lee chang ming

The picture above was taken at the peak of Montserrat, which is near Barcelona.

So I’ve been doing some traveling … went to Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) and spent a weekend in Stockholm. School has been giving a shit load of work (omg I expected much less) but at least I’m already halfway through the semester. Looking forward to the next few months ‘cause I’ll be traveling practically every weekend w00t! Lots more pix soon.

For the past month, I have been living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. So far so good.

When I first came here, it struck me how everything seems foreign when you travel alone. It’s not that I haven’t travelled alone before, but staying in a completely unfamiliar environment for months can be somewhat unnerving. Then again the reason I came here was to experience new things and get out of my routine…so no complaints.

The city is charming and I love cycling everywhere and anywhere. Sometimes I just wander aimlessly around the city and stumble into shops and galleries. The leaves are slowly changing colour and it’s my first time experiencing autumn. yay.