Best Friend to Lovers | Lee Daehwi

i’m going to combine two requests so i hope you both like it! also this is totally au

  • so basically you and Daehwi are what i would want if i had a guy best friend (i don’t tho so rip)
  • your best friend relationship started when you were getting bullied by the infamous pink sausages
  • or at least that’s what it looked like to daehwi while he was studying near his locker which coincidentally happened to be right across from you so ofc he would overhear them mocking you
  • so he comes in to save the say because he overheard them making fun of how you came to school with your worst bed hair yet ( you do everyday but like today was apparently the worst yet)
  • daehwi literally popped up out of nowhere like you have never talked to him before so it was really awkward when you guys were all quiet after daehwi basically yelled at jihoon and woojin
  • who btw were your best friends in a sense but they were more like each other’s best friend which made you the third wheel ever time you guys hung out 
  • but as soon as daehwi popped up into the conversation trying to defend you, you decided to go along with it because it was a chance to get back at them 
  • “Oh my gosh i know right?! Woojin and Jihoon always do this, why am i friends with them anyways”  
  • daehwi gives them a slight glare bc he was kind of friends with them too but yknow he didn’t know they made fun of you (in his eyes) so he like links arms with you 
  • “You should be friends with me instead Y/N! I’ve always wanted to talk to you anyways!”
  • and thus starts your friendship with daehwi, it was a slow one because after that incident you explained to him that the pink sausages were your best friends and that you didn’t really care whether they made fun of you or not 

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anonymous asked:

Rock lee text headcanons! Your last ones were so cute!

Rock Lee

•Can be a cute texter at times. Does that cute little “I had a good time with you today!!!!” text after you’ve been on a date or something

•Double texter, triple texter, quadruple texter. Doesn’t care. He’s gonna text you as much as he wants, whenever he wants

•There is no “omg my crush texted me but I don’t want to look overeager so I’ll wait an hour to respond” shit with Lee. He responds in like .3 seconds, always. He doesn’t see the point in beating around the bush and pretending he’s not as excited as he really is to talk to his crush

•Uses way too many emojis. Calm down Lee. His favorites are 😃😅😱 and of course 👍

•Good morning, good evening, goodnight texts are all to be expected

•Will always send you a text in the morning if he’s going to be busy for the day, just so he doesn’t leave you hanging. So thoughtful. So cute

•Always sending accidental voice messages

•He has a special ring/text tone for every single person in his contacts. Yes. He is a dork. But it’s cute

Naruto families (Summer Headcanon)

Boruto: Wake up, stupid dad!!

Naruto: What… what time is it?

Himawari: It’s 6 a.m! Let’s go fishing daddy.

Naruto: Just go back to bed. It’s far too early, even for fish.

Boruto: You promised we were going fishing today. Mom, say something!!!

Hinata: You also promised to finish your academy homework, Boruto. How is it?


Hinata: Well?

Boruto: Just go back to bed, mom. It’s far too early, even for homework.


Sakura: Your father will be at home only for a couple of days before resuming his mission. Shall we go somewhere together?

Sarada: We could go to the beach!

Sasuke: Been there before. Sand is annoying.

Sakura: The pool?

Sasuke: Chemicals are no good for my skin.

Sarada: Are you serious?

Sakura: How about a relaxing walk through the forest.

Sasuke: I’ve spent 10 years literally doing that.

Sarada: Where do you want to go then?!

Sasuke: To the sofa.


Inojin: And this concludes my 10 minutes explanation of why we should spend a whole day at the Western Art Exhibition before summer ends.

Sai: I’m not betraying my style over the sight of Western Art.

Ino: But they include a lot of flowers in their paintings. It looks lovely… and Inojin could use it in his fighting techniques.

Inojin: Sorry about the incoming sarcasm, mom… I’m sure nothing will frighten the enemy more than a bunch of sunflowers walking towards them hehehe

Sai: If you are the one drawing them, I’m sure they’ll scare the shit out of everybody.



Temari: Move! We’ll be late to the Akimichi clan beach party.

Shikamaru: What a drag…

Shikadai: Why should we go? You don’t even like Karui-san

Temari: Because we are going to show everybody what a close and perfect family we are. Also, I bought an expensive designer swimsuit and I want to see Karui’s jealous face over it.

Shikamaru: Us? Perfect? Now you are being delusional.

Shikadai: Also, the Akimichi clan is the wealthiest in the village. Why should they care about some swimsuit they could easily buy the next morning?

Temari:*grabs her fan with an aggressive look on her face*

Shikamaru: Ok!!! Beach day it is… grab your stuff, Shikadai.

Shikadai: Yeah… yeah… and let’s not forget mom’s beautiful swimsuit… right?

Temari: Right.


Suigetsu: I’m just saying I can’t work in this hideout without air-conditioner.

Karin: Wait, you mean you actually work on a daily basis? Well that’s surprising.

Suigetsu: You are so annoying.

Juugo: Just find yourselves a hotel already.

Suigetsu: With air-conditioner!

Karin: I’m going to no hotel with you!!!

Mitsuki: Shall we get one, dad? Mom? This is so confusing…

Orochimaru: No, we wait until the heat makes them crazy. Then, they’ll attack each other and when one of them dies I use the money I save from his or her salary to pay the air-conditioner.

Mitsuki: Brilliant.



Rock Lee: That’s what I’m proposing. A relaxing trip to the nearest Rain Forest… there’s nothing that could bring more satisfaction than surviving the 346 different kinds of poisonous animals in there.

Metal Lee: I want to go to the desert.

TenTen: There’s nothing there… but sand.

Metal Lee: Exactly, nothing and NOBODY… isn’t that relaxing?

TenTen: We should do something about your social anxiety.

Maito Gai: I’ve got it! Let’s go climb the highest mountain in the land, with no tools… just with our perseverance.

TenTen: Kakashi! Say something.

Kakashi: There’s a three days reunion of erotic novels authors next week and…

TenTen: Let’s go back to the desert idea.