“My hut. My fire. That sounds a pleasant thing,” she said. “But I find the dark is the same wherever I am.” “You earned those eyes,” he said coldly, but I heard the hurt there too.

“I did,” she said with a sigh. “And more.”
[…] “Know that I loved you,” she said to the Darkling. “Know that it was not enough.” In a single movement, she shoved herself up on the wall, and before I could draw breath to scream, she tipped forward and vanished over the ledge, trailing the nichevo’ya behind her in tangled skeins of darkness.
They tumbled past us in a rush, a shrieking black wave that rolled over the terrace and plummeted down, drawn by the power she exuded.
“No!” the Darkling roared. He dove after her, the wings of his soldiers beating with his fury.


Yosemite is gigantic, it has so many hidden places that few people ever see.  Over the past month I’ve explored Illilouette Canyon and the Ledge Trail, here are few photos from each adventure,  **Click on the photos to see the caption and a larger view**

Skateboarding on El Cap, Yosemite, California

During the US government shutdown in October of this year, Trevor was one of the few who had access to the park: “I still worked and lived in the park during the shutdown, but there weren’t any tourists! We all had the park to ourselves. During the sixteen days we were closed, I camped on Half Dome and Eagle Peak, hiked Mt. Hoffman and the Ledge Trail, and did countless other things that I could have never done if it wasn’t for the shutdown.”

photo: Trevor Lee

Here you go:

Mysterious Ways by scatterglory

Merlin shut his eyes and gritted his teeth against the force of the Dragon’s laughter.“My goodness, young warlock,” the Dragon chortled maliciously. “You do manage to get into the most incredible situations, do you not?”“Yeah, all right, fair point,” Merlin ground out. “But how do I fix it?” Don’t make me spell it out for you, you great leathery bastard.Still chuckling, the Dragon eyed him knowingly. “In this case, your dream has steered you truly.” Spreading his wings, he launched off the ledge, the heavy chain trailing behind him. “Give my regards to the princes.”

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