lee fest

Aye! So I started having thoughts about this a lot within the last couple months or so, but what if there was a Lee Fallon event? Something that we could all enjoy and write, draw, sketch, and etc?

*drum rolls*

TA DA!! Lee Fallon for a week! I thought a weekend would be too short and figured this would be a good way to get some creative juices flowing. Why not have one thing that Lee Fallon can call their own right? I see Lee as a ftm trans non binary, sorry not sorry

Draw, write, sketch, act, photograph, and etc in any way you want with Lee! As long as Lee is included and a main part in whatever your way of creating is.

ALL PAIRINGS ARE WELCOME. Beardogs, Clash of the Big C, Eleeas, KaeciLeeus, etc. No matter which it is, I’m sure it’ll be adored :’)

See how I feel that Lee is a ftm trans non binary person? You yourself can pick your own! It does NOT have to follow what I believe! Be true to yourself and your own heart. No one will judge you for liking something else!

The event will take place at the end of summer on September 3rd-10th, 2017. It will be interesting to see everyone’s entries!! I’m excited to see what you come up with!!


PSS: Twitter or Tumblr are fine. Go wild and go crazy, or go soft and go lazy. Whatever it is, it will be amazing.

CALIFORNIA ☀️🌴🤙🏼 TOUR!!! Kicks off today, dates below!

06/15 || Sacramento CA || The Red Museum Sacramento
06/16 || Visalia CA || Cellar Door
06/17 || Santa Cruz CA || The Crepe Place
06/18 || Leggett CA || Hickey Fest
06/19 || San Luis Obispo CA || SLO Brew
06/22 || San Diego CA || Blonde *
06/23 || San Francisco CA || The Independent *
06/24 || Pomona CA || The Glass House Concert Hall *

* - w/ Mystic Braves

TIX INFO: http://suicidesqueezerecords.tumblr.com/post/161818631691/la-witch-announce-self-titled-debut-album

(photo by Steve Lee for OBEY Clothing)

Lee Love Fest- Rec List

On this  day we show our Love and Appreciation to Lee ( @wheresthekillswitch ) That’s why I’m happy to present you with my top 5 Fave Fic of hers. 

And Although I’m only showing you five stories you need to go check on her MASTERLIST, the whole thing is pure gold! 

For some reason I’m not that good with words in these situations so I’m gonna proceed with the fics…

Destined - Castiel x Reader

I Mother and Child - II The Warrior - III The Wrath Of Heaven 

Through the ages he’s loved you, only to lose you suddenly. No matter how many times Heaven punishes him, he seeks you out. With each of your reincarnations it takes him longer and longer to find you, the ever growing population doesn’t help matters.

Determination, passion, love, loss, griev… Castiel fighting and going through everything just to find you even if it is just to look at and take care of you, making sure you’re alright, while heaven and the rest of its Angels do everything to prevent you two to be together. 

My heart aches to know how’s gonna continue.

Research - Sam x Reader 

Dean delegates the research of the case to Sam, thinking his baby brother will spend the night burning his lashes buried in lore while he hookups whit a random hot waitress. But what Dean doesn’t know is Sam’s already been in this town before.

Super hot smut with Sam Winchester is always great, but when it involves, to quote the King of Hell, ‘feelings’ is much better. Not this one realy, for some reason I know he won’t be back this time and I’m crying!!! 

Which Direction - Dean x Reader

A very directionally challenge and stubborn reader tries to read a map while Dean drives and he finds a really interesting way to show her where her south is.

I love this one!! Being a directionally chalenge person myself, I would love for Dean to show me how to find my North, though if I’m being honest, I’d probably lose it again in a few hours, but hey if that means I’m gonna get another lesson…

Bring Me Some Sugar - Sam x Reader, drabble

Short girls problems!!

I laughed so much at this, I’ve suffer through short people jokes my whole life so I could relate to the reader. I would love it if some time in a distant future there’d be a second part of this but no pressure. 

Prove It - Dean x Reader - Make up sex with Dean from the 40 Reason To Have Sex list

Dean thinks he can still flirt around and you’d be okay with it, but of course you’re not!! Stupid!Dean doing Stupid things, but the make up sex is great though.

The argument between the reader and Dean was so close to real I got mad at my husband for no reason other than the make up part. I love that one line she throws up in the air to ‘finishnot really, the discussion! 

you remember how I said I was going to post a new story on Thursday

well– work and an upheavel of depression kind of screwed those plans up

: (

but get ready for the first chapter of Lee’s Yo-Fest adventure in an hour!