Namjin @ the Beach

[NAMJIN] smut; Lifeguard!Jin and Surfer!Namjoon. 2k of plot & sexxx

Namjoon is a little shit that refuses to listen to the lifeguard.

Leaning back in his lifeguard chair, Jin sighed and lazily looked out around the beach. There were barely ten people withn the 1-mile radius his eyes could see. Even the pier that was usually overflowing with fishermen barely had fifteen people on it. To be fair, it was only seven in the morning but even so Jin was used to the summer time rush that brough throngs of vacationers to the beach as early as four am. This weekend was the first one after summer had officially ended and Jin was glad to see the amount of children decreasing and the amount of dogs increasing. Just as he was about to shut his eyes to catch a few seconds of sleep, something out in the water caught his eyes.

A crazy surfer was about a good fifteen feet pastthe boundary buoys. Shaking his head at the common occurance, Jin blew his whistle as he signaled at the surfer. He went unnoticed at first and only after blowing his whistle another three times did the surfer turn around to face Jin. Even then, the surfer mistook his hand signal as a geeting and waved back at him.

“What a dork,” Jin muttered to himself. If Jin wasn’t so frustrated, he might have thought it was cute–in a really dorky way of course. But Jin had been up since five and the last thing he wanted was to get in trouble because of a stupid surfer. Throwing the boy the most threatening look he could muster up, he shrilled his whistle for a good ten seconds, probably rendering everyone near him a severe earache. He saw a couple of people move away from him from the corner of his eyes but he had to do what he had to do. Jin pulled his binoculars up to his eyes to observe the surfer better. The surfer simply smirked before sticking his eyes out at Jin and surfing even farther away from the buoys.

“What the fuck.” Jin was pissed. Just because Jin seemed around the sufer’s age did he think he didn’t have to listen to him?! Jin put down his binoculars and reached for the megaphone that hung on his chair. Seeing this, the few vacationers that sat within a twenty feet radius of him all moved away to find a quieter spot which just further fueled Jin’s rage towards the surfer. Now people probably thought he was annoying. Great.

“PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY OVER TO THE SHORE AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN. IF YOU DEFY ORDERS ANY FURTHER, I WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO FINE YOU,” Jin yelled through the megaphone. Okay so maybe fining people wasn’t in his jurisdiction but the surfer didn’t need to know that. Jin looked through his binoculars again and chuckled to himself when he saw the angry look on the surfer’s face. No matter how mad he was, Jin had to admit the boy was rather attractive. His hair was a dark, dirty blonde and his tanned skin provided a striking contrast to him that made him look beautiful. Every feature on his face was sharp and well-defined but Jin thinks he liked his lips the best. He didn’t have time to dwell on it any further however as the surfer stormed over to him the minute he reached the shore. He stood at the base of Jin’s lifeguard chair and looked up at him, dripping and angry.

“What the hell man?! What is your problem?!” He seethed.

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Snowboarding in a LED suit is an incredible visual experience. Check the video.


LED Surfer


Robert Pattinson in negotiations to play Max, a machine gun-wielding leader of a surfer gang in The Trap

Filmmaker Harmony Korine’s “The Trap” will feature the acting talents of Idris Elba and Benicio Del Toro, with support from Al Pacino and Robert Pattinson.

In terms of plot, the film will follow 2 childhood friends who become estranged. Later, as adults, one is successful while the other has become an incarcerated criminal, and is now out for revenge against his former friend. Del Toro (Slim), will play the friend who was incarcerate and is seeking revenge against Elba, his former friend for whom he took a fall.

Slim’s plot includes recruiting a crew of Uzi-wielding surfers led by Max (Pattinson), as well as enlisting the help of Rico’s cocaine-happy manager. Pacino plays Slim’s parole officer.

Korine has called it a thriller that is his “most ambitious film to date.”

About "The Trap,” Korine said, a year ago: “I’m really just going to go for it. It’s some next level shit. It’s a revenge movie, sprawling, very intense… I don’t want to give away too much, but we’re probably going to start shooting in Miami…”

Given the names involved, and Korine’s own reputation, this is something to watch for likely in 2016.  Focus Features chasing U.S. rights to the film.