Starts to sweat copiously, without knowing what to do.
Obviously, those sounds excite him, he is a man now, but they haven’t yet arrived at that stage despite being together for almost a year.
He passes his hands nervously through his hair, descending from the bed and running away to the bathroom to rinse his face. And the contact with the fresh water somehow manages to calm him, to relax him so much that the excitement perceived just before comes back, starting to let boil his blood and to make he wishes to “Take that step.”
With small drops of water slipping along his face, he goes back to the room and kneels next to her side of the bed. With delicacy, he doesn’t even know where to start or rather not with her since she’s the girl who he really loves, he caresses her hair by repressing his instinct to kiss her when he hears his name coming out of her soft and addictive lips. 


"Mmh… T-Taemin.. A-again. ” She groans and a new heat expands on his face and especially under his own boxer, causing him a slight embarrassment.
Which is also why he can’t make a move, the fear of not being up to the situation. 

“Y/N..?” He calls again, letting his long and tampered fingers slide on her neck and just smiling when he sees her open her eyes.
Their looks meet and the redness on Taemin’s cheeks makes her understand what she must have pronounced and immediately puts herself seated, hidden between the sheets with which she covers her legs. 


"It’s nice my name pronounced that way." 

He lets himself be guided by a confidence that he didn’t have to say that phrase, leaning towards her and starting to draw an imaginary line on her neck with his own tongue. 

"Maybe it’s time.. That you become completely mine, Y/N.”


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