Having done the Live Aid gig and worked on each other’s new albums, do you foresee doing any more studio or stage work with Page, even on a semiregular basis?

Yeah, I’d like to work with him until we’re really comfortable. And when we’re really comfortable, we’ll write all new songs. Because we’ve never been really comfortable anyway. 

Jimmy and I got along well with Jonesy and Bonzo. But between ourselves, there was a lot of unspoken rivalry. Jimmy had already gotten a name when I was trotting out “White Rabbit” in some dance hall in Newcastle with Bonzo. He employed a very democratic approach to the whole thing. He encouraged me a lot.

Then, suddenly, we were side by side. And he didn’t quite like that. Occasionally I could feel it. If the shoulders were a little close, you could feel the flinch a bit. Especially if we were sitting at the same table and one woman went by and we both liked her. It was “Oh no, here we go.”

A quote from the Rolling Stone interview of Robert Plant by David Fricke - March 24, 1988.