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The fact that the You Are Beautiful Cast are still friends makes me super happy

Geun Suk and Shin Hye (ft. Hongki chilling in the back) in 2009:

Geun Suk and Shin Hye in 2014:

Hongki and Yonghwa in 2009:

Hongki and Yonghwa in 2013:

Shin Hye and Yonghwa in 2009:

Shin Hye and Yonghwa in 2012:

Hongki, Shin Hye and Yonghwa at an event together:

But I do really want an updated Brot4 picture~


Day 3: Your first Korean Drama?

You’re Beautiful!

Totally loved it! While watching those gifs over and over again… Shin Woo Oppa, please… not so many emotions!!!


Happy 10 long long years to Five Treasure Island! I’m so grateful, along with every other Primadonna, to have been a part of such an amazing rollercoaster of emotions and fun from these beautiful beautiful men. I can’t express how much they mean to me and how much their music impacts my life, and I’m sure many people have similar stories too, but the 7th of June is FTISLAND’s day. Congrats, guys❣️


Hongki 2017.01.23. IG Update:  Come on!!!!!

Vid contents:
Hongki: Oh? Fall! Fall! Fall now you fellow! It’s not gonna drop right…?
Guy: Yeah

Trans. Cr: flighttoseoul

Evolution of Lee Hong Ki’s hair

As much as i love Lee Hong Ki’s voice, I love his versatility and randomness.  It has been exactly one year since i became Primadonna (FTI fandom) and to track his career timeline, the best way is to keep track of his hair styles. You can see his evolution from a flower boy to a sensational (cute little) rock star.. or should i say Hongstar xP

Let’s start with FTIsland debut period. 2007. The Long brown ‘Lovesick’ hair!

He went a little emo the following year.

In 2009 we saw him take a little break from FTIsland for his acting comeback. Ahh… who can forget our adorable Jeremy. “You’re Beautiful” would have been nothing without Lee Hong Ki. He also became one of the few Korean stars who can really rock blonde hair!

Right after blonde he got his hair dyed grey.

Then orange. For ‘I Hope’-FTIsland.

Somehow by the end of 2009 we got this… (*cries*)

2010-11 wasn’t such a good year for FTIsland… and for Hongki’s hair!

Red? Seriously?  What were you thinking Hongki?

But then FTI totally owned 2012. Severely MV- Brown Wavy. I have a love/hate relationship with that hair. But he looks handsome anyway

I Wish MV- Curly Brown hair .Oh and the spiky hairband!

Along with nerdy look with little spiked up hair (I don’t know, It’s almost rare that kpop stars appear with this type of hair. They always tend to cover up their forehead. :/)

Beginning of 2013, he had this blonde hobo look for their MV Freedom. (My personal favorite xD)

He also expressed his love for Nail Art to the the public for the first time . Oh lord, his confidence is my everything!

Later that year he brought back blonde.(Madly MV)

*jaw drops* (trust me..it gets better from here!)

2014. A bumpy year for FTI. Not so much for HongKi and his hair.

It began with red hair (again) for his musical, Vampire where he played lead role, Dracula.

It didn’t suck this time, HongKi, you’re safe.

So after that this happened. Magenta.  Love it!

He also starred in another drama, Bride Of The Century where he played the typical rich hero who is always mean the poor heroine. LOL. We saw a handsome Hongki in black this time.

End of 2014 saw Hong Ki in Modern Farmer. (A really underrated comedy drama). Introducing dirty blonde.

Hehe it looks better when he got dirtier. (Cuteeeeeeeeeee)

2015 was THE YEAR for FTIsland. They finally released their self composed album(I WILL) in Korea. Best album till date!. Our Hongstar debuted Dull Green for the album cover.

And for the title song, Pray MV, dyed it Purple (tho the video was fully black and white) Seriously, the green one lasted only for 2 weeks or something!

Purple lasted for a little long tho. I have mixed feelings for this. And then he got pink dyed for their Japanese comeback, Puppy MV. (This was totally contrastic from their Pray MV. And I love it!)

Then he went back to green for some unknown reason. This time a little brighter.

Present: He got his first solo album released.FM302. Seriously it took him 9 years for that. But he claimed that he was never ready to go solo. And right now when he performs for all those music shows he says he gets a little lonely up on the stage without the rest four .(Awww!)

And (for now) he has gone back to the classics. Dark Brown. Check out Insensible MV ft. Park Shin Hye.


So thats basically six hair colors in one year!

How can a man look good in almost all the hair colors? Is he trying to set a record or something?

So what’s next Hongki? Blue maybe?

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He says he doesn’t dance – Look at them hips move!
                 “If we’re all dancing together and my friend comes over,
                  I do a dance when I walk over to them.”
                       - Hongki in Hello Counselor [xxx]
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