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[TRANS] FTISLAND Lee Jaejin "Bad relation with FNC, NO.. We are like an old married couple"

(Due to some time limit, I will omit some parts that basically only talk about the drama, sorry.. ><)

Band FTISLAND’s Lee Jaejin (26) showed his serious acting through SBS Saturday drama, “Sister is Alive”. Since the drama earned high popularity, Lee Jaejin who also starred in it also attracted much attention to his acting there.

Lee Jaejin played Na Jaedong, the troublemaker youngest son of Na Daein. He often created comical situation with his mother in the drama that is acted by  Hwang Younghee. He also built a lovely romance with Kang Hase (Jin Jihee) with various incident unfolding in the development of their story. In the setting of a band with him as a guitarist, he also had a perfect synchronization rate as he is FTISLAND’s bassist and vocalist in real life.

“Until now, I have been able to work with colleagues around my age. Even though it is comfortable to work with people from around the same age, I also wanted to work closely with senior actors/actresses, so that I can learn from them closely and improve as an actor. For me to find a gig that I can work on simultaneously with working on music for a long time, I think this opportunity will only come this time, so I thought to take it no matter what.


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Yes. Stephano. I really like him.

Watching his games, he execute the plays that I would like to do. The kind of plays that I’ve drawn up in my mind, he uses them a lot in his games.

Also, he’s a foreigner, and that was also very impressive. To think that someone who’s not Korean could play like that was fascinating, and I thought it was very attractive.

—  Lee Jae-Dong