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Sign your name across my heart


Summary: The name of your soulmate will appear on your chest the day you turn eighteen. Simon is taken aback when he sees his. Baz doesn’t know whether to feel hope or drown in his own sorrow.

Word count: 1.2k

Rating: T

Tags: Eighth Year AU, soulmates, angst, pining, mentions of self-harm, fluff, POV first person


I’ve been in love with Simon Snow since I was twelve. I’d always expected to wear his name on my chest. And I’d also always known for a fact that he’d have another person’s name written above his heart. Probably Wellbelove’s. Yes, I’d always thought I had an unrequited soulmate.

So, when my soulmate’s name finally appeared on my chest, I had no idea what to do with it.

It happened some months after the beginning of the seventh school year. The morning of my birthday, I rushed into the bathroom and looked at the mirror in astonishment.

Simon Salisbury.

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@andavs oh my god amazing

They’re on a precipice, with a fortress at their back and an armada laid out below them. And though the day had broken cloudless and shining and awful, it had stormed during nightfall, lashings of rain and great groaning winds forewarning the carnage to come. 

Now pools of ice cold sludge lay the foundation for a battle years in the making. 

As Prince Stilinski rides down his line, his horse made slow by the earth clinging to its hooves, he cannot help but to think of the days when Lord Hale was one of his number. When he was quiet and breathless and sweet, stealing into Stiles’ bedchamber. When he was not a looming threat, black and churning on the horizon. 

“It is not a good day to raise swords,” Stiles’ most trusted knight says as Stiles draws up alongside him. He cannot help but to also recall the days when Scott was nothing more or less than his most beloved friend. 

“Such a day does not exist.”

“And yet here we are,” Scott murmurs, adjusting the reigns in his frozen hands.

“Here we are.”

“And here we die.”

“If needs must.”

Scott foregoes his reigns and turns fully in his saddle, eyes imploring. “Are you truly capable of this? Will you take his life? Can you take his life?”

Stiles looks once more down the line, at grim-faced soldiers riding loyal and brave for their king, at horses steaming in anticipation, and thinks of wooden swords. Shouted words and braying laughter and a clattering throughout the castle halls. He looks across the sodden ground at the army waiting to meet him, waiting to surge forward and surround him, and sees only the great yawning distance inside of his own chest. 

“If needs must.”


I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last night. It’s a good show. I didn’t grow up with Harry Potter, more on the outside of it, but it was a cool story. I enjoyed it. Still hate how American wizardry is set up, but eh.

It’s a very white movie. It’s a fact. But it’s not all white, we’ve got two awesome Jewish witches (because yes they were heavily discriminated against during that time and still are today peeps), and a badass black Madam President, and Leta Lestrange.

Also, the movie didn’t end with a big damn kiss between Tina and Newt, but with a promise he’ll return to her. I think that’s beautiful.


…Why did the only dark-skinned black woman in the movie with a line have to say, “It don’t hurt much,” compared to the light-skinned Madam President?

I don’t know why, but it really irritated me when I heard that line. Of all lines you could’ve given her, that one, “It don’t hurt much,” come on.

I am hoping there will be dark-skinned women in future installments where they’ll have an important role in the story. Love interests former and present, if they’re going to be black they’ll  usually be a “light” skinned woman, and that isn’t right.

Knowing Zoe Kravtiz will play Leta/Leda Lestrange, Newt’s former Slytherin friend, makes me incredibly worried with how she’s going to be portrayed in future installments.

One, she’s a Lestrange. That’s a strike against her already. Two, she’s Slytherin. Another big strike. This series loves to say not all Slytherins are bad, but they rarely paint any of them as unanimously good or at least neutral or you know, not incredibly prejudice. 

Queenie automatically states, “She was a taker,” and I’m like she doesn’t know the entire story because she’s relying on Newt’s memories. This doesn’t dismiss Newt’s side of things just that we don’t have the full story yet.

I’m really hoping Leta/Newt wasn’t an abusive relationship and that outside forces led to the disintegration of their friendship, and that in the future, possibly, she can redeem herself and do something good and move on while Newt continues to go forward in life.

Because canon Hufflepuff/Slytherin friendships are important to me. 


Amber’s getting ready video with Leda from Vidcon

The Start Of Something New || OPEN

Leda was excited. She was getting to start over with her life. After kissing her mother and each of her cats individually goodbye Leda hopped on a plane and headed towards her new beginning. After a couple hour flight she was in a taxi on the way to her new home. Map and luggage in hand Leda ran out of cab tossing money back to her driver. She was happy. 

Leda stopped infront of a big building she assumed was the main. After about Twenty minutes of just waiting she finally got her house location and school schedule from the lady at the front desk. She thanked the pretty women and walked outside of the building staring at her map. A look of confusion spread across her face as she couldn’t tell where the buildings were on it. Leda huffed and sat on the front steps pulling her phone out of her pocket.