Truth or Dare (Part 2)
  • Words:  1.907
  • Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader
  • Warnings: Heavy smut, some heavy swearing, fluff.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/H/C) is your hair color. Part 1 can be found here 

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Thor walked you out of the common room in which you all were playing (well, not exactly playing, some of them were unbearably drunk), and took you to the elevator. He offered you a piggy back ride in the elevator, considering your tipsiness, but after what he said, of you being queen of Asgard, there was no sign of alcohol in your mind.

“Is there a problem, (Y/N)?” He asked, when the doors drew back to present the empty space.
“No” You hesitated, shaking your head. One of his hands rested dangerously low on your back “Thor, I think your hand…”
“Oh, you don’t like it?” He teased, pulling you closer to his chest and placing kisses on your cheeks but none on your lips.
“I do…” You said, surrendering under the feeling of his lips on your neck. His hands held your waist tightly, yet not roughly. You felt it moving down to your floor and when the doors opened, you pushed him away “So… will you still walk me to my bedroom?”
“If necessary, I will sing you to sleep”
“I don’t feel like sleeping” You muttered, staring deep into his ocean blue eyes.
“Good, because I don’t remember any lullaby…” He pecked your lips quickly.
You two got into your bedroom; it still had some clothes spread all over the bed. You muttered an apology to Thor for the mess and he said something about you seeing his own chamber. You laughed with him and then, sat on the beddings.
“Will you stay there, standing up?” You asked with a smirk.
“I will take that as an invitation” He smiled at you and sat.
His big hand caressed yours, as his eyes stared at you. Your feelings blossomed like the flowers of a cherry tree; biting your lower lip was the only way to keep those feelings inside… But you weren’t the only one with a wave of feelings inside their heart. Thor’s eyes wanted to confess his deep love for you, they wanted to tell you how much he wanted to be yours and how bad he wanted you to be his.
You hopped closer to him and leaned your head on the curve of his neck, and Thor held you tightly to his body. You slowly threw your head back to reach his skin and there, you started kissing. You grabbed the collar of his blazer and pulled his body closer to you; there was something magnetic, addictive and hypnotizing about him that you couldn’t quite figure out, but you didn’t want to do it either.
You pulled away his blazer, leaving him with a white shirt and he tried to pull you upper on the bed to get a taste of your lips. His tongue invaded your mouth as you tried hard not to surrender under his lustful and expert touch. The couch scene was repeated both in your mind and in your bedroom. You wanted to feel him closer to you.
One of his professional hands parted from your hip and roamed all the way down to the back of your thigh, lifting it closer to his own body.
“You know” He breathed against your lips “I have always found you amusing.” He said pulling your pelvis closer to his, making you sigh at the sudden contact “But tonight…” Thor looked for the sweet spot of your neck that would make you loosen up “I want to see what else I can think about you” He found it. The portion of skin that made you lose control. He found it and he pressed his teeth against it.
“Ohh, Thor…” You moaned.
You freed yourself from his grip and stood in front of the bed again. You pulled away your t-shirt and shorts and looked at you seductively, biting your lower lip occasionally. He made a beckoning motion to you and you shook your head, taking special attention to flip your hair. Thor impatiently stood up and unbuttoned the first buttons of his shirt. You reached out your hands to pull him closer to you. You pulled up the blessed shirt and threw it away; then, Thor took full control of the night.
“You’re mine” He said when he pulled you up from your thighs “You’re only mine, my love”
“I love you” Your brain betrayed you; he was attacking your neck and with a free hand, he easily unclasped your bra.
He led you to the bed and placed you there, and then, he crawled on top of you parting your legs with his hands. He tickled your inner thighs with his beard and removed your panties. He took a luscious look at your throbbing pussy and blew some warm air, making you curse out loud; you begged him to do it again but he had some other plans in mind.
Thor softly picked your clit between his lips and you instinctively pushed his face closer to your wet core. He took it as a response that you liked what he did, and oh boy, you liked it. But the idea of just kissing it didn’t suite him at all; with his hands, he took both of your legs and placed them over his shoulders, and somehow, in a very weird position you couldn’t just figure out, his palm stared working your clit again while he licked your folds in an up and down motion. You felt his thick tongue at your entrance and you let out a loud moan. He was tongue-fucking you and it felt great.
But you wanted more. You needed more.
You begged Thor to fuck you, but he intentionally misunderstood your plead but introducing one of his fingers inside of you. You cried out his name and some curses and he smiled at your reaction, pumping in and out two fingers now.
You still wanted more. You still needed more.
Thor felt his fingers being tightly hugged by your walls as your scream-announced orgasm made its appearance. Your back was impossibly arched and you violently threw your head back onto the mattress. Your body shook uncontrollably and sometimes, his face hit your moist core, making you whimper and moan.
His sweaty hands traveled all the way up to your breasts and he buried himself in the, also sweaty, space between them. He kissed your skin, feeling the salty drops that carelessly rested on your chest, his mouth moved to the right, pecking and nibbling your hard nipple in it. You grabbed yourself to the bedding with one hand, and with the other, you made it run through your hair pushing aside some locks you had in your face.
“Thor, I want you…” You breathed, trying to cup his face to make him look at you.
He said that you were a queen, and that you should be treated like one, so he picked you up, bridal style and gently placed you on the floor, then he laid on the bed and waited for you. You crawled to him, but stopped at his erect shaft, you wanted to thank him for the overwhelming orgasm he gave you, but his idea was another one.
“No, come all the way up” He teased and you continued your way. Your hips stopped at his pelvis “It’ll be enough for now”
His hands caressed the spot of your skin that would be bruised the next morning and he muttered an apology for it. You told him it was fine that you’d cover it with make up if necessary. You lifted your hips and he searched your throbbing entrance with his dick.
“Fuck…” He groaned at your tightness.
You tried to relax as much as possible, taking deep breaths as you slowly adapted to him and slid down to make him reach a place you thought it didn’t exist inside your body.
“Don’t move” You said “Wait a minute…” You lifted your hips again and sighed at the feeling of not having him anymore.
“Does this hurt?” Thor took a more sitting position and cupped your face in his hands; you nodded, with your eyes starting to fill with some tears. It wasn’t because of the pain, but you had so many feelings inside of your head that you couldn’t get to relax. You were so incurably in love with him “(Y/N), please tell me if I did something to wrong you” You shook your head, and curled your lips into a smile. The next thing you know is that your head is resting on his shoulder as he pets your back, softly kissing your (Y/H/C) hair “(Y/N)?”
“I love you, Thor…” You whispered, feeling your voice a little cracked.
“Look at me (Y/N)” He pushed you a few centimeters away and cupped your face again, to look straight into your eyes. His voice was so deep that it made you shiver “I love you too, but if this is hurting you I will stop and let you have some rest, ok?” You bit your lip “I don’t want to hurt you”
“You’re not” You leaned forward to lock your lips against his.
You were ready.
Going up on your knees once more, and feeling Thor’s member playing with your clit and entrance was all it took to get you all aroused again. He looked at you in silence; there was no need to make the obvious question, and so you just nodded and slid down again. His shaft felt much better now in between your walls. Yes, you were being stretched out, but he kept whispering sweet, comforting words to your ear, and kissing your lips occasionally and the sum of that made you feel a lot better this time.
You held on for dear life to his shoulders, digging your nails on his skin; action that made him moan as you bounced on his pelvis. You held back your whining by kissing his salty and sweaty neck until the feeling of another orgasm came again. The fire building on your core extended throughout your body and it came out as a loud yell that filled the heavy air of your bedroom.
But it didn’t end there.
Thor still couldn’t get there, so he stayed inside of you, holding your butt and making you go up and down until he released inside of you with a loud and deep sound coming from his throat.
You felt his chest rising up with each breath under yours, which was in the same condition. Your head rested again on his shoulder and he went back to his sweetness from before; petting your hair and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You felt your eyes tearing up again, and you couldn’t avoid the first sob. Thor felt the tears on his skin and he decided to rest his back on the bed again, and to keep you on your chest.
“My love…” He whispered, knowing that you didn’t want to face him “My love, is everything alright?”
“Yeah” You nodded “It’s just that…” You giggled “I don’t know what to say…”
“It’s ok, do you want to sleep instead?”
“I’d love to… but stay here with me…” You begged.
“I would stay with you my whole life if you allow me” He cupped your face to wipe your tears with his thumbs “Be mine (Y/N)”
“I am” You bit your lower lips “I’m yours Thor” You crept up his body to reach hips lips.

Now I understand- A Kyungsoo smut (Part 2)

Part 1

He called a cab, knowing you were both far too drunk to drive safely, and immediately gave the driver the address to the dorm. He felt his phone buzzing in his pocket, but he ignored it, he knew it was going to be the boys spamming him with texts, congratulating him and all sorts, and it annoyed him, and embarrassed him.

You smiled at him, as you slid your hand up his thigh, caressing it softly with the tips of your fingers. Kyungsoo tensed a little, because you tickled him, but also because you were arousing him once more. He felt like a hormonal teenager, and in a sense he was. He had never done anything like this before, and he couldn’t help but respond like an obedient puppy to your touch.

You smirked at the growing tent in his pants, enjoying the effect you had on him. It was exciting to see how much he wanted you, and to feel wanted. You felt like a goddess, you felt powerful.

You didn’t care how uncomfortable you were making the cab driver, you wanted Kyungsoo, and you wanted him now. You hand slid further up his legs, making him moan softly. You licked your lips in anticipation, your eyes turning dark with lust.

“Eh.. Um… We are here.” The cab driver awkwardly said, after clearing his throat, and parking in front of Kyungsoo’s apartment complex. You smiled at him, and Kyungsoo paid, before grabbing your hand, and quickly dragging you inside. He couldn’t wait, he had waited too many years for this, and now he was going crazy. He needed you, he wanted you, and he was going to have you right there and then.

He got into the lift, and pushed the button to his floor almost too eagerly. As the doors crossed, you felt him push you against one of the walls in the elevator, his lips meeting yours harshly. You smiled into the kiss, enjoying this bold action. Maybe you were a bad influence on him, but it felt so right.

The elevator doors opened, and you pushed him back towards them, your lips dominating his, your tongue grazing over his. He opened his mouth with a soft moan. He pulled away, and took your hand, taking you towards the dorm’s front door. He fumbled with the keys, struggling to find the right one to open the door. You smiled at this, you could tell he was nervous, his hands were shaking, but his expression was serene, he didn’t want to let you know how eager, desperate and anxious he really was feeling.

He managed to open the door, after three failed attempts, and led you into his dorm, closing the door behind him. You looked around admiring the place, for an apartment that held so many boys in it, it looked pretty neat. Kyungsoo began fidgeting slightly.

“My room is over there…” He said softly, pointing towards a corridor. You nodded, and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards it. When you reached his door, he opened it and led you inside.

You had to admit, you were a little shocked to find there were two beds in the room not just one. You turned to him with a raised eyebrow, waiting for an answer. He shrugged awkwardly, with his cheeks slightly pink.

“We have to share rooms. I share with Kai…” he stated simply, trying not to make a big deal out of it. Now that he thought about it, sharing rooms with another guy seemed kind of childish.  He had already started to sober up, and he was growing more nervous. You could tell, so you pretended to shrug off the thought that maybe one of his friends would walk in on you butt naked in his bed.

“Let’s hope we don’t get caught then.” You sneakily told him, with a bright smile on your lips. He nodded shyly.

You crossed the distance towards the bed, and sat down on it, gently patting the spot next to you for him to sit there. He complied quickly, but you could tell by the way he was fidgeting something wasn’t quite right.

“D.O. are you okay?” you asked him, placing your hand over his. He looked at you briefly, blushing, and then looked away again.

“Ah… I’m a little nervous. I don’t want to disappoint… I’ve never… I’ve never been with a girl…” He admitted bashfully. You could tell he was ashamed of himself, but that made him so much cuter in the first place. You wanted to reach over and kiss him until his lips were worn out, but you knew treating him differently would only cause awkwardness, so instead you smiled reassuringly.

“That’s okay, there is always a first time for everything. I’ll lead you through it if you want, but we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. We can just cuddle and sleep.” You told him, trying to let him understand that you weren’t trying to force him into anything. You liked him, more than one should like their one night stand, and you didn’t want to just corrupt his innocence without him truly wanting you. His body might agree, but maybe his mind hadn’t. He shook his head.

“I want to. I really want to. I’m just really nervous… Ah… Y/N I think I… might… like you a little…” He awkwardly confessed. You blushed at the words, not expecting them to come so soon. You wanted to ask him if he was confusing lust for feelings, but you didn’t. You smiled at him.

“I guess I kind of like you too D.O. Are you sure you want to do this?” You asked him, making sure of his decision one last time. He nodded eagerly, his hand grabbing yours, and his eyes sparkling with expectation and desire. You smiled, and very slowly, very carefully, pressed your lips against his. You kissed him tenderly. As much as you wanted him, you also wanted this to be something special, something worth remembering.

His hands found their way to your hips, holding them, while your arms surrounded his neck. You led his hands to the zipper of your dress, and he obediently pulled it down. You slipped out of your dress, and then proceeded to remove his shirt and pants. Kyungsoo stared at your body in wonder again, his hands glided over the smooth skin, feeling it brush against the pads of his fingers. You moaned softly at his touch.

You pushed him back onto the mattress, his back landing on it with a thud. You straddled him, and began kissing his neck softly, biting down onto the skin lightly, leaving small marks. You felt him grow against you, through his underwear, and you smiled into his neck. You were becoming hot and flustered.  His eyes wouldn’t move away from your body, so you grabbed his hands and led them to your bra clasp. He panicked slightly, he had never undone one before. But the confidence in your smile, and the way your eyes sparkled despite the poor lighting in his room, gave him the little push he needed. He struggled against the clasp, but managed to take it off, tossing it somewhere in his room.  You smiled, as you watched his eyes grow in wonder. You grabbed his hand and pressed it against one of your breasts.

You could see him blush deeply, as he gently played with your breast, but judging by the way he was twitching underneath you, he was enjoying it a bit too much. Your fingers hooked on the waistline of his boxers, and pulled them down his legs, his member springing free. You then proceeded to remove your underwear too, letting it drop to the ground beside the bed.

You quickly searched through your purse, trying to find a condom, but Kyungsoo stopped you. He grabbed his wallet from his jeans, and pulled out the small silver packet shamefully. You chuckled, and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Xiumin gave me one of his… just in case…” He muttered, trying to come up with an excuse, but you shut him up with your lips against his, as you took the wrapper from him. You knew he wouldn’t be the type to just  carry them with him, you knew he probably had never expected to have sex, you could just tell.

You ripped the wrapper, and pulled the rubbery material out, sliding it down his member with your hands. He smiled shyly, and moaned at the feeling of your hands on him. You licked your lips expectantly, before lowering yourself onto him. You hissed at the sudden sensation, trying to get used to the feeling of all of him filling you up. Kyungsoo let out a loud moan, his eyes fluttering shut as he let his head drop back. You stared at those precious pouty lips and wondered how such a dirty sound could ever slip out of those Heavenly lips.

“Is this okay?” you asked him, resting your hands on his shoulders for support, as you started moving gently. He nodded, pressing his lips together to prevent himself from cussing.

Kyungsoo felt overwhelmed by the pleasure he was feeling. You felt so warm, so tight around him, he didn’t think anything could feel better. He grabbed your hips tightly, and began to help you move, as you picked up speed.

“Y/N…. Y-Y/N….” He moaned throwing his head back, his lips parting as he started to pant.

“Does it feel good?” You asked him, a small ball of pleasure beginning to build up in your lower abdomen. He nodded.

“Yes…. Y/N please….” He begged, and it made you moan loudly. You secretly liked it when they begged.

“Please what baby?” you whispered in his ear, the ball of pleasure growing larger and larger, until you thought it was going to burst. You heard Kyungsoo try to say something, but the moans that kept erupting from his lips were preventing him from doing so.

“Faster…” He finally managed to say, and you smirked, moving your hips faster, bringing him more pleasure, but also pushing yourself over the edge. You began to curl your toes, your eyes rolled back, as you felt the bubble burst, and pleasure and bliss course through your veins. You saw the stars.

The sudden tightness around him overwhelmed Kyungsoo, and soon, he too came with short, hot spurts, into the rubbery material. He was panting, with you still on top of him, holding yourself up by his shoulders, as you caught your breath. You could still feel his muscles tensing, and you could see the sweat glistening on his chest. You grinned at him brightly.

“So how was it?” You asked, pulling away from him, to pull the condom off and throw it to the garbage can, before laying down next to him, with your head on his chest, and your arm around his neck. He smiled wrapping his arm around your back, holding your waist.

“Perfect…. Better than anything I had ever felt before… Now I understand.” He spoke, with a sheepish smile on his face, as his hand played with strands of your hair. You looked up at him curiously.

“Now you understand what?” You asked him, your voice playful. Kyungsoo laughed.

“Now I understand why the guys were making such a big deal about sex, it really is amazing. You are amazing.” He sighed, and you could see the bliss and content on his expressions. It softened your heart.

“Did you mean that? Before. When you said you liked me, did you mean that?” You asked him, tensing up a little as you waited for his answer. You didn’t want him to be just another one night stand.

“I like you Y/N. I know, we just met, and I sound like a nerdy virgin, but everything just feels so right with you… Please stay the night… Don’t leave me and forget about me.” He begged, almost wincing at how pathetic he thought he sounded. You smiled, your eyes tearing up slightly, because he was so beautiful it pained you.

“I doubt I would ever forget this D.O… Want to cuddle and sleep?” You asked him, making yourself comfortable on his chest.

“Yeah… I promise I’ll make you breakfast in the morning.” He said, his eyes fluttering shut from the exhaustion that was now weighing his body down.

“Keep that up, and we can skip the dating thing and marry already.” You joked with a laugh, as you too, closed your eyes, ready to drift off into dream land.

Kai opened the door to his room, trying to make as little noise as possible, and had to control himself from cooing at the sight before his eyes. You were completely curled up into Kyungsoo’s arms, with your head on his chest, and a small smile on your face, and from what he could see, you were also completely naked. D.O opened an eye, and looked at Kai, smiling, as the taller guy gave him a thumbs up. D.O blushed, and Kai understood this hadn’t been just a one night stand. He closed the door, running back into the living room, and Kyungsoo heard him yell at the guys, telling them not only did D.O have a naked girl with him in bed, but he also had a new girlfriend.

He heard the members run towards the door, and try to peak through the door at Kyungsoo’s girl, smiling and whispering to each other, but Kyungsoo was too tired, and too happy to care. Girlfriend. He liked the way that word sounded. You were his girlfriend now.