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What do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not using my time to read, I usually help out the other Pokémon my trainer has, on whatever they may be in need.
Since I know how to read and can communicate through telepathy, sometimes I go out to run simple errands when my trainer is too tired to go himself.

However, staying dedicated to help others has its fun side.

When the grown-ups are too busy with training, I get to look for their children for a little while. It became something we do everyday now: story-telling time! I use my psychic powers to show them the marvelous stories I read about in the books.

The stories are from humans and about humans, sure, but I give it my own personal twist. We are Pokémon, so stories about amazing Pokémon inspires the children.
The last one I told them was a story about a very old Jolteon whose dying wish was to fulfill his dream of becoming an Umbreon and go to the moon.

You don’t need to be a child to join in, though! If one has even a little bit of interest, they’ll be always welcome to listen. It’s something very tiring to do, but my reward is seeing their eyes shining bright. To see their excitement on discussing what they think will happen next before going to bed.

It… soothes my heart. And I can feel a little of meaning in being me, the way I chose to be. ´w`



There’s actually a lot of peer-reviewed and published articles on asexuality and a lot of it is really validating, it’s great.


A long winded reflection on Harry and Co.

Story time, when I was little I was obsessed with magic. Watched all the old Sabrina the Teenaged Witch and the animated version, Winx Club, Halloweentown, Twitches, etc. If it had magic or the supernatural/paranormal I was all for it. A couple times my mom tried to get me into Harry Potter because she knew it was popular and about magic but Disney Channel would only ever show Chamber of Secrets and the basilisk would freak me out all the time because naturally that was the only part I ever found playing. Fast forward a few years and I’ve pretty much exhausted the fantasy books at my elementary school library and was being pressed even more to read Potter by my mom. I’ve always been a big reader and it seemed the next logical step. However, I kept coming back to my memories of hiding behind the chair in our living room while Harry fought with the basilisk on tv and so I would ardently refuse.

Now the summer before fourth grade I attended Girl Scout camp for the very first time. Another program running that week was Harry Potter themed and as one of the all camps we went on a scavenger hunt for councilors dressed as the different characters. Good characters earned you points while bad characters lost them, the more important the character (Hermione, Ron, and most importantly Harry) the more points. There were also dementors who would catch you and impede your progress. Seven year old me had an absolute blast with this and suddenly wanted to learn so much more.

I got home from camp and as fate would have it ABC Family was (of course) running Harry Potter Weekend. I watched the first three movies and fell in love, wanting desperately to know what happened next. As soon as school started I marched to the library and checked out Goblet of Fire. That book (and later others) earned me a long held reputation as that girl who lugged around giant books for fun. I read as much as I could in the time I had it checked out, skipping a whole chapter (the one in which Hermione has Skeeter confess) just so I could know how it ended and return it by the due date.

If it wasn’t already obvious I read the books all out of order, but I knew to wait on the seventh. As soon as I had read the other six we called a family friend who had been very into Harry Potter when I was younger, as she was a few years older, and asked if she had the seventh book and if I could borrow it because the school library didn’t have it. I still remember jumping out of the car to run to their front door and take it from her with a smile on my face and a promise to take good care of it.

Deathly Hallows is my favorite of the seven but it took me longer to get through it than any other book. This was because I got to the Malfoy Manor chapter and just stopped, too afraid for the fate of the characters to continue. It sat untouched in a corner of my room for a month and a half. Eventually I plucked up the courage and finished it. That Christmas my Grammy bought me the entire series through a book order, inadvertently ruining the surprise because my fifth grade teacher had to tell me that an entire box was for me and it was too heavy to take on the bus home. To this day they’re one of my most cherished possessions and a fond reminder of my Grammy.

Since reading Potter and acquiring my own set I’ve gained Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a pop up book, a book about the making of the movies, all eight films, Luna’s wand, and a Gryffindor scarf. Plus my pride and joy, a movie poster for Deathly Hallows Part 1 I bought from the local theater and my mom had framed for me. Suffice to say all this and my various other posters and t-shirts easily made Harry Potter my first fandom.

More than that though, it’s shaped who I am. I went back to summer camp that next year just to go to the Harry Potter program, having so much fun that Girl Scout camp became a yearly thing for me and the friendships and experiences I gained there still effect me today. Including a girl who I became friends with and was really into Teen Titans and Young Justice. Her talking about the shows reminded me how much I loved Teen Titans as a kid and got me into comics. For a while as a kid I didn’t want to read anything that wasn’t remotely like Harry Potter and was ridiculously adamant about it. A friend who also liked Potter suggested the Percy Jackson books, saying they were like the American Harry and co, and allowed me to borrow them. Obviously I fell in love. From there I became engrossed in fantasy, and particularly urban fantasy, books. You can see much of their influence on my blog and all that reading certainly influenced the way I write, making writing a career I hope to have because of it. My love of the series and passion for it has caused friends to read it, just to know what I was talking about, and caused more than one of my friendships to become even better thanks to a shared love of it.

While I may be a year younger than eleven year old Harry’s first adventure it still has an effect on me. I’ve literally never lived in a world without Harry Potter and hopefully never will. It’s so much more than just a book, as all true stories are. For me it was a gateway to a larger world of adventures and heroes. So thanks JK Rowling, for giving that to me and all the other wonderful stories and adventures I’ve discovered and had along the way.

Happy New Year!

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