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Time Heals All Wounds

What has occurred to me is that we had a death in the family today…a death of an idea, a belief–one that we were led to like sheep to slaughter.  I know there are many, many of you who are not where my head is, but I honestly believe that is what has happened today.  We need time to wrap our heads around this, we need time to feel sad and confused.  We need time to grieve.  

Denial - Noooo!  That did NOT just happen.

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Anger - WTF??

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Bargaining - Wait, maybe it is all for PR or privacy

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Depression - Wah!   How did we get here?

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Acceptance - You want me to believe you guys are not a couple? OK.  I’ll give you what you want because I just can’t rationalize today any other way.

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I’m not angry; I saw it coming and I’ve been preparing myself for a while.  I love all you ladies and I respect your views and feelings about today.  I’m here if anyone needs a hug…

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I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine (Lyrics)

and I’m always where the, sun don’t shine & tears don’t show,  wont hurt me now, cause hearts been broke, I , hate myself, but, it wont show, I ,constantly lose, all, my remorse

and its , 10 for wolf, and 3 for the shepard, and its, 1 for the sheep, who led by a leopard often, gave his perception as a handle of weapon, took a bite of your apple, give me all you can offer,

now, im trapped in a changing maze, setting my soul ablaze, couldn’t control the pace , where is this going hey, heartless is recklessness,  

its word of a pacifist to word of a massicist, im off of the map, my lord I spoke to a baphomet, he said he would save me if i gave him one thing he needed, what is this thing i pleaded, boy its the key to even,

and as I spoke my fangs hand shown, taken aback he smiles, and tells me, what you crave will soon be yours, but what I crave, is already mine, anima vestra

todpolle  asked:

What even is an social justice warrior? It sounds like a buzzword about something that doesn't exist.

A self-righteous, chronic virtue-signalling, whiny turdshit generally of the lefty/regressive lefty persuasion who holds the delusion that they’re a legitimate activist (Fact - They aren’t) rather than the truth that they’re easily-led sheep who fetishize minorities…for being minorities, talk down to minorities (Including disabled people), do immeasurable damage to real social justice and who deludedly and narcissistically imagine themselves to be heroes and revolutionaries.

They’re also hypocrites who often espouse racist, sexist and hateful rhetoric, hijack concepts such as equality and redefine them to suit their agenda, praise totalitarian dictators such as Castro (Because they’re left-wingers I guess?) and overall are aplogists for ideologies that at their core do violate their own sensibilities but “need” protection because evil westies question their ideology that is in violation of human rights and peace i.e Islam.

Favorite song right now.

And I’m always where the Sun don’t shine, the Tears don’t show, won’t Hurt me now ‘cause Heart’s been broke, I Hate myself but It won’t show, I Constantly lose all My remorse, and it’s Ten for the wolf and Three for the shepherd and it’s One for the sheep who Led by a leopard, often Gave his perception as a Handle of weapon, took a Bite of your apple, give me All you can offer, now I’m Trapped in a changing maze Setting my soul ablaze Couldn’t control the pace Where is this going? Hey Heartless is recklessness, it is Word of a pacifist to the Word of a masochist, I’m Off of the map, my Lord I Spoke to a baphomet, he Said he would save me if I Gave him one thing he needed What is this thing I pleaded? Boy, it’s the key to even Yeah And as I spoke my fangs were shown Taking aback the smiles, and tells me What you crave will soon be yours But what I crave is already mine Anima vestra Anima Anima vestra Anima
Where I stand in OL fandom

I want to make some things clear. 

1. My problem is with Intergalactic Wanker - that’s you Mr. Shatner, and IW only.

I see IW in the same category as Trump. Someone with way too much money and an audience willing to be led like sheep into making a total mockery out of things. They turn every situation, even very serious ones, into a crude and cruel joke and a marketing platform for their TV shows, books, hotels and golf courses.

2. Does that mean that I don’t wish Sam and his PR team handled the bullying better? Absolutely NOT. 

I do wish that and I hope that at some point they will handle things properly. The reason I say this is because even if we ignore IW, I don’t think his mockery and attacks on Shipper fans will end, he gets fed too much material by other members of the fandom. Ignoring is only one step:

  1. Ignore the bully. If you can, try your best to ignore the bully’s threats. …
  2. Stand up for yourself. Pretend to feel really brave and confident. …
  3. Don’t bully back. …
  4. Don’t show your feelings. …
  5. Tell an adult

Well, #5 is a moot point here…LOL

3. I will be here and on twitter though still shipping as usual.

I mean, why the hell not. I don’t see anything to make me think they don’t have some sort of relationship beyond just friendship. If they didn’t like the idea of people shipping them, they wouldn’t do all the shippery stuff they do. 

At least our cues come from Sam and Cait, not some idiot who flatters himself into thinking he knows…

Besides, I enjoy the show… so… this just makes it more fun…

4. I will continue to comment on here and Twitter about the general problem of IW- without including Sam, Cait or the show, they are separate.

Quite frankly, Sam is right, it is just a damned TV show. 

BUT my beef with IW has nothing to do with the show. The problem I have with IW is the same one I have with Trump and I am not sure I should let him get away with it. However, I don’t want to involve Sam, Cait or the show in what is in reality a much larger issue for me.


(½) “I had to leave the home that I’d spent thirty years building. One day I just had to close the doors, turn the key, and leave everything behind. I’m seventy-two. No one wants to leave home at my age. But I left because I have six sons, and I knew one day the soldiers would come for them. My sons weren’t political. They wanted nothing to do with killing, but that didn’t matter. Good people and bad people were all being treated the same way. I watched soldiers take away the neighbors’ boys with my own eyes. They were good boys. I’d known them their whole lives. But they were led away like sheep. They didn’t even speak up because if they opened their mouths they’d be shot. I knew it was only a matter of time before they came to our house. We left everything behind, but now my family is safe. So I am happy.”

(Amman, Jordan)


We have YouTube Friday in my Intro to Animal and Poultry Sciences class, and this was one of the videos they showed us.