lee and zay

someone asked me to finish the roadtrip AU

But it wont let me do it on the ask so here it is: 

  • When they leave Vegas they head to Denver.
  • Maya makes Lucas stop at another walmart somewhere in Utah (because she’s obsessed now) so that she can buy a new sketchbook since she used the rest of hers at the Grand Canyon.
  • She spends the car ride through the mountains drawing pictures of them all. 
  • Riley goes to google cool things to do in Denver and they end up going on some weird bike tour through the city.
  • Zay gets super excited because he remembers weed is legal there and he’s never tried it before.
  •  They buy edibles and convince Riley to eat one too.
  • Riley and Maya both get really paranoid and Lucas has to take care of them in the hotel room while Zay, Smackle, and Farkle go out to the pool.
  • Riley vows never to try weed ever again because she  thought she was for sure going to get arrested. Maya agrees. 
  • They stay a night in Omaha because no one wants to drive the rest of the way to Chicago. 
  • Riley convinces everyone to go cow tipping but once they get out to a random field of cows she decides that it’s really mean and that they shouldn’t do it.
  • Instead they spend the night hanging out in a corn field until Maya and Zay convince them that the children of the corn is real and they make Lucas take them back to the hotel.
  • They spend two days in Chicago. The first thing Maya does is take a picture of her flipping off the Trump tower.
  • Zay goes straight to the hotel on the cover of the Wilco album then they go to the Dick’s last resort that’s located under the House of Blues.
  • No one tells Riley or Smackle that at Dicks they’re mean to you on purpose and they both get super offended about how rude their waitress is.
  • When they get their hats that say dirty things, Riley’s is so embarrassing that she trades with Maya and their waitress yells at them.
  • Before they leave Dicks their waitress apologizes to Riley and Smackle for being mean and reminds them that it’s her job and she’s actually a really sweet girl.
  • They go out sight seeing in Chicago and stop at the bean. Farkle gets super excited about the bean and attempts to climb it with Zay’s help.
  • That obviously didn’t work and they get yelled at by park security for being idiot boys.
  • Maya gets lost in the art exhibits with Lucas for an hour and Riley gets super worried at first but they take her to the duck pond and she feeds the ducks while they wait for Lucas and Maya to come back.
  • Farkle pays Zay twenty dollars to go to the top of the Willis Tower and sit on the glass window that looks out over the city.
  • He’s super afraid of heights and crawls to the edge. 
  • Zay ends up having to throw up twice before they go back down to the bottom of the tower.
  • When they get to the pier they all go off into their respective pairings and ride the rides.
  • Lucas gives Maya a promise ring at the top of the ferris wheel overlooking the city. 
  • They go and get Jamba Juice and Maya tricks them all into taking a shot of Ginger Root. All of them do it because she doesn’t tell them how much it burns going down.
  • About an hour after the ginger root kicks in they’re all super hyped on natural caffeine and Riley convinces them to go on a segway tour. 
  • They leave Chicago and drive to Cleveland.
  • Lucas books them a hotel right on the Lake Erie coast and they spend the night crashing a wedding party in the hotel ballroom.
  • Maya catches the bouquet and quickly tosses it to Riley before anyone thinks her and Lucas are going to get married anytime soon.
  • After they leave Cleveland they drive straight to Pittsburgh. As they’re going through the tunnel from Perks of being a Wallflower, Maya stands up and hangs herself out of the Sunroof. Riley quickly joins her and they reenact the scene from the book/movie. 
  • They stop at the Abby Lee Dance Company per Zay’s request and he goes in looking for Abby Lee Miller, who isn’t there. Zay ends up buying a shirt and complaining for an hour about how much he doesn’t like that woman.
  • “Well, why did you buy a shirt?” “I may not like her but she gave the world Maddie Ziegler and I have to give her respect for that.” 
  • They make a final stop in Newark New Jersey for gas and out of nowhere Smackle points to a small lake and says, “There’s probably a hundred bodies in that lake. Cause you know… Mobsters.” 
  • They quickly jump in the car and drive straight over the George Washington bridge to get home. 
  • Once they get home they start planning a trip to Florida to go to Disney. Because one road trip was definitely not enough. 

In all honesty, I don’t care about Luke and Arzaylea. The only thing that’s upsetting me is HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SAY HER NAME??!?! Air-zay-lee-uh? Arse-zee-aye-lee-uh? Got me deciphering words and shit 😒