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I’m Pregnant

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

                Eunsook & Kibum

Eunsook is staring at the two candlelights on the table. The table cloth is her grandmother’s and used only for special occasions. The meat is in the oven, the rice in the cooker and the salad prepared and already on the table. 

Kibum hasn’t even arrived home yet but still, she’s waiting anxiously to tell him what has been on her mind since she returned home.

It’s kind of ridiculous for her to create a meal like this when it’s no big deal. Except it is a big deal and Eunsook doesn’t really know how to relay the news to him. That’s why she’s been setting it up like this, obviously creating an occasion. She hopes it’ll lead him in the right direction. At least a little bit.

Kibum arrives home 5 minutes later and Eunsook jumps at the sound as the front door closes. Her nerves are frayed and she is twisting her hair around her finger over and over again while she listens to him getting undressed.

He slips inside the kitchen and raises an eyebrow in surprise.

“Did I forget something?” Kibum asks when he notices the food and the beautifully made table and Eunsook bites her lower lip and shakes her head a little. “Sookie…”

Eunsook cringes a little and looks up with an exhale.

“No no, we’re fine! I just wanted to do something special for today.”

Kibum doesn’t buy it, however, and he walks towards her and wraps his hands around her waist and kisses her forehead. Eunsook chides herself for feeling so weak in his company.

It’s ridiculous because they’ve been together for 4 years already and she should be able to withstand his cheesiness but right now she just wants to curl up against him and feel protected from the world.

“I didn’t forget our anniversary, did I?” Kibum asks with a mischievous tone. They both know he would never forget that. There’s a bigger possibility of Eunsook forgetting their anniversary than Kibum forgetting but she appreciates that he asks anyway.

She shakes her head before she leaves his embrace so she can scoop rice into two bowls.

“I have something to tell you, but let’s eat first,” she says, then she curses herself for being a coward.

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Jonghyun/Taemin; Curse; PG

Anonymous asked: i’ve had this idea for a fic stuck in my head for quite awhile now, but seeing as i can’t write for shit i thought i’d drop it here and see if you would be interested in it. and also because you write perfect things and i love you. so basically jjong has been cursed to be young forever and he ends up taking in toddler taemin who was abandoned and as he’s raising him he ends up falling in love with him when he grows up. i know it’s rough and kinda vague but maybe you could write it eventually?

this is actually just a rly long au where bc i had all of these ideas but i couldn’t write any of them flops around

its that kind of immortality like the wolverine u kno like shit he could get his leg cut off nd it would just grow right back

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