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140409 希天才: Oppa is in the midst of filming <Flower Grandfather Investigation Team> since dawn. Park Dushik(,) me(,) Lee Chohee(,) Park Minwoo (and) Choi Jinhyuk who are (filming) together with me. The atmosphere was extremely good(,) babies~♥ [toohappy][toohappy] (x)

140409 HeeZZinPang: Park Dushik(,) me(,) Lee Chohee(,) Park Minwoo (and) Choi Jinhyuk. In the midst of filmimg <Flower Grandfather investigation team>. My V with no regards for the female actress. It’s now April but why am I so coldㅡㅡ I am the oldest there..ㅠㅠ because i’m a hyung so I have to withdraw from Instagram (x)

[HERALD] ‘Who Are You’ Yook Sungjae “BTOB members, being beside me give me strength”

On Apr 22th, KBS2 new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Who Are You-School 2015’ held press conference at Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu Times Square. On this day, Baek Sanghoon PD, actors Kim Sohyun, Nam Joohyuk, Yook Sungjae, Lee Pilmo, Kim Hee Jung, Lee Chohee, Lee David, Yoo Yeong, Park Doosik etc participated. 

Yook Sungjae played the role of Segang High biggest time bomb Gong Tae Kwang.

“Members continue to support me. ‘This seems a chance to me’ they said to me” as he mentioned members.

Then Yook Sungjae explained, “Even if there is nothing said, members just being beside me give me strength” and “I really gained strength when I entered dorm and look at hyungs. I felt sense of security”.
When asked if he’s busy, “Not that I’m been removed from schedule” and “My physical body has no problem at all” making others burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, ‘Who Are You-School 2015’ is 6th series captures real and dedicate students’ various honest emotions. First broadcast on coming Apr 27 10pm taking over ‘Blood’.

Source: HeraldPOP


@kimheenim: 시대를 역행하는 나의 머리스타일과 자기보다 머리가 더 길겠다며 뿌- 하고 있는 이초희. 오늘 바람 많이 부네.. 이 와중에 내 눈 참 예쁘다😃😃 #HeeHair

@kimheenim: Lee Chohee who is pouting saying that my hairstyle is going against the times because it’s longer than hers. Today is really windy.. While I’m at it, my eyes are really pretty😃😃 #HeeHair (c)