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MC: If we watch Lee Hyori’s ’Bad Girl’ performance, we can find Shownu. We heard you were a dancer before you debuted?

Shownu: Because it took a long time to debut, I often thought about becoming a professional dancer.

MC: You live in a dorm. What is the best part about living in a house with 7 men? 

Minhyuk: There are 7x the clothes! The members all share clothes, so our choices are vast.

MC: At what point did you decide ‘I want to become a singer?’

Kihyun: In high school, I was singing at a school festival, and and there was a technical problem so the MR and mic were both cut off. Then the whole school joined in as one voice, and we all sang the song together. After feeling the buzz, that was when I thought, 'I want to become a singer.’

female idols in celebration of international women’s day (listen here)

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This is Shownu from Monsta X. Real name Son Hyunwoo, born June 18th, 1992, leader + main dancer + lead vocal. And now let me tell you why you’ll fall for him.

First off, his dancing. This guy can move. Don’t let his bigger frame fool you, he is an awesome dancer, and he choreographs for his group too. Just watch him kill this awesome choreo he made at the Golden Disk Awards. (Skip ahead to 2:27 for a sexy group dance involving chairs ;)) In fact, before he debuted, Shownu was a backup dancer for Lee Hyori’s Bad Girl, and got sexy two-shot with the Queen herself. (Brace yourself, this link is hot)

But he isn’t just good at dancing, his voice is stunning too. This performance of All of Me will melt your eardrums, and this is even predebut. Dance + vocals…. this guy is not lacking in any department.

And if that’s not enough, he has the most adorable personality. You will never meet a more dad-idol than Shownu. He makes dad jokes, and has a goofy smile. A fan gave him a bouquet at a fansign, and he ate a leaf from it. Yeah, we don’t understand either.

And looks? Wow. Looking for a real handsome, manly man? Got him right here, folks.

Those arms. I could look at them for days

Bodyguard AU fanfic, anyone?

His side profile

And his perfect innocent smile (this is at Seoul Fashion Week 2016 S/S, where he modeled two brands)

Basically what I’m saying is this. If you don’t check out Monsta X and Shownu, you’re missing out.

Photo credits: Hello Shownu + Show You

Monsta X’s new song All In will be released May 18th