led lipgloss


Spring 2014 Colors from the Make Up Store!

Every quarter, Make Up Store comes out with three collections. Yes, three. But here are a few of the key pieces from all the collections. Not one of the specific three. But some of these are the most beautiful.

The best items are the marbled microshadow Blue Venato and Watermelon lipstick. 

Pink-based corals are the “it” shade in Asia right now, so a shade like Watermelon is totally on point. 

There’s also a pretty LED gloss called Elegance, which is a nude shimmer.

A note on LED lipglosses:

Let’s be honest. Aside from the pretty color, I don’t think there is really any special reason to ever choose an LED gloss over a regular one. And there’s certainly no reason to PAY more for a little bit of gimmicky light when it’s going to be pointless 90% of the time.