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LEDKid is back!

LEDKid has best prices on microlights, LEDs, batteries, gloves and much more!



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We have a few new 3 color strobes in stock! Green/Peach/Orange, Peach/Blue/Pink, Cyan/Green/Blue, Mint/Green/Blue, and Highlighter Yellow/Red/Green!

You can get 8 single mode micromax 2color set for $39.60 with coupon code.

Also 8 Micromax Evolution Microlight 3 color set $57.60 with coupon code

I supported LEDKid like almost day one of my light show hobby. 

Best customer service ever, I give shay big props on handling everything like a big cat boss.

Free shipping! Or pay $3 for priority mail.

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Staxx’s Efinity Mode Review [LEDKID.COM]

LOL. “Who uses Ribbons these days..”



[LV]Deuce - Where’s your heart? [LEDKid.com] (by RSWrite)

ohai. LEDKid.com <3