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“When she sang, God spoke.” -Whoopi Goldberg

“The rest of us will be forgotten, never Judy.” -Frank Sinatra

“Judy was the greatest all-around talent the movies ever had.” -Gene Kelly

“She had more talent in one little finger than the rest of us put together.” -June Allyson

“She has a force field in her body, an electrical force field that when she turns it on, it would reach the back of the theatre.” -Ann Miller

“Wherever she went, there was laughter.” -Lee Gershwin

“There aren’t enough adjectives to express, in the world, how the one and only Judy is Judy.” -Mickey Rooney

Happy Birthday Judy Garland (June 10, 1922 - ∞)

Frances Ethel Gumm 

“She was simply wonderful. She danced beautifully, learned beatifully. She was very adept to whatever she did.” - Fred Astaire

“Judy was so fragile. Some people thought she was really a tough lady and could handle it. She wasn’t. She was very soft. And I have to use the word "fragile"—almost afraid she would break. And she broke many times. But I think she was the most loyal person and the greatest entertainer in the world. And the first thing you think of is the great warmth of Judy, the great, giving, little person that she was. Her heart was bigger than all of her put together. She was just one great big heart.” - June Allyson

“Wherever she went there was laughter.- Lee Gershwin

"When you’d sit and talk with her, you felt that nobody else existed. Nobody was funnier. Nobody was wiser. No one could ever love you more, and you never could ever love anybody more. - Liza Minnelli

"The finest all-around performer we ever had in America was Judy Garland. There was no limit to her talent. She was the quickest, brightest person I ever worked with.” - Gene Kelly

“People always expect me to be funny. I was never funny; the writers were funny! Do you know who was really funny? Judy Garland. Judy Garland was naturally funny…the funniest lady in Hollywood. She made me look like a mortician.” - Lucille Ball

“The rest of us will be forgotten, never Judy. ” - Frank Sinatra

“I’ve been in love with audiences all my life. And I’ve tried to please. I hope I did.” Judy Garland

Happy 92nd Birthday, Judy Garland! (June 10, 1922 -  ∞ )