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ok so there has been a lot of hate going around about girl groups and how they have “boring or similar” concepts so i’m here to make a list of amazing girl group concepts! (this list will also have soloists!)

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Same-title kpop songs
  • Wolf: EXO, HyunA
  • Lonely: Spica, Hyolyn, B1A4, Kanto, 2NE1, N.Flying, Jonghyun
  • Cupid: Kara, Oh My Girl
  • Fire: Mad Clown, BTS, 2NE1, JJCC
  • Mamma Mia: Kara, Narsha
  • You and Me: Kisum, HyunA, Astro
  • Mama: Nicole, Exo
  • Pray: Sunny Hill, FT Island, Gain, Babylon
  • Hello: Nu'Est, ZTao*, B.I.G, HuhGak, Boys Republic, SHInee, Primary,
  • Tonight: Winner, Spica, Big Bang, UP10TION
  • Stay: MBlaq, Black Pink, Bing Bang
  • Run Away: JaeJoong, Kara. RP,
  • Butterfly: BTS, JaeJoong, Loveholic
  • I Love You: Rain, Akdong Musucian, 2NE1
  • Never Ever: Jiyeon, GOT7
  • Paradise: DIA, Hyolyn, EXO, S.E.S, NCT 127, T Max, GOT7
  • Only One: APink, BoA, JYJ, ZIA
  • Danger: Taemin, BTS
  • Bad Girl: Ladies Code, Beast, Lee Hyori*, Purfles, Bumkey, SNSD,
  • Good Luck: AOA, Beast
  • Excuse me: Bestie, AOA
  • Ice Cream: Red Velvet, HyunA
  • Flower: Junsu, Yong Junhyung, SNSD
  • Breathe: Miss A, Lee Hi, ZE:A, G-Dragon
  • Beautiful: Monsta X, Beast

MC: If we watch Lee Hyori’s ’Bad Girl’ performance, we can find Shownu. We heard you were a dancer before you debuted?

Shownu: Because it took a long time to debut, I often thought about becoming a professional dancer.

MC: You live in a dorm. What is the best part about living in a house with 7 men? 

Minhyuk: There are 7x the clothes! The members all share clothes, so our choices are vast.

MC: At what point did you decide ‘I want to become a singer?’

Kihyun: In high school, I was singing at a school festival, and and there was a technical problem so the MR and mic were both cut off. Then the whole school joined in as one voice, and we all sang the song together. After feeling the buzz, that was when I thought, 'I want to become a singer.’

[ARTICLE] MONSTA X’s Shownu Reveals How Lee Hyori Took Care Of Him When He Was Her Backup Dancer

On November 28, MONSTA X’s Shownu appeared on MBC Every1’s “Video Star” and shared his experiences as Lee Hyori’s backup dancer back in the day.

In the past, Shownu was the backup dancer for Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girls” promotions, gaining attention in particular for the “kiss” performance.

On the show, he shared, “I stood on stage with Lee Hyori when I was working as a backup dancer. Whenever we finished a performance, she would treat us all to dinner.”

He added, “She paid for 50 tanning sessions in advance for her dancers and told us to go whenever he wanted” and revealed that she also gave them all pocket money after treating them to dinner. “Now I try to take care of my own dancers as well,” he said.

“Video Star” airs every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. KST.

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when i read angry i always think of this song but it’s so aggressive idk if i wanted to include but welp: wish you to be unhappier - san e

female idols in celebration of international women’s day (listen here)

crazy 4minute // female president girl’s day // piano man mamamoo // the baddest female cl // pretty age 25 song ji eun // short hair aoa // bad girls lee hyori // you don’t love me spica // you’re pitiful fiestar // i don’t need a man miss a // lipstick orange caramel // like a cat aoa //red light f(x) // i’m in love secret // crush 2ne1 // mamma mia kara // red hyuna // pretty pretty ladies code // up & down exid //


i. red – hyuna || ii. one more – fiestar || iii. up & down – exid || iv. give it to me – sistar || v. something – girl’s day || vi. mask – stellar || vii. hush – miss a || viii. miniskirt – aoa || ix. dolls – 9muses || x. first love – after school || xi. volume up – 4minute || xii. cha cha – rainbow blaxx || xiii. give your love – spica.s || xiv. whisper – taetiseo || xv. sexy love – t-ara || xvi. danger – f(x) || xvii. truth or dare – gain || xviii. pandora – kara || xix. like this – wonder girls || xx. big baby baby – dalshabet || xxi. kill bill – brown eyed girls || xxii. don’t touch me – ailee || xxiii. poison – secret || xxiv. nice body – hyomin || xxv. bad girls – lee hyori || xxvi. twenty five – songjieun || xxvii. pretty pretty – ladies code || xxviii. be natural – red velvet || 


strong, empowering songs: lee hyori bad girls

A girl who is greedier than most people
A girl who hates losing more than dying
A girl who has a strange charm that you can’t deny
A girl who shines even when she says something poisonous
A girl who doesn’t pretend not to know when she does know.

Special Summer Album: ´9Muses S/S Edition´ Tracklist


  • #Erine wrote the lyrics for two of the songs in their new album, which officially makes her a rapper/songwriter.
  • Including the CD, there will be 1 random photocard (out of 9 available ones) plus a 100 page pictorial book and a poster!
  • The producers of “Hurt Locker” have worked on songs such as Genie & I Got A Boy (SNSD), Happiness (Red Velvet), Hurricane Venus (BoA), Rum Pum Pum Pum & Toy (f(x)) & Bad Girls (Lee Hyori).