lee 10 stop big stopper

Le Mont Saint Michel 5 | France

Through long exposure photography and composing in b&w this image of Le Mont Saint Michel comes with interesting cloud painting.  Every time we are fascinated about the results you get when using long exposure technique. First, the equipment must be in place and ready for action, then the location and the weather, the wind could shake your mounted camera, after that you have to be patient and know your camera, lenses and filters to get something out of it.  Such a scenery can’t be seen with a human eye because of the fact of time. Long exposures record a timespan in a single image, like the moving skies and e.g. water thats flowing, while the architecture of the motif rests where it belongs. Nikon D800 + Lee Filter (Big Stopper, thats a 10 f-stop neutral density filter) The World is our dream!