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Reblog if you like any of these bands

-In This Moment
-Green Day
-Butcher Babies
-Linkin Park
-Arch Enemy
-The Pretty Reckless


  1. Ted Bundy  
  2. Ed Gein, “The Mad Butcher”  
  3. Henry Lee Lucas, “The Confession Killer”
  4. Herman Webster Mudgett, “H.H Holmes" 
  5. Jeffrey Dahmer, “The Milkaukee cannibal" 
  6. John Wayne Gacy, “Killer Clown" 
  7. Albert Fish, "Gray Man”
  8. Richard Ramirez, “The night stalker" 
  9. Andrei Chikatilo, "Butcher of Rostov”
  10. Edmund Kemper, “The Co-ed Butcher”
  11. David Berkowitz “Son of Sam”
  12. Richard Chase  “The Vampire of Sacramento”
female fronted bands/bands with females in them

PVRIS: They’re REALLY new, but REALLY popular. They were on Warped tour this year.  Check them out! 

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New Years Day: One of my personal favorites. They’re like the slightly less dark version of Evanescence. They were on Warped tour this year, too. Check them out!

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Butcher Babies: I don’t listen to them that much, but anyways, they have two lead singers, both of which are female. Check them out!

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Arch Enemy: They’re really good. They’re melodic death metal. Check them out!

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Mindless Self Indulgence: They’re awesome! They have a girl bassist and drummer. Check them out!

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Evanescence: They’re on hiatus, but they’re really good. They’re really dark. I think everyone’s heard their song Bring Me To Life. Check them out!

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Hole: They’re broken up for now, but apparently, Courtney Love will get them back together (Correct me if I’m wrong!) But they’re pretty good. Check them out!

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In This Moment: They’re really good! Check them out!

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Those are the only ones I know of, feel free to add more!


Otherworldly | Lee Seokmin icons

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Patience | Highschool!AU

Summary: You finally convinced your best friend Lee Jihoon to have a sleepover with you! It’s a shame he doesn’t know how to have fun, so you decide to show him how!
Word Count: 1,947 (dialogue heavy!!!)
Genre: Fluff b/c im always a sl*t for fluff : ‘ )))
Characters: Reader, Lee “Woozi” Jihoon
TW: none i can think of! tell me if you need anything listed.

A/N: this was actually from a scenario i did awhile back about a sleepover w/ the vocal team! i liked the woozi one a lot, so i decided to write a full thing for it. also, this au exists in the same one dino’s is in. who knows, i might write a highschool au for each member if motivation comes????? anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

“Absolutely not,” Jihoon replied, shutting his locker.

“And why not?” you whined, “You never want to have fun! It’s always ‘Oh, I have a composition analysis due for Music Theory!’, or ‘I have to help drama and choir with their show!’, or ‘I have to do paperwork for the Pop Culture Club!’. Finals are over, Woozi, why are you always so busy?”.

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A lot of people have said this already but this year really has been an amazing year for female fronted rock. I mean come on, Hydra, Going To Hell, The Quantum Enigma, Broken Crown Halo, War Eternal, Between The Stars, Black Widow, The Human Contradiction, Aftermath, Shine, Uncovered, Massive Addictive, Sacrificium…and those are just are the major artists from this blog! The only sad thing is this means we’ll probably get another huge dry spell in next year like we had in 2013. But I’m still totally stoked for what’s to come :)


My “Hi - Warpaint” videoclip.

Please note that Sirius B has also an animated character in this video ;):)