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hi admin, can i have a gifs reaction to how the member ur dating wud react to u chosing another member as most good looking in OT13 ~^^

Of course! 

( We’re happy to fulfill your No Mercy fantasies! Thank you for sending in your request! We hope to receive more requests from you in the near future! ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ ♡ )

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SMTM5 Collaborations
  • SMTM5: Look out for the next episode! There gonna be collaborations with other rappers.
  • Me: *bored* aish come on tell me smthing new pls
  • SMTM5: Bewhy will collaborate with Jay Park...
  • Me: aish com... Wait what? J-Jay? With..
  • SMTM5: Gunhee will collaborate with Jooheon...!
  • Me: whAT YOU JusT SaiD? EVEn YoU ARe SHipPinG JOoGUn??????? *gets an heart attack*
  • SMTM5: And next to collaborate...
  • Me: shUT uP I GOnA WATch THiS EpiSODE foR SuRE
  • SMTM5: ...
  • Me: *whispers* Joogun
SCHOOL X: Don't Tell (Jooheon Focus)

1/13 Parts
AU: inspired by this post, loosely
PG-13 (cursing, blackmail)
Word Count: 1552
Extra A/N
Welcome to my newest series! I hope you Monbébés enjoy, and stan MONSTA X!

Originally posted by sukiiieee

“You’re so cute!” People would always say to him. His parents, a few of his teachers, some older students. Like seriously? He wasn’t fuckin’ cute; he was the epitomy of bada—

Hands were suddenly squeezing at his sides, causing him to shriek. He turns to see the culprit was his friend, Gunhee. The fucker was laughing so hard he fell on his ass, crushing his backpack.

“Don’t fuckin’ do that, asshole!” Jooheon said with a light kick to Gun’s left shin.

“I couldn’t help it!” He wheezed out between gasps of laughter. Even though it was winter and the ground was cold, Gun just sat there, literally rolling on the floor laughing his ass off. “No matter how many times! No matter how many times!” He proclaimed loudly, probably referring to the amount of times he had the shit scared out of Jooheon. Which was more than should have been humanly possible…

Jooheon sighed, quite tired of Gun’s shit. But Gun was his best friend, he thought to himself as he extended a hand to get him off the cold ground. Gun gladly took it, smiling a teethy smile as he wiped the flakes of snow of his ass.

“If I’m late again ‘cause you scaring me I’m writing a platinum diss track about you,” Jooheon said seriously.

“Yeah, sure,” Gun said dismissively. With a shit-eating grin he walked ahead of his friend. The deep-dimpled boy paced up to his friend, slapping him good on the shoulder blade, racing ahead of him. Though he made sure to avoid black ice.

Jooheon barely had any time to get to class, let alone grab his first period textbook. So, for first period, he was scewred. Just a little bit, though; he was sure he could manage without it.

The deep-dimpled boy sat in his assigned seat, only having a minute left to spare. Students were filing in, one by one (and somehow two by two???). His locker was literally a few feet away… He could make a break for it…

Jooheon stood up out of his chair, only to nearly scream when someone’s hands slammed on his two-person desk. “Joohoney~ I didn’t know you had to stand to meet me~”

God fucking damnit, the ONE day he HAD to fuck with his deskmate.

“Seriously, Hoseok? Could you not screw aro—”

A sharp bell sound serrated everyone’s ears, forcing the students to settle slightly. But only slightly. Until the teacher walked in, then everyone kinda lost their shit. Hoseok, not wanting to get in trouble, sat in his seat. Right next to Jooheon, his assigned seat. Jooheon forced himself to sit, holding back the urge to just go off on his deskmate. Multiple times.

“Good morning students,” the teacher said. The room responded with a pleasant return. “Since I’m still working on the end-of-the-semester project, I want you take out your textbooks and review what we’ve learned. Chapters eight, nine, ten, and eleven. If you have trouble understanding anything, I’d recommend restudying that section. All right, you have an hour. I expect studying, students…” He hinted. His eyes went to his desk, and he started furiously writing.

Welp, Jooheon was scewred with a capital fuck. His notebook was laying there, words written and studied, but he didn’t want to get in trouble. But fuck, he left his textbook in his locker. And he couldn’t ask… He had a reputation to uphold.

“Did someone forget their textbook~?” A voice whispered in his ear. He nearly slapped the shit outta Hoseok for scaring him (for the second time in less than six minutes, he might add).

“I am going to beat the sh—”

“Jooheon, could pass out the graded test packets?” The teacher interrupted.

His head snapped toward the teacher. “Yes, teacher.” He stood up and grabbed the large stack of packets. Surprise surprise, Hoseok’s name was at the top. Jooheon tried hiding his dimples, but he couldn’t help it; Hoseok’s grade was terrible.

He passed out the packets face down, so the students could have a sense of dread when they turned them over. But when he got to his packet, the very last one, he made double sure he put that shit face down. He sat down with a huff, opened his notebook, and studied the shit out of the words he wrote. He noticed he spelled a few things wrong, but most of his notes were understandable.

Jooheon had a sudden realization that he had to take a shit with ten minutes left of class. He knew he couldn’t hold it in, so he walked up to the teacher’s desk. The teacher didn’t hesitate when he have him a yes. He used his “rapper’s strut” as he left the room.

As he suspected, the bathroom was relatively empty, so him takin’ a dump didn’t bother anyone (to his knowledge). He did his business (it always felt good to take a dump in public), and washed his hands (because that’s important). He took a quick look at himself in the mirror, noticing nothing extremely off, and walked back to class with three minutes left. He sat in his assigned seat (with the stupid Hoseok sitting next to him, and that fucker was texting; wonder he had bad grades).

Jooheon continued to look over his notes for two more minutes, and put his bag on the desk, ready to pack up and head out of class. It was then that he noticed that his graded test packet was moved slightly. He didn’t remember moving it–

The bell rang furiously, telling the students to get the fuck up and out of the goddamn classroom. Jooheon raced to put his stuff away, shoving his notebook in his basic black bag (that went pretty well with his black uniform), making sure his packet was there to study with. He felt his dickhead of a deskmate bump into him, which made him drop his pencil. He was SO tempted to just beat the fuck outta him, but he didn’t want to upset his parents if he got suspended. He picked it up and shoved it in a side pocket, and slung it over his shoulder as he went for the door.

“Jooheon! Talk with me for a minute,” his teacher quickly called.

The student in question sighed internally. He turned and walked up to the teachers’s desk. He hoped he wasn’t in trouble. “Yes, Mr. Kim?”

“You realize you had the best grade in the class this term?”

“I did?” Jooheon asked curiously.

“Yes! I feel like you should tutor someone, with your smarts. Why not your deskmate, Hoseok?”

Jooheon groaned loudly, internally. Out of ALL the people… “Why? Maybe if he wasn’t texting all the time, he’d have better grades.”

“Very true, but this term his grades have fallen even farther down. Why not just think about it? Maybe talk to him during lunch?”

He didn’t want to disappoint the nicest teacher he had. But HOSEOK? OF ALL PEOPLE??? He would tear his hair out before he even got one word out. “I’ll try,” he lied. “He’s pretty active during lunch.” That was true… He hoped.

“Thank you Jooheon. I know you two don’t get along, but you shouldn’t be so hard on him. I’ll write you a pass.” As he finished his words, he began writing a pass for the Freshman. He gave it to him, who took it with pleasant words. He left, debating whether to actually talk to Hoseok during lunch. If he could find the weasel.

Since he got a pass, he decided to nab his second and third period textbooks from his locker. No sense in NOT grabbing them.

A fist was slammed onto the locker next to him, causing him jump a mile. “Hey, deskmate~”

It was none other than fucking Hoseok.

“What do you want?” Jooheon questioned, aggravated.

“You’re smart, you figure it out.”

“Were you eavesdropping on my conversation?”

“I was~ And I need help in the Life Health class. Wad'ya say?” He said with a victorious smile on his face.

“Why the fuck would I help you?” Jooheon angrily whispered.

“Your grade was an A- on that last test. You get pretty good grades, you take good notes. A teacher’s pet. Why not tutor me?”

“Because you’re a fucking dickhead.”

“What if I told Gunhee about your grades? Or any of your other “rapper” friends? You’d lose all credibility. You don’t want that do you?“ He whispered with a devilish smile on his face.

"You fuckin’ wouldn’t,” Jooheon said brazenly.

“I might have already spread the news,” Hoseok said lithely. “BUT, if you help me, I can make it all go away. Just come to my house after school, and tutor me.” He passed Jooheon a ripped lined piece of paper just as the late bell rang. Hoseok walked away, a smirk on his face. The younger boy looked at the paper; it indeed had an address on it. He would have to take the bus; his house was way to far away to walk.

“Yo Jooheon, I didn’t know we hung out with ulzzangs,” Gun said as walked up to his friend, not really caring that he was late.

Jooheon stuffed the lined paper in his uniform pocket, huffing at the statement. “We don’t.”

But I have to.