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Stuck With You 2/?

Malcolm Tucker, Rose Tyler

In a parallel world, Malcolm Tucker doesn’t return to government after being bested by Steve Fleming, instead taking a lucrative offer to be personal spin doctor to the wealthy Peter Tyler.  It’s all fun and games until the daughter Pete never had comes to stay.  DW-The Thick of It crossover fic.

Genre:hurt/comfort, romance

Written with the lovely dryadalis, with special thanks to rudennotgingr for this chapter’s beta.

Chapter One: Doomsday

As soon as Rose steps away from the wall, it feels like her entire world crumbles around her; behind her is the last connection she has to the Doctor, the last memory, the last hug. She collapses in her mum’s arms, not even bothering to hide the tears.

“Shh, sweetheart,” Jackie murmurs, and sinks to the floor with Rose. “It’ll be alright. He’ll find a way to get you. It’s okay.”

Mickey’s hand grips her shoulder, and for all that these two are her family, there’s an aching hole in her heart that is growing within her, clawing up her chest and roaring through her. It’s all Rose can do to grip her mother and not give into the panic and despair, hiccuping through her tears and trying to remember to breathe.

Pete says something, but the sound doesn’t reach Rose’s ears; the entire world is muted, dead, and she feels devoid of sensation. Hands grip her and pull her up as she’s led away from the room, and god, if she never sees white again she’ll be… well, not happy, but the dull colors sparking around her periphery and the black creeping around the edges are far more welcoming.

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