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Hey guys, I got a request for the jewelry in this pic. I’m not sure where every single thing is exactly from, but I’ll try my best.

I know for a fact the carved wooden necklace is from thirdeyepinecones.com
I believe they are all meant to be unique in a way, but there are so many on the site just like it.

The tattoo choker can be found at Claire’s, Target, or Hot Topic. Even eBay. Here’s one link:


The pentagram choker can be found here, if it’s not exact it’s extremely similar:


A similar circle pendant can be found on Etsy just by searching something like “round stamped pendant”.


Not too sure about the bottle necklace, though it does look extremely similar to the rose petal bottle necklace from here:


If anyone knows the exact shop she got her bottle necklace or any of the other items from, please let me know so I can update. Hope this helps anyone!!

Sailor scout sweater:


Machine gun tattoo leggings: