led hed


Frederick remained where he was when she passed, letting the door close gently behind him as he stepped beside her. “Then we will double your training. It is an important task for the Shepherds. Protecting people is what we do.” Frederick responded, looking over at her as they walked.

A secret letter? The knight was hesitant. “I will need to read over your letter. Also, you must take extra care to ensure it arrives to the appropriate receiver. Should your father find it…Ylisse could face potential destruction.” Frederick seethed, not wishing to think about the deaths of everyone he cared about.

The Ylissean led hed to a staircase and eyed her warily. “Will you require assistance walking up these stairs? I’ve noticed your unique…ability to fall. The library is just up these stairs and down the hall to the left.” Would she require assistance? Was he holding so little faith in her because of his…jealousy? Certainly not…right?

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