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Same-title kpop songs
  • Wolf: EXO, HyunA
  • Lonely: Spica, Hyolyn, B1A4, Kanto, 2NE1, N.Flying, Jonghyun
  • Cupid: Kara, Oh My Girl
  • Fire: Mad Clown, BTS, 2NE1, JJCC
  • Mamma Mia: Kara, Narsha
  • You and Me: Kisum, HyunA, Astro
  • Mama: Nicole, Exo
  • Pray: Sunny Hill, FT Island, Gain, Babylon
  • Hello: Nu'Est, ZTao*, B.I.G, HuhGak, Boys Republic, SHInee, Primary,
  • Tonight: Winner, Spica, Big Bang, UP10TION
  • Stay: MBlaq, Black Pink, Bing Bang
  • Run Away: JaeJoong, Kara. RP,
  • Butterfly: BTS, JaeJoong, Loveholic
  • I Love You: Rain, Akdong Musucian, 2NE1
  • Never Ever: Jiyeon, GOT7
  • Paradise: DIA, Hyolyn, EXO, S.E.S, NCT 127, T Max, GOT7
  • Only One: APink, BoA, JYJ, ZIA
  • Danger: Taemin, BTS
  • Bad Girl: Ladies Code, Beast, Lee Hyori*, Purfles, Bumkey, SNSD,
  • Good Luck: AOA, Beast
  • Excuse me: Bestie, AOA
  • Ice Cream: Red Velvet, HyunA
  • Flower: Junsu, Yong Junhyung, SNSD
  • Breathe: Miss A, Lee Hi, ZE:A, G-Dragon
  • Beautiful: Monsta X, Beast

MC: If we watch Lee Hyori’s ’Bad Girl’ performance, we can find Shownu. We heard you were a dancer before you debuted?

Shownu: Because it took a long time to debut, I often thought about becoming a professional dancer.

MC: You live in a dorm. What is the best part about living in a house with 7 men? 

Minhyuk: There are 7x the clothes! The members all share clothes, so our choices are vast.

MC: At what point did you decide ‘I want to become a singer?’

Kihyun: In high school, I was singing at a school festival, and and there was a technical problem so the MR and mic were both cut off. Then the whole school joined in as one voice, and we all sang the song together. After feeling the buzz, that was when I thought, 'I want to become a singer.’

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do you listen to any other kpop songs or just strictly bts?

wow don’t get me started lmao

i listen to shitload of stuffs idk where to even start; ill just take this ask as an opportunity to share my love for queens bcs i know a lot of ppl who only listen to boygroups ur not wrong but fuck u

my song rec that no one ever asked for: (im the fucking best ed.)

Kahi - It’s Me || “You’re comparing me to a girl like her?”
2NE1 - Crush || “I’m a bitch. Everyone knows, I don’t care” (!!!)
Lee Hyori - Bad Girls || “Bad girls beside them are more attractive”
Jessi - Ssenunni || “Even when I see me, I go: ah, so pretty”
Gain - F**k U || “I won’t lay next to you like it’s something beautiful”
BoA - Camo || “ I’ve hidden my shadow, I can’t be tied down”
IU - Twenty Three || “Even if I act rudely, people are always kind to me”
Lee Hi - It’s Over || “Was I baggage to you? Then just put me down”
Sistar - I Like That || “Better off with you gone; that’s all I need, really”
Lim Kim - All Right || “ You’re not that great, I’m all right”
GG - You Think || “I’ll give you a clearer answer; I’m way too good for you “
4Minute - Hate || “I understand, I think I’m a bit crazy too”
Ailee - I Will Show You || “Everyone turns to look at me“ 
Miss A - I Don’t Need A Man || “I’m not interested in living comfortably”
BEG - Kill Bill || “I haven’t even done half of half of what I’ve prepared for your trial” 
??? - Just prepare to go bald. 

welp i need to stop before this turns into my 100 reasons to live. give me song recs too!!

Best Story Telling Kpop MV
  • Triple H: 365 So Fresh
  • Nam Taehyun of Winner: I'm Young
  • Dreamcatcher: Chase Me
  • JYJ: In Heaven
  • EXO: Mama
  • Dreamcatcher: Good Night
  • Big Bang: Haru Haru
  • 2NE1: Comeback Home
  • DBSK: Bolero
  • Trouble Maker: Now
  • Taeyeon: I
  • Junsu: Flower
  • Wonder Girls: Why So Lonely
  • AOA: Like A Cat
  • Day6: You Were Beautiful
  • Lee Hyori: Bad Girls
  • Sunny Hill: The Grasshopper Song
  • T Ara: Day by Day
  • MBLAQ: This War
  • T Ara: Cry Cry
  • B.A.P: One Shot
  • K.Will: Please Don't

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Could u be so kind and recommend some We're awesome/who needs love/don't care about others- kinda songs? :D thanx :*

I personally recommend looking up the lyrics cause some of these are really great! :) & oh, I hope these songs will brighten up your mood! ~


Bang Yongguk, Jongup, Infinite, and Dara during CL and Hyori’s Collab!!!!!!

Can we talk about my babies’ excitement? CAN WE!

And omfg at BYG’s dorky smile during CL’s part and him doin’ the unnie.

just yes.

i think skybang has a chance, guys.

Infinite was so hyped, and BYG and Jongup and I honestly can not even.


And Dara watchin’ her wifey, lol.