roseblight  asked:

Hi ♥ since following your tumblr I've been thinking about class a lot, then today I read "she didn’t say it, but class seemed to be an excuse for people who made the wrong choices in life" and my head nearly imploded. Can you recommend any reading material?

idk idk idk you mean contemporary stuff about class? (as opposed to, like, das kapital?) hmmmmmmm:

  • ain’t no makin’ it by jay macleod
  • the corner: a year in the life of an inner-city neighbourhood & homicide: a year on the killing streets by david simon & ed burns
  • anything by bell hooks really (i’d recommend where we stand: class matters but it’s really expensive to buy)
  • valencia & the chelsea whistle by michelle tea
  • bastard out of carolina by dorothy allison
  • inferno by eileen myles
  • i mean, toni morrison exists
  • i can’t not put charlie leduff on a list about class, so work and other sins and detroit: an american autopsy
  • i don’t wanna be like ‘the wire’, but. the wire. there are no pretenders to that throne.
  • (NOT OWEN JONES OR CAITLIN MORAN OR LAURIE PENNY, FUCK THEM. yes i’m aware this list is very american, class discourse in britain is so for shit that i’m struggling to think of anyone.)