Led Danganan
Bulacan, Philippines
Nikon D5200

How would you describe your journeys to Balabac & Boracay Islands? What were your favourite things about being there?

I would describe my travels to Balabac Islands (located at the southernmost tip of Palawan Island in the Philippines) as both intriguing and rewarding because of the very limited information about Balabac as a travel destination. It is off the radar, so it appeals to me all the greater (at least for explorers like me). The only things I was aware of when I set off to the islands was the grueling air, land and sea travel time to get there, the mental image of the islands surrounded by turquoise waters and white beaches on Google Earth, malaria mosquitoes, and the endemic pilandok or Philippine mouse-deer. By the end of the week, it was one for the books. I was real happy about the unexpected boat race with a pod of dolphins in the open seas, and sharing the candle-lit sweet and succelent crabs supper with my companions al fresco at our hut’s porch by the beach. No electricity, no television just the incredible view of full moon hanging low in the night summer sky, nearly adjacent with the Sulu Sea.

My Boracay Island experience in Visayas, Philippines on the other hand, despite going there in solitude, was warm and welcoming. Summer is always the season in Boracay Island, it just surprises you. What I like most about the island (for my first visit alone) were the paintings in the sky every time the sun sets and rises - the beaches is another.

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Name: Matias
Time and date: 9.02pm 9/6/2015
Average hours of sleep at night: 8
Last thing I googled: sense8 subtitles
Birthday: April 19th
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Height: I honestly have no idea
Favourite colour: Black
One place that makes me happy: mountains, ocean, and a movie theatre
How many blankets I sleep under: one
Favourite movie: Rear Window, Vivre Sa Vie, American Beauty
What I am wearing right now: soccer shorts and a blue t-shirt
Last book I read: CHE Inmortal (biography of Ernesto “Che” Guevara)
Most used phrases: haha (?
What I last said to a family member: something related with a burned pot
Favourite beverages: mate, water, beer
Favourite food: pizza, pizza, pizza and guacamole
Last movie I watched: hot tub time machine 2 (a waste of time)
Dream vacation: anywhere but here,  but if I have to choose one, Sicily (Italy)
Dream wedding: in Mars, or…no wedding.
Dream pets: any cat
Dream job: i don’t have a dream job :/

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An Ivatan woman - the local reference for the people inhabiting the Batanes Islands in the Philippines - attends to the lawn of the San Jose de Ivana Church at crack of dawn together with her fellows to replant it with flowering roots for the incoming rayun (summer). 

Ivana, Batan Island
March 2015

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The sun has climbed past mountain level by now and has completely melted the sweet colours of dawn. Yet shroud of fog seems unperturbed by warmth the sun emits and takes no heed of time as it unhurriedly rolls out to expose what lies below.

Like a stage with its drapes being slowly pulled aside for the main act, at last we welcome the sight with astonishment then with an applause of successive shutter clacks.

We are before the grace of another ancient engineering feat in the Cordillera, a revered art. A place many people might not recognize but even so radiates distinct charm and astounding quality. No less comely, no any less proud.

Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan ng Maligcong (Maligcong Rice Terraces)
Bontoc, Mountain Province
July 2015