Leda Playlist by @ledabunniescloset

This playlist contains some songs Leda has liked, used in videos, or posted on social media throughout the years. Enjoy listening to the mix of techno, rock, video game songs, anime music and more!

Alchemy -Above & Beyond (feat. Zoë Johnston)

Alone With Me -This Wild Life

And The Snakes Start To Sing -Bring Me The Horizon

Arthas, My Son (Remix) -Drago

Before I Leave This World -Ivan Torrent

Cannonball (Scott Brown Mix) -Weaver & Andy L (Feat. Fran)

Cutie Mark Crusader (Dubstep Remix) -Alex S.

Evenstar - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers OST

Fly Me To The Stars -Feedb4ck

Fly With You -Scott Brown

Funeral Song -v1r00z

Gollum’s Song -Emiliana Torrini

Guardians of Nordrassil -World of Warcraft: Cataclysm OST

In This Night -v1r00z and Escoo

Magic Spells-Crystal Castles

Man Who Sold The World -David Bowie

One Blade -BladeMasterz

Pika Girl -S3RL

Puppy Love -This Wild Life

Sad Eyes -Crystal Castles

Seize The Day -Avenged Sevenfold

Shining Star (Mike Nero Jumpstyle Mix) -DJ Fait

Show Me -Vince the II

Si Deus Me Relinquit -Kuroshitsuji OST

Sora’s Dream (Dearly Beloved Techno Remix) -Unknown

Starts With One -Shiny Toy Guns

Untrust Us -Crystal Castles

When Will You Come Home -DJ Avalon

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Flesh || Charleda

Charlie smirks down at his phone, more than up to the challenge of proving the hype. He pulls on some shorts, since he was only wearing boxers, and heads to the door. He pauses before touching the handle, however, a familiar anxiety creeping up on him and he goes back, checking to make sure everything is in its place, straightening a few things here and there. Then double checking. Then triple checking. Once he’s satisfied, he does leave, twisting the door handle (three times) and heading outside. He leans against the doorframe as he waits, arms crossed and a small smile on his lips.


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