In My Daughter’s Eyes - Ardea & Leo

Ardea grabbed her head and squeezed her bright glowing eyes shut. She let out a small breath, a cloud of smoke steamed it’s way from her nostrils. Breathe. Breathe. Maybe she’ll stop crying. That wasn’t happening. I will not freak out. I will not freak out. “I WILL NOT FREAK OUT!” A hand clasped around her open mouth. It was her own. Evangeline’s cries became louder and more frantic. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” The red head quickly got up and made her way towards the makeshift “crib” of blankets in the other chair.

The doll was a doll. Ardea knew it was a doll. Leo knew it was a doll. Everyone knew it was a doll. But god damn was it so life-like. It had the very essence of a baby. It even felt like smooth baby skin and when you made the thing smile, the eyes lit up with happiness like any other person. Not to mention the whole stuff coming out of the other end of it was very life-like. Ardea reached down and picked up the small being. She cradled it in her arms, smiling down at it. At… Evangeline. The infant closed it’s moth and nudged into her shoulder as she gently hummed the tune to I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz.

A knock at the door brought Ardea out of her little world. She had been staring at the sleeping baby and continuing to rock from foot to foot humming. The girl cautiously stepped towards the door, not trying to wake up the child. Quietly she unlocked and opened the door. She personally felt bad for whoever was behind it. Ardea looked like a mess. Strands of hair poked out of her ponytail and she didn’t even get to put makeup on all day. She had small purplish bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. The only thing she had managed to do today was get dressed, but her attire consisted of jeans and a New England Patriots football jersey so she wouldn’t have called that an accomplishment. “Oh… hi.” her face brightened up at seeing who was behind the door.

Poor Little Ardea. Poor thing tried to conquer her fear and instead almost gets herself killed. A janitor had to pull her out the pool. Instead of getting rid of her fear, I fear it has only got worst. I hear while she was at the hospital, dear Kenny didnt leave her side till she started to wake. I think the poor things is dealing with his own demons. But wait! Where was Ardea’s beloved Leo, nowhere to be seen. Guess their love isnt strong enough. Atleast she can always depend on her friends.

XOXO S. Rouge


2013-03-18. Ledea.



anonymous asked:

Do you think Ardea and Leo are finally going to get it on?

No, they may finally kiss, but to have sex, that be crazy and out of the blue. They are precaution people, even though passion flows through her veins, she waits til its perfect. No worries when they finally do it will be glorious.