led wheels

concept: segways on the finalizer. it’s a huge ship and you gotta go fast from A to B. 

all is well until hux adds a cup holder to his segway and by doing so provokes kylo to add red LED wheels to his. the battle begins. hux overrides the speed limit on his own unit just because he fucking can. kylo makes his segway hover with the force but tells hux it’s a secret technology he discovered. hux spends a few cycles tinkering and voilá, his segway fucking flies. 

kylo and him race down the corridors. it’s dangerous. phasma wants it to stop. it doesn’t stop. phasma demands it to stop. it stops. phasma unveils her brand new platinium segway with space!gps and an obnoxiously loud honk. kylo and hux call her a hypocrite and start racing again. 

My Playlist for the Signs: Aries
  • 1: Asleep at the Wheel // Band of Skulls
  • 2: Can't Stop // Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 3: Do Me A Favour // Arctic Monkeys
  • 4: Heroes // David Bowie
  • 5: Honkey Tonk Women // The Rolling Stones
  • 6: I Can't Quit You Baby // Led Zeppelin
  • 7: Last Forever // Fenech-Soler
  • 8: Mind Over Matter // Young the Giant
  • 9: Rollercoaster // Bleachers
  • 10: Uma Thurman // Fall Out Boy

FINALLY found this, thanks to some flow forums and discussion pages.  Classic, LED, and Fire Cyr Wheel.  One video, three badass versions of an already badass prop.


Universe Wheel with LEDs: kinetic toy rotor rolls with magnetic connections to rails in the shape of a Möbius strip. A motor in the base rocks the structure keeping the rotor in motion continuously–on each pass the rotor flips and is either on the inside of the tracks or the outside. This toy is a fancy version of the Whee-Lo type toys featured in my previous post with physics of angular momentum, magnets, and rotational/translational kinetic energy.



・Modulo front glile
・Modulo door handle cover
・antenna base
・Jazz &i VTEC emblem
and more

・Revier winker door mirror cover
・Revier DRL
・Revier LED taillamp
・Revier LED reflector
・TANABE SSR wheels VF-1R
・HKS center pipe
・FUJITUBO rear piece muffler
and more

・TAKEDA air intake
・BROX washer bolt
and more


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