When I crossed the long ocean to find you, I saw these pretty stars every night but I was lonely because I was alone. I was tired. I was scared. Right now, is it okay to be this comfortable? Is it okay to be happy? Is it okay to love you?

  • me after finishing a kdrama: this is my favourite drama ever nothing can top this
  • me after finishing a kdrama: help I've fallen in love with the actor
  • me after finishing a kdrama: help I've fallen in love with a fictional character
  • me after finishing a kdrama: so where does my life go from here
SHINee as turtles


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omg a tiny turtle trying to eat a cucumber THAT’S FUCKING LEE JINKI


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Kibum is the one pushing the other turtle. Obviously 


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there’s a fucking mermaid there, but who calls attention/is prettier? The turtle Jonghyun


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“beat me asshole” 


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dance dance daaance. dance dance daaance.

Am I going too far? Maybe. Probably. But I don’t care! You guys seem to like it and that’s honestly funny af, but I promisse that I’ll stop and SHINee is the last group “as some animal” that I’m doing. HEHEHE HOPE YOU ENJOY