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Three steps into the brownstone and they were wrapped around each other. They were professionals - their extracurricular activities never interfered with the work. Tonight the work was done and they would celebrate the successful end of a two week investigation in their own way. Her hands found their way underneath his jacket and stroked his back as his lips moved slowing up her neck, lingering just below her ear. She gasped lightly and then breathlessly called his name. “Sherlock….”

He responded by pressing her closer.

“Sherlock … What is that?”

“Come Watson, ” he softly growled into her ear, “You know what that is…”

She stopped responding to his amorous advances, and stared behind him. “No, not that. What is that?”

He reluctantly stopped and looked at her, “What is what?”

“That!” Joan put her hand on his cheek and pointed him in the direction of the library.

Sherlock pulled himself away from her and squinted into the library. “Oh! That… That is a capybara.” He looked pleased and turned back towards her, “World’s largest rodent, native to South America …”

“Yes, I know what a capybara is …” His hands were roaming and she tried to concentrate on the animal staring at her. “Why is it in our house?”

He kissed her chin. “Barry is in transit, on his way back to his native land.”  Joan was obviously more interested in the beastie than him at the moment so he stopped and took her hand. “Come, I’ll introduce you. He was delivered this afternoon while you were out re-questioning Mr. Quijada.” He led her to the wire enclosure.

Joan smiled at the gentle faraway gaze of the creature as he munched his dry grass. She knelt to better observe him. “He is beautiful.”

Sherlock sat down beside her and watched the capybara. “Yes, quite. He was found in a rather abusive circumstance by a colleague who alerted me to his plight. Barry will be boarding a plane tomorrow afternoon. Heading off to his new home near the River Plate.”

Joan watched him for a second; his stern profile hid so well his tender heart. She turned her attention back to their guest before she spoke. “Barry is a very fortunate little capybara … and you are a sweet, sweet man.”

He glowered and twisted his mouth in embarrassment. “I’ll let you two get acquainted, shall I? I’ll be in my room should you wish to …” he leaned over and kissed her with enough passion so as to leave no doubt as to his desires should she choose to join him.

Last night I dreamt that Mike just straight up stabbed Rachel, knife to the stomach, cool as you like, while Harvey looked on, completely unperturbed. I think my recent viewing of season 3 of ‘Hannibal’ may have led to some crossed wires between Marvey and Hannigram in my brain…

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Sinister Electric Cafe Racer Concept
Inspired and motivated by what would be possible by combining an electric power plant and a cafe racer, Michael Cohen created this Electric Cafe Racer Concept. The industrial designer, illustrator and digital artist out of Hillsboro, OR, made quite a few interesting choices when it came to designing a bike from the ground up. Between the multi-LED headlights, the studded, wire spoke wheels and tires, and the translucent covering of the frame and components, this bike feels like a cafe racer created equally from the worlds of Tron and Mad Max. At this point the bike is nothing more than a series of cool design ideas, but we’re holding out hope that some day we’ll be able to ride something like it.


How to Wire LEDs

Tutorial by  Miller ModPCs
Tutorial Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqM40RamUVg


Illuminated Costumes by MikaelaHolmes

Featured projects include:

Fiber Optic Dress by Natalina
DEAD SPACE Cosplay Build by Steven K Smith Props
El Wire and Leather Necklace by MikaelaHolmes
Super Magical Awesome Armbands of Light by MikaelaHolmes
Leather and El Wire Sci-Fi Headdress by MikaelaHolmes
Laser Crown by p3nguin

You Are The Winter Soldier. (Part 5/?)

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Here we GOOOO! The action is happening, you’d better have braced yourself, dolls cause you need to! Enjoy!

Warnings: gore, swearing, really pissed off reader


You awoke to a lot of doctors surrounding you. Something felt different. The pain in your arm was gone. You felt nothing in your arm. Was it gone? You looked down slowly, trying not to draw attention to yourself. You had to stifle a scream.

It was metal.

Your arm was made of metal.

“Ah, miss (Y/N), good morning,” the doctor nearest you said with a smug smile.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” you growled, grabbing him by the throat and throwing him across the room.

The other doctors began panicking and they tried to approach you calmly. You could see the syringe in one of their hands, they were going to sedate you again and continue with whatever sick experiment they were doing.

Oh hell no.

You quickly jumped off of the cool metal table you had been placed on and grabbed a scalpel from a small medical stool next to the table. You began swinging wildly at the scientists as a warning to stay back.

“Nobody come near me,” you said through gritted teeth, “or I swear to God I will kill every single one of you.”

You heard a soft chuckle behind you, causing you to spin around wide-eyed. You came face to face with that man from the car accident, Dr Zola. He playfully put his arms in the air as a sign of mock surrender. 

“Dear, oh dear, what’s wrong, miss (Y/N)?” he said mockingly.

“Where the hell am I?” you asked him, making sure to try and keep your cool and not let your anger get the best of you.

“Siberia, my love.” Dr Zola smiled at you, “we couldn’t keep you in the USA my sweet, they would find you there. Your friend Peggy Carter is frantic about finding you, but we can’t let that happen. The fun is just beginning.”

He motioned to one of the scientists behind you, but you were to confused and lost in thought to react. Before you could do anything, a sharp pain spread up your arm, causing you to double over. You looked down to your metal arm and saw some sort of electrical device attached, obviously electrocuting you.

“Stop. Please.” you whispered, trying to hold back tears. Dr Zola simply laughed at your weakness.

“Now, now, there’s no need for that.” he extended a hand, helping you up. “Come, follow me my dear, the show is about to begin.”

He pulled you through a series of identical corridors, all with different twists and turns. It was fucking freezing, you probably were in Siberia.

I’ve got no chance of escaping, this place is too complex.

You eventually came to a large vault. Your heart sank when you saw the red Hydra logo printed over the front of it. Dr Zola nodded to one of the many armed guards surrounding it. He progressed to put an extremely long passcode into the keypad at the side of the door. It slowly swung open and what you saw inside sent shivers down your spine.

It was a large chair, with straps at the arms and legs, to hold someone down. That wasn’t what scared you. There was a large headpiece hovering over the top of the chair, with many wires attached. The wires led to a large computer-like machine with many controls.

“What the hell is this?” you said, turning to Dr Zola who was staring in awe at the chair. You could hear the guards surrounding you laughing.

“It is the start of the Winter Soldier programme,” he replied, looking down to you. “You are going to change history. You will be Hydra’s newest weapon. You will be unstoppable.” He whispered the last word of the sentence.

“B-but how? I have no fighting experience whatsoever.” you said, fear evident in your eyes at this point, but you didn’t care.

“My dear, you are not a weapon as of yet. But when you step off this machine, you will be different. You will be better.” he said, squeezing your hand. You quickly pulled away from him.

“No.” you said, clenching your metal fist. You lunged for him, but the guards all pulled you back. “NO!” you screamed louder at him this time, but he didn’t even flinch, he just looked pissed off.

“Get her in the goddamn chair.” he mumbled to the guard currently holding you in a firm headlock. Fucking brilliant.

Before you could even say the words fucking hell what is going on, you were being wrestled into the chair and being secured down by the thick leather straps. One of the scientists standing by shoved a mouthpiece in your mouth, causing you to gag.

You tried to get out, you really did. You shook with all your might, twisted and turned, but you weren’t budging.

Well shit.

“Begin.” Dr Zola shouted a command to the scientists from the other side of the room.

The headpiece above you began whirring and sparking. You could hear buttons being pressed all around you. It began slowly lowering down towards you.

Be strong. Get through it for Bucky. Do it for Bucky.

The headpiece roughly dropped down to your head. You have never experienced anything so painful in your life. Blood curdling screams were being emitted from your mouth through your gritted teeth. You felt your memories begin to fade away. You tried to hold onto them as much as possible, but whatever they were doing to you it was working.

The day at the fair with Steve & Bucky when Bucky told you he was leaving for war.


The night you found Steve & met Bucky.


The moment you knew you loved Bucky.


The moment you knew he loved you too.


“солдат?” a man whispered to you.

“готовы соблюдать.” you responded.

You didn’t know who these people were, but you knew you had to protect them and comply to them.

“как вас зовут?” a man with glasses asked you.

“актив.” you replied.

You were emotionless. You felt nothing. You knew nothing. The only thing you knew was this was your home. You had to protect these people, and to do that you had to kill others.

“вы зимой солдат, любовь моя.” the man with glasses told you.

You nodded in response. You knew you were just getting started.

Translations: солдат? soldier?

готовы соблюдать. Ready to comply.

как вас зовут? What is your name?

актив. The asset.

вы зимой солдат, любовь моя. You are the winter soldier, my love.


I had this Yankee candle given to me by my boyfriend almost a year ago and it finally burnt out it’s wick. I love the smell and I didn’t want to throw it away so I decided to repurpose it. This is probably going to be the first of many jars to come.

Materials used:
-Yankee candle (strawberry lemonade scent)
-Anatomical cat skull model
-Faux flowers
-LED wire lights
-Rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst

DISCLAIMER: I am not an electrical engineer. I’m not 100% up to the math work behind LED’s and circuitry. This was just the way I was taught practical application by an engineer friend of mine.

Here’s a quick little wiring guide to how I test my LEDs. It is also the same order I use for wiring them.

The basic setup you’re looking at requires a continuous circuit loop. If the loop is broken, the power won’t go through it.

From the battery, you run a positive line to the resistor. The resistor is very important, as it downgrades the voltage from the battery so it doesn’t blow out the LED.

Then, you go from the resistor to the positive side of the LED. This is usually going to be the longer of the two prongs, with the shorter being the negative/output.
Then, you have a piece of wire that will run back to the battery to connect the loop.

You can add more LED’s to this by connecting a negative LED end to another positive end, up to the voltage of your battery (that’s usually where math starts to come into play).

When testing on a breadboard, you need to make sure the resistor, the LED, and the output wire are all in the same row, or you won’t get a light.

This setup for a test is the same circuit you’d use for wiring the LED.

If you want to test multiple LED’s at the same time, you can run a second resistor/LED/output from a positive line on the same vertical track as the positive battery line to the same vertical track as the negative line.

My loss is your gain... :|

Killed the LED in the LZ Panzer’s head while trying to solder the LED in the core into place…which means I had to dismantle the entire kit, cut all the wiring, and redo it. :|  The wiring is now more efficient (I only made one mistake this time) and the head and core light up.

What do you gain from this unfortunate use of my Sunday afternoon? A tutorial on how to wire LEDs to the head and core of a Liger Zero model.  Part 1 of that tutorial (placing the LEDs) will be posted this week.  Part 2 will be the battery pack and switch installation and will be posted in about 2 weeks.

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Hi Emma do you know any fics where Harry calls Louis "baby" or "baby boy?" Thank you!

This took me ages to actually answer this for you and I’m so sorry. I searched through my recs for Louis being called “baby” or “baby boy,” but I didn’t want to be misleading since some of them only have him called that once or twice. That’s why I divided this list into two - one is fics where Louis is called baby once or twice, and one is fics where Louis is called baby more frequently. Enjoy!

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Here’s some gifs of me programming Mangle! I got rotational servos instead of positional ones for the jaw & eye movement, so those need to be replaced before the Pico Talk’s programming will work properly. However, I can control the jaw & eye movement a little in programming mode! Those new servos are in the mail already (along with eye LEDs, plus buttons & wires for the soundboard), so those should get here super soon!

Once the new servos are installed I can work on finishings!

(ALL gifs are now resized & working, sorry about that!)


I just created my FB Cos page I’m going to deck out tomorrow!

But, to commemorate, here are some awesome shots my friend got of me!

I couldn’t be more thankful for my friend and photographer Sara because honestly wearing this was suffering and all the LED wiring was acting up so I wore him for a really short time. I even felt unmotivated to ever wear him again until I got these photos back.

This cosplay was made by the very talented AeRi! There were a few things I had to change and still have to fix, but she did a great job.


This is my “I’ve got 20 minutes before work and I’m shopping with my sister who doesn’t know I lift” baby haul. 😂
Got all this at TJ’s. And yes, I was hungry, so I was like “why not?”
super rad vintage notebooks: $4.99
Starlight LED Wire String Lights: $7.99x2
Contessa Sterling Silver Earrings: $19.99
Freakin de-lish gummy sharks: $2.99
Total: $43.95 w/o tax.
Did I need any of this stuff? Prolly f'in not. But I always feel like it’s a wasted stop if I don’t lift something. Like I missed a golden opportunity, ya feel? 😂

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Hey there! Do you guys know any stories where Steve and/or Bucky are super hypersexual due to the serum?? Preferably non-au. Thank you so much! Love everything you do for us!

ok heres what I found

From What by Moonrose001 (poly, 

Sex makes him feel more awake and aware in his body than ever, and he loves throbbing with the life it gives him.

A man with blond hair and transparent skin washes up on the Wakandan coast; he has no memories of who he is and where he is from.

I can do this all night by Farasha

Supersoldier stamina is good for more than just combat. Steve knew the serum had some unexpected side effects for him, but finding out Bucky’s alterations effected him the same way? Now that’s like Christmas come early.

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you (but I love it) by Rumy (eyefuckingstiel) 

“Afraid I might kick your ass, big guy?”

The idea is so incongruous that Steve lets out a loud, derisive snort before throwing a ‘you gotta be kidding me’ look at the man over his shoulder.

Satyriasis by Messiah for Phoenixfire (rape/noncon)

If only not getting hard was as easy as the mechanics of the arm. It was wires and metal, and as with all things concerning Bucky, Steve knew everything about it. How it worked, what it was made of, which wires led were and what parts needed to be swapped. Things would have been so much easier if putting his fingers inside Bucky’s arm to adjust a stubborn cable was as fun as putting them in Bucky’s ass.