led wheels

concept: segways on the finalizer. it’s a huge ship and you gotta go fast from A to B. 

all is well until hux adds a cup holder to his segway and by doing so provokes kylo to add red LED wheels to his. the battle begins. hux overrides the speed limit on his own unit just because he fucking can. kylo makes his segway hover with the force but tells hux it’s a secret technology he discovered. hux spends a few cycles tinkering and voilá, his segway fucking flies. 

kylo and him race down the corridors. it’s dangerous. phasma wants it to stop. it doesn’t stop. phasma demands it to stop. it stops. phasma unveils her brand new platinium segway with space!gps and an obnoxiously loud honk. kylo and hux call her a hypocrite and start racing again. 

Highway (Part 10: Finale)

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Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1,667

A/N: And this is it! We’ve followed the road and now we’re at the end. I’ve had a blast writing this series and the comments and reviews that I’ve received have been so inspirational and have kept me motivated! I appreciate that y’all have enjoyed this series so much and I hope y’all will hang around for my upcoming series!

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“You like that, doll?”

If you could talk, you would. But you found yourself temporarily incapable of speaking a single word as the deep-fried Oreo left your fingers covered in oils and left your throat coated in a warm mixture of butter and chocolate creme. After you downed the last bite of the fatty treat, you had to take a deep breath to compose yourself before looking at Bucky, “God, that should not exist but I’m so glad it does.”

“Ya liked it, huh? I can get ya another one?”

“Nah,” You shook your head at his offer, “You’ve gotten me more than enough food tonight, Bucky. I feel like I’m about ready to explode. You’ll have to hose my guts off the cement.”

At your comment, Bucky couldn’t help the playful grimace that crawled onto his face.

You leaned back further into the small bench that he’d found for the both of you to take a break and relax on. It was questionably small and dirty. The wood was sticky at some parts, and you were more than sure that there were piles of gum stuck to the bottom of the bench. But the soles of your feet were starting to ache and your tummy was starting to feel uncomfortably full. After recalling everything that Bucky had encouraged you to eat, you suddenly remembered watching him devour nearly every food option in the carnival.

“How are you not full?” You asked before looking up at him as he slung his arm over the back of the bench, “You easily ate half your weight in hot dogs and cotton candy tonight.”

“I’m a bottomless pit, I guess,” He shrugged nonchalantly with a crooked smile. He watched you for a few seconds longer before he craned his neck a bit and he looked forward at the rest of the carnival. While he watched with nostalgia as kids ran around with balloons, as rings were tossed over bottles, as the brightly lit carousel turned soothingly, you watched the lines of his neck tattoo shift with his flesh. “Think I used to eat much more when I was younger, believe it or not.”

Now that was new. “Really?”

“Really,” Bucky nodded with a small smile, “I was a, uh, a chubby kid growin’ up.”

“That…to be honest, I can’t really picture that,” You chuckled, giving him a short once-over. “You’re kinda,” You waved at his physique awkwardly.

“I know. Lots ‘o…discipline, doll.” He smiled and you could see the devilish twinkle coming to life in his blue eyes as he leaned in an inch closer. And you had no capacity to doubt his remark, his powerful and strong physique more than enough proof. Hell, if you looked hard enough, you would be more than able to find the exact slopes of his biceps through the fabric of his Henley.

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My Playlist for the Signs: Aries
  • 1: Asleep at the Wheel // Band of Skulls
  • 2: Can't Stop // Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 3: Do Me A Favour // Arctic Monkeys
  • 4: Heroes // David Bowie
  • 5: Honkey Tonk Women // The Rolling Stones
  • 6: I Can't Quit You Baby // Led Zeppelin
  • 7: Last Forever // Fenech-Soler
  • 8: Mind Over Matter // Young the Giant
  • 9: Rollercoaster // Bleachers
  • 10: Uma Thurman // Fall Out Boy
Watch on physicsstims.tumblr.com

Universe Wheel with LEDs: kinetic toy rotor rolls with magnetic connections to rails in the shape of a Möbius strip. A motor in the base rocks the structure keeping the rotor in motion continuously–on each pass the rotor flips and is either on the inside of the tracks or the outside. This toy is a fancy version of the Whee-Lo type toys featured in my previous post with physics of angular momentum, magnets, and rotational/translational kinetic energy.


FINALLY found this, thanks to some flow forums and discussion pages.  Classic, LED, and Fire Cyr Wheel.  One video, three badass versions of an already badass prop.



・Modulo front glile
・Modulo door handle cover
・antenna base
・Jazz &i VTEC emblem
and more

・Revier winker door mirror cover
・Revier DRL
・Revier LED taillamp
・Revier LED reflector
・TANABE SSR wheels VF-1R
・HKS center pipe
・FUJITUBO rear piece muffler
and more

・TAKEDA air intake
・BROX washer bolt
and more