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Summary: You’re a close friend of Tony Stark (and Bruce Banner’s niece) who manages to capture the attention of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

You shot up straight, gasping as you pulled off your lab goggles.

Your sudden action had caught the attention of Bruce Banner, who looked over at you with widened eyes. “What? What happened?”

You giggled, giddy with excitement. “I did it,” you whispered, bouncing on your lab stool as you made sure all your equipment was in its proper place.

“You did it?” Bruce asked, perking up.

You nodded your head vigourously, jumping off your stool. “I did it! Oh my god I have to tell Tony!”

You stumbled out of the lab, sprinting down the stairs as you ignored F.R.I.D.A.Y. telling you to use caution. Bruce simply looked after you, chuckling slightly.

“Alright Underoos,” Tony spoke. “You’re going to start training. Now I know you’re still not a real Avenger but…”

Peter stopped paying attention to Tony as he heard a faint voice yelling out ‘Tony! Tony! Tony!’.

Tony either didn’t hear the voice or chose to ignore it, continuing to speak to Peter as he gesticulated with his hands.

“Tony! Tony!”

The voice was louder now, and Peter found himself flinching as a mass of white and (H/C) tackled Tony.

Tony stopped midsentence, his face breaking out into a huge smile as he ruffled your hair. “Hey kiddo. What’s up?”

A huge grin spread across your face and Peter knew in that moment that he was a goner. And he didn’t even know your name yet.

“Tony,” you spoke softly. “I did it!”

Peter was blatantly staring at you, mesmerized by the way your eyes lit up as you spoke to Tony about what you had done, bouncing up and down on your heels in excitement.

“Did what?” Tony asked, confused.

You squealed slightly and Peter swore that it was the most adorable thing he had ever witnessed.

“I did it Tony! I found a way to recreate Vibranium using a sample from Steve’s shield!” You whispered, smiling even wider as Tony’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Kid that’s amazing!” Tony exclaimed, picking you up and hugging you. “How did you get it done so quickly?”

Peter stepped back and cleared his throat, feeling a bit out of place as he observed the interaction.

Tony put you down and placed his hand on your shoulder as he spun you around to face Peter. “Underoos, this is (Y/N). (Y/N), this is Underoos.”

Peter chuckled nervously as he held his hand out. “Uh, Peter will do just fine.”

You placed your hand in his and shook it, smiling softly at him. Peter could only think of the way your hand fit perfectly with his.

“Are you two related?” Peter questioned, pulling his hand back after realizing that he had been shaking yours for quite a while.

You and Tony exchanged looks before snorting and laughing. “No,” Tony spoke. “(Y/N) is actually Bruce’s niece.“

You nodded along. “But I seemed to be pretty smart so Tony took me under his wing.”

“Kid you’re a genius! With Bruce as your guardian and me as your role model-” you snorted at that, “-it’s no surprise that you’re my protégée.”

Peter whined involuntarily, causing you to giggle. Tony stopped talking and looked at him. “I thought I was your protégé!”

“Sorry Underoos. She’s been around a lot longer than you.”

All of a sudden, your eyes widened. “Wait, Peter? As in Parker?”

Peter nodded.

“You’re Spider-Man,” you whispered, staring at him in awe. Peter felt his face flush.

You proceeded to shake your head before grinning once more. “So how’s the new suit treating you?”

Peter sputtered for a moment. “The suit? It’s great!”

Tony smiled smugly. “I’m glad you like it kid. (Y/N) made it.”

Peter’s jaw dropped at his words. “You made it?”

Tony laughed loudly. “Well, I designed it but she put it all together. The web wings were her idea however.”

Peter hadn’t stopped staring at you. “You made my suit? That’s amazing.”

You looked up at him, eyes sparkling at his words. “Is Karen helpful? I spent hours making sure I programmed her properly.”

Peter nodded absentmindedly as you practically glowed with pride, not noticing the way Tony was looking down at the both of you fondly, a knowing look in his eye.

“So kid,” Tony said. You looked up from your book and smiled at him. “Can I ask you for a favor?”

You nodded you head and closed your book, placing it on the table before swinging your legs onto the couch and sitting criss-cross-applesauce. You patted the space next to you, motioning for Tony to join you.

“You’re smart. Really smart. But you’re also a teenager. Bruce and I were thinking that maybe you should go to school,” he said. “So you can have that ‘normal teenage’ experience.”

You sighed softly and leaned forwards slightly, a smirk on your face as you stared Tony down. “You want me to keep an eye on Peter don’t you?”

“I want you to keep an eye on Peter,” Tony grumbled in agreement.

You nodded once more and got up. “Just tell me when and where.”

You kept your head down as you walked into the Midtown School of Science and Technology (est. 1962), not wanting to draw attention to yourself.

You successfully made your way into the office without running into anyone and gathered your schedule, locker information, and a school map before being informed that you had been assigned a tour guide.

You turned around when a voice spoke your name.

“Are you (Y/N) (L/N)?”

Standing in front of you was a boy about your age, leaning casually against the doorframe as he tapped his foot to some unknown beat.

You nodded slightly, causing the boy to smile as he stepped forwards.

“Flash Thompson,” he spoke, extending his hand. “I’ll be showing you around for today.”

You shook his hand, chuckling slightly. “Well you already know my name but nice to meet you.”

Flash led you to your locker when a familiar looking boy approached.

“(Y/N)?” Peter questioned.

“Peter, hey,” you greeted him, throwing your arms around him and pulling him in close. Peter awkwardly wrapped his arm around you as Flash stared in surprise.

“W-what are you doing here?” Peter stuttered.

“Tony sent me. Decided it was time for me to leave Stark Industries and lead a normal life.”

“Tony Stark?” Flash questioned.

You nodded. “Yep. Peter is part of the internship but I’m his apprentice.”

The bell had rung, signaling the end of the day. You sighed in relief, finally being able to leave after a day of Flash’s endless questioning about Tony Stark and the Avengers.

You smiled when you saw Peter fall into step with you.

“Hey are you going to the tower?” You asked. Peter nodded.

“Do you uh, do you mind if I walk with you?”

“Not at all,” you shook your head, smiling.

The walk was silent but peaceful, your hands brushing occasionally and causing you both to blush.

“Well this is me,” you finally spoke once the elevator had gone up to the R&D lab.

You walked out only to feel yourself bring pulled back. You crashed into Peter’s chest, a gasp escaping your lips.

“I-i’m sorry,” Peter said. “But I had to ask before you left. Would you ever go o-out with m-me?”

You smiled softly, your heart beating a million miles per second.

“Pick me up Friday at seven Spider-Man,” you responded, leaning up and placing a kiss on Peter’s cheek before leaving the elevator, leaving behind a blushing mess.

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Aaaand that finishes my vacation week’s worth of drabbles. I will be back to full length fics soon and I hope y'all enjoyed!!

Surprise Gift // Logan Paul

Summary: The main reason of how you meet your fiancé Logan Paul was directly caused by the Why Don’t We boys and so for your first dance as a married couple he surprises you. The boys perform the song that brought you together and he explains how it happened.

Characters: Reader x Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Pam Paul, Greg Paul, Ayla Woodruff, Mark Dohner, and the Why Don’t We boys.

Words: 1920

Disclaimer: I do not own and images, gifs, songs, videos or the characters protrayed in this. Nor have I ever with previous fics.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff and Jake Paul (yes that’s a warning cuz he can be a hella rude ass)

Requested: Yes. Anonymous

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This could quite frankly be the worse writing I’ve done so far. I love the idea but I’m sad it’s shitty.


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If you had thought you would be marrying a well known YouTuber you would have laughed, you would have been laughing hysterically if you had been told it would be Logan Paul. He was one of the least serious guys you had ever known but at the same time he was the most serious guy. It was a strange piece of information that even after years of dating you couldn’t get used to it.

“Babe? Do you know where my charger is?” Logan yelled from the kitchen.

“You haven’t unpacked from the trip to Ohio so I would say it’s in the bag somewhere.” You called back from the open planner in front of you.

For the last five months you had been pouring yourself into planning the wedding with the help of Pam of course. This weekend however she was spending time with her other son Jake given that he hadn’t been able to make it to Ohio is the last two months.

“Oh thanks!” He called back as he came into the room, “Oh wedding planning.”

“We are not using your purple car as the centre piece. You pushed your luck when you used it as the centre piece at the engagement party.” You said pointing your pencil at your fiancé’s face.

“That was cool! It symbolized the Logang!” He groaned.

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Marvel AU: After absorbing the Aether, Doctor Jane Foster finds herself in Asgard, where she meets the Lady Sif again. Despite the trying circumstances and the differences between them, they soon bond over their mutual struggles and strike up a friendship that begins to transform into something else as they spend more time together. Once Jane learns of the Aether’s true nature, she joins forces with Sif in a journey to rid herself of the gem and save the universe from the Dark Elves.

Things That Could Happen at the BBMAs

- They rock new hair colors
- They all wear tight shorts
- Tony shows up to give their introduction speech
- Rapmon breaks the award
- V instinctively dabs during Drake’s performance, all cameras are set to him during the entire evening
- Jungkook chokes on his drink as Justin Bieber enters the stage, goes viral instantly, gets meet & greet later
- Hobi snatches a selca with Bruno Mars, both improvise a dance
- Some reporter misunderstands “naega”
- Jin’s flying kiss becomes Twitter famous, BTS is never the same again
- Jimin gives an interview in English and introduces himself as Christian Chimchim
- V and Hobi get acting offers by a Hollywood producer after being reaction kings
- Yoongi is forced to twerk during Nicki Minaj’s performance by the hyungs
- Bangtan’s stylist makes Jungkook go sleeveless, photos break the Internet
- Someone has an AHL flashback
- One interviewer doesn’t know Annyeonghaseyo :/
- MPD is with them
- ARMYs show up at the red carpet with a “Fire” flash mob, led by Charlie Puth
- V makes friends with Miley Cyrus and Cher
- BTS_twt follows 30 new people the day after
- they make a surprise performance with BST after last-minute rehearsals and Jimin dances the entire thing blindfolded

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a weird thing on my college campus... there was this guy who we called the techno bus driver. he drove one of the campus buses, on the usual scheduled route, but inside were flashing LED lights. he was always dressed in a weird outfit and his bus was always playing techno music. although many people are seen on this bus, i never knew anyone who rode it. he disappeared my sophomore year, apparently dismissed from his job. however, reading about EU made me wonder if he was Gentry...

Yes. Yes absolutely without question he was.

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"leave the first sentence of a fic" The first thing Marinette felt was, not pain, but anger, which was absurd considering she'd just been shot.

The first thing Marinette felt was, not pain, but anger, which was absurd considering she’d just been shot.

Shot by a camera, that is.

She hadn’t expected to have so many photos taken of her and Chat Noir that day; especially not pictures of the both of them caught with their lips brushing ever so slightly on a rooftop where they’d thought they could have a moment of privacy.

“Hey!” Ladybug gasped, leaping away from Chat Noir as a small group of reporters burst through the door that led to the roof. Flashes of white light momentarily blinded her, and the sounds of a plethora of pictures being snapped only made the anger bubble hot within her stomach—along with a burning embarrassment that turned her cheeks as red as her suit. “You can’t just interrupt a private moment like that!”

Behind her Chat Noir groaned, his voice nothing more than a disappointed mumble. “You guys interrupted my first kiss.”

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Tony Stark x Fem!Reader

Length: 1253 words

Warnings: mentions of sex, female pronouns, mentions of contraceptives, swears

“P-Pregnant? You?” Tony Stark, the self-proclaimed genius and well-known billionaire, stuttered out. His girlfriend, Y/N Y/L, smirked as he awkwardly began to ramble on, “Y-You’re pregnant? As in, you’re with child? A baby?” His hand was nervously twiddling with the tumbler, something he seldom did.

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Stimming, Access and Consent

This is something I’ve mentioned a lot at various times, but it’s popped up this week through conversations with my doctor, researching migraine triggers, yesterday’s post on the Version 2 Fidget Cube knock-off and this post on clashing access needs in which @stimful-gifts mentioned this blog.

Since I’ve been wanting to write a proper post on this for a very long time now, I’m taking this as a sign from the universe to let the inbox wait a while longer.

My thesis is this: stim toys change our immediate environment. To direct our movement, provide distraction or enable focus, they offer up something we can touch, feel, smell, move, taste, chew, manipulate, watch or hear, often in varying combinations. Some toys only impact our immediate environment; some toys impact a much larger space, including the space occupied by other people.

Stim toys wouldn’t work if they didn’t change our environment in some way.

Abled, neurotypical culture works on the idea that certain types of environmental change are acceptable, based on ableist assumptions of what humans can tolerate. Playing pop music, for example, is generally assumed acceptable in supermarkets and shopping centres. Perfume is also considered acceptable when one is out in public.

We have this idea that if something fits that unquestioned category of acceptable environmental change, we don’t need to ask permission to make that change in a shared space. The problem comes when people have needs that don’t match that category of “acceptable” - both the environmental access needs of ND and disabled people but also the needs of people who just don’t want to hear pop music while buying a loaf of bread. Even for able-bodied NTs, this system of assumption over seeking consent is unfair and needs to be dismantled.

It is natural to not question the changes stim toys make on the environment around us. Even we, folks who most often have significant environmental access needs (including the need to stim), are quick to disregard needs we don’t have if it falls into that intuitive, unquestioned, ableist category of “acceptable environmental change”. We’re trained from birth to evaluate everything this way, so of course we don’t think about it.

I’m autistic with the SPD fun package deal. This week my doctor gave me the additional word “migraine” in an effort to explain why I react so badly to so many things: chemicals, petrol, perfume, varnishes, movement, flickering, bright lights, loud noises, sharp noises, the glow of the computer screen. I get headaches, dizziness, vertigo, partial seizures. Your hands tapping on your phone screen will distress me. Your perfume and flashing lights will put me to bed. Your clicking will make me scream and snap. Clicking toys, noisy toys, rattling toys, toys with flashing lights, LED spinners, toys scented with artificial fragrance/perfume, toys with chemical odours, toys that have a lot of flickering movements - these will make me distressed, uncomfortable, ill or unable to stand. If these things happen in a space where I am already compromised (on a train where I’m dealing with motion sickness, or in a noisy/crowded space) it’s even more disabling.

There are a great many stim toys and bodily stims that will make me unable to be a comfortable participant in any given shared environment. (There’s even more objects that aren’t stim toys or bodily stims that do the same, although I’d argue that many of these are pretty stimmy, just more culturally acceptable. Perfume, for example.) There are a great many of my own stim toys and bodily stims that will make someone else an uncomfortable participant in any given shared environment.

As stimmers, we need to be aware of the changes our toys make to any given space and have active communication with other folks in that space. We need to seek their permission to change it. There is a very big difference between a person not wanting to go outside with someone using a chewable because they’re chewing (ableism) and a person who can’t bear the slurping sounds made by the chewer (conflicting access needs), and we need to be conscious of that difference and be willing to discuss alternatives.

(Sometimes there are no alternatives. Sometimes the only option is for the people impacted to be in two or more different spaces. That’s frustrating and unfair, but it’s also the reality of disability and conflicting access needs.)

If your toy changes the environment, you should get the consent of all the other people who occupy that environment before using that toy in a shared space. (Remember that your own private space is great for all these toys, and you have every right to use them when there is nobody else impacted by them.) We must start a culture of being aware of the changes our toys make and having discussions about using them. We need to empower ourselves with a broad stim kit so that we have options if one toy bothers someone in a space we’re sharing.

I actively encourage everyone to have as many different sorts of toys as is possible (aside from it being good practice for physical injury concerns) and even different variations of the same types of toy, as that increases the likelihood of finding something people around you can tolerate and decreases your frustration at having to take up a toy that doesn’t fill your needs of that moment. A chewable that makes fewer or quieter slurping sounds, for example, to swap for the one that bothers someone else, even if it isn’t your favourite chew pendant.

Safety and access requirements we need to consider in our toys include:

  • Is it made from something that might provoke an allergic response, like rubber or latex?
  • Does it contain a fragrance? Is that fragrance artificial (perfume) or natural (essential oils)? Does it have a chemical odour or contain chemicals that can be inhaled or smelt? Does it have a flavour that causes a scent?
  • Does it make a noise? Is that noise quiet or loud? Is it constant, like white noise, or periodic? Does it change in volume or intensity? Is it sharp and abrupt, like a click? Does it rattle?
  • Does it have any movement? Is that movement flashing, flickering or quick? Can that movement be distracting? Does the toy make you move? Are your movements repetitive or subtle, flickering or flashing, slow or quick?
  • Does it light up? Does the light flash or change in intensity? Does it change colour? Does it change gradually or abruptly?
  • Does it have a texture to which someone else might be exposed?

If the answer to any of those things is yes, we need to make sure that the people around us consent to that change in the environment they’re sharing with us.

For me, toys with flashing and LED lights (fidget spinners), artificial fragrances (anything not essential oils) and loud, sharp clicks are especially unsafe. Others will find latex to be dangerous. There’ll be other things I’ve left off the above list through my own lack of experience!

I’m not saying we can’t or shouldn’t use those toys. I’m just saying that if there’s any chance they’ll impact others in a shared space, we should ask. Ask your teacher or boss if anyone has any allergies, if it isn’t safe to ask your peers. Ask the people sitting next to you if they mind the click of your Tangle. It doesn’t matter if these people are ND/disabled or NT/able-bodied. We’re acknowledging that our toys can and do change the space in which they’re used and finding out if that change is going to be a concern for anyone.

(And if we can’t ask for consent, which is true of many very public places, we seek out the most low-impact toys we have in our kits: quiet, no scent, low movement, no lights or flashing, no rubber or latex. Toys like LED-light spinners are dangerous and shouldn’t be used in a public space, ever, unless everyone in that space has consented to it - and consented freely without pressure.)

By actively asking people ourselves, by not making people wait to request that we stop an annoying or difficult-to-experience stim, we’re building a culture where we’re all able to discuss more freely one’s sensory needs, where asking someone else will result in less frustration and aggression. By actively building a varied stim kit, we’re making it so a stimmer doesn’t feel they have to stop stimming - just change to a different toy, as it is incredibly important that we have the right to stim! By having conversations and giving ourselves choices, we’re creating a world where seeking consent for creating any kind of environmental change becomes a norm, and that can only help and empower ND and disabled people, regardless of whether we stim.

I need a world where people think to ask me before jingling pocket coins, stop playing with LED spinners in public or spraying perfume in a space I occupy. The road to building that, I think, starts by our showing people that the right thing to do is seek consent for those changes. It starts by my treating others how I wish to be treated. It starts by doing away with the idea that we can ever assume something won’t bother someone else and start instead assuming that something might.

TL;DR: many stim toys introduce change into the environment that impacts the people around us. As people who have sensory difficulties ourselves, and need that understanding from others, we need to be mindful of how others experience our stimming. We need to start a practice of seeking their consent to that change in spaces we’re sharing with others, regardless of whether they are ND/disabled or NT/able-bodied.

- Mod K.A.

Don’t Let Me Go Pt.2

Warnings; sad spencer, violence, mentions of blood and wounds, cursing, angst and sad fluff at the end


SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!!! I had a messy day and I start school tomorrow again so I decided to get this out quick before I had to go back. Anyways, here is the much requested part two ! I hope you all enjoy it and it lives up to expectations :’) much love <33333 (sorry for any mistakes !!)

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Spencer walked into the sheriff’s department with JJ following closely behind. It was chaotic as everyone rushed around and phones rang within seconds of each other.

“What did we miss?” JJ asks as a frowning Hotch comes towards them. “Was there another murder?”

“Not yet,” Hotch sighs. “The unsub totaled Morgan and Y/N’s squad car. He took her.”

For the first time that day, the mention of Y/N’s name sparked full attention in Spencer. JJ looks over at him as tears begin to pool in his eyes.

“H-Have you guys found them?” Spencer asks worriedly.

“We’re working on it,” Hotch says sympathetically. “Fortunately, Y/N has her phone on her and we’re hoping Garcia can trace it.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Spencer begins wracking his brain with solutions and thoughts on how he could save the love of his life, but he kept coming up empty.

“I’m sorry, Reid,” Hotch shakes his head, “but there is nothing we can do right now except to wait on Garcia.”

JJ frowned as she put a hand on his shoulder in a small attempt to get him to calm down.

“She’s going to be okay, you know that right?” JJ says and Spencer shakes his head.

“I-I don’t know,” Spencer sputters out. “Before you called, we had gotten into an argument and I kind of left things unresolved. I know how she is and I know she gets really drained when I ignore her the way I do, and I don’t know why I do that to her when I know it hurts her. What if when she wakes up, she won’t have the energy to defend herself because of me.”

“Spencer, look at me,” JJ puts her hands on Spencer’s shaking arms and makes him face her way. “Y/N is a trained agent and an exceptional profiler, she knows what to do and how to survive. If anything were to slow her down, my guess is that it would be to any injuries she got in the crash.”

Spencer tries to blink away the tears, but they keep coming right back up.

“Excuse me,” he mutters as he tears himself away from JJ’s grip and hurries outside of the building.

His mind was racing with the endless possibilities of how you could be hurt or how long you have to live. On top of being kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer, you also had unattended injuries that were bleeding out and being exposed to bacterias.

As Spencer stood outside, kicking rocks on the ground, tears falling down his face, and a heavy weight on his chest, he noticed a police car pull up to the sheriff’s department. Morgan quickly jumped out of the passenger side of the car, his left arm in a sling and a bandage on his cheek bone that was adorned with smaller cuts around it.

Derek looked around the parking lot and frowned deeply when his eyes landed on the broken genius by the curb.

“Reid!” Morgan calls and scuffles towards him.

“How did it happen?” Spencer gulps as he looks at Morgan with a small disappointment, somewhat blaming this whole thing on him. Morgan sighs and gives him an ‘are you sure?’ look and Spencer nods.

“We were on our way to the coroner’s and at a stoplight, Y/N noticed a car that fit the one we had for the unsub. At first, I thought she was crazy because it was gone before I noticed it, but then it hit us.”

“Where did it hit?”

“Once in the back, twice on her side,” Morgan looks down in sadness. “I tried getting us out of there. When I woke up, I saw them. She put up a hell of a fight with all those wounds-”

“Shut up!” Spencer snaps as he presses his hands to his ears. Dismay fell over him at the details of Derek’s explanation.

“Kid, I promise you we will get this son of a bitch,” Morgan assures him. “I got his plate numbers and we’ll be at his house soon.”

As if it were on cue, Emily stepped out of the building with JJ, Rossi, and Hotch following behind.

“Guys, we’ve got an address,” Emily announces to the two men. “If we wanna save Y/N, we have to go now.”


Your eyes began to adjust in the dimly lit room,  and then your body followed. You tried to get up or move only to realize that you were strapped to a chair. The second you moved a limb, a sharp pain struck you in the stomach and thigh causing you to let out a scream.

Panic begin to set in as you remembered the events that led you here. Flashes of glass shattering, the world spinning, and a pair of black boots clouded your thoughts.

“Ah, you’re awake.”

Speaking of the devil.

A dirty looking, drug abusing man came out from the shadows. The closer he stepped towards you, the more you could smell the must and alcohol radiating off of him.

“Please don’t hurt me,” You yelp. “I guarantee you that when you’re caught, and you will be, you will not get special treatment. Especially when you’re charged with the murder of an agent.”

“I’m not going to get caught, darling,” he snickers as he reaches forward to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You moved your head away the second his skin came in contact with yours. Angry with your reaction, he wraps a hand behind your neck and pushes your head towards him. “I’ve been killing women like you for years. Dozens. Even if they were to catch me, they have no evidence. I’ve made sure of that. So what makes you think they’ll catch me? You’ll be dead before you could speak.”

“Because you were messy with my capture,” you chuckle slightly. “You rammed into a government vehicle, leaving the imprint of your truck all over it. My partner woke up before you took me meaning he probably wrote down your license plate. And honestly, if you were as smart as you made yourself out to be - you would have patted me down to remove any technology on me. I’m surprised you didn’t notice, but I’ve had my unit chief on the phone and I’ve been stalking my so-called death by distracting you with a conversation.”

“You bitch,” he sneers.

“A man’s ego will often get the best of him,” you tease. The sound of sirens coming from every direction of the house caused your heart to flutter with hope. You knew they would save you.

The unsub let out a growl as he turned your chair around to undo the ropes around your arms and legs.

“Good thing I injured you pretty bad,” he comments. “Or else you’d be fighting back by now.”

He pulled you up from the chair and a pain filled yelp left your throat as your muscles contracted under your wounds.

“FBI!” Hotch broke through the door, letting a ray of sunshine into the room followed by someone equivalent to that. A very scared Spencer entered the room, his eyes scanning over the situation and you.

“Daniel, we know why you’re doing this,” Spencer began.

“You don’t know anything,” the unsub, Daniel, spits. You feel a cool metal being pressed against your temple and you momentarily feel your heart speed up.

“Yes, I do,” Spencer begins to panic. “Someone who looks a lot like Y/N, broke your heart. Kate was the love of your life, and she just cheated on you like you meant nothing.”

“Shut up,” Daniel yells. The gun began to dig deeper into your skin as Daniel got angrier.

“Spencer,” you cry out as Daniel tightens the headlock you’re in.

“Oh I see what’s going on here,” Daniel laughs sinisterly. “She’s your girl?”

Spencer said nothing as he watched you with a pained expression as you struggle in the man’s grip.

“Daniel, we have the house surrounded,” Hotch warns. “If you do anything to harm her, you will be shot down.”

“Does this count as harming her?” He questions as he turns his head towards you and begins kissing your cheek.

“Stop!” You yell as you elbow him in the stomach. For a split second, your out of Daniel’s grip - and a second is all it takes for everything to go downhill. You watch as a rage overtakes his features, you messed up. You triggered him by rejecting him and that’s all that took him to turn him into a loose cannon. The gun in his hand was pointed towards you and as you heard Spencer’s yells, the room filled with the sound of three triggers being pulled and bullets being released. One came in contact with your chest, and the other two struck Daniel in the torso.

Everything sounded muffled and nothing looked clear as you let your head hit the ground. The black spots in your vision began appearing, but before everything went completely dark, you watched a broken Spencer fall to the ground beside you and gather you up in his arms. You couldn’t feel it, but you felt the flutter in your heart every time he was near - and then there’s nothing.


Spencer sat in the cold and uncomfortable chair right beside your bed. His leg was jumping in all sorts of directions and his head was buried in his hands.

A punctured lung, a burst appendix, and a deep wound in your thigh.

Spencer had tried convincing himself for the past two weeks that he sat in this hospital that you were going to be okay, but his mind kept telling him that you wouldn’t.

People came and go. Your room was filled with balloons, stuffed animals, and cards written in love. Spencer had been there since you arrived. Sitting by your bedside, praying to anything that would keep you alive.

A very sad JJ walked into the room with Derek following behind.

“Spencer, you know she wouldn’t want you killing yourself over here,” JJ suggests sadly, “why don’t you go home and rest.”

“No, I’m not leaving,” Spencer quickly interjects.

“You’ve been here every day, kid,” Morgan frowns. “You haven’t eaten, hell I don’t think you’ve slept.”

The two agents worried for their friend’s health. His eyes were rimmed with red, decorated with the dark purple bags sitting under his eyes. His cheek bones were much more prominent and his cheeks were hollowed and spiked with scruff.

“I don’t want to leave her,” Spencer cries.

“I know,” JJ wipes away a tear of her own before walking over to the hunched over man and placing a hand on his cheek in a comforting way. “She’s been like this for too long, Spence. I  know this sounds horrible, but she’s suffering and maybe if we find the strength to let her go, then maybe she can finally be in peace.”

“No, no,” Spencer lets his head fall onto the bed, his hand reaching over to interlock with yours. “I can’t.”

“We’ll leave you to it,” Morgan adds quietly.

When JJ and Morgan are fully out of the room, Spencer takes the time to try and compose himself for you. He looks up at your face, covered in bruises and small cuts.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” he begins tearfully. “I’m sorry that you’re on life support. I’m sorry that I let the unsub get you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you in time. I’m sorry that I’m so selfish that I can’t let you go. But most of all, I’m sorry that I didn’t fix us before you ended up like this.”

Spencer looked down at the white bed sheets where your hand and his lied, entwined with each other. He brings the pair to his forehead and closes his eyes.

“But I have to do right by you,” he sniffles. “If you want me to let you go, I will. But please, of you’re somewhere in there and you can somehow hear me, give me a sign. Give me a sign, and I promise I will never ignore you the way I did, ever again. I promise you will spend every day, loved. Please, Y/N, give me something. I love you.”

Little did he know, that his words of courage spoke to the empty void you found yourself in. And somehow, with any strength and brain activity in you, you managed to give his hand a light squeeze.

A sharp intake of breath leaves Spencer’s lips as he looks at your hand in his. A second squeeze came from you to reassure him that he didn’t imagine it.

“Nurse!” Spencer desperately calls out. As nurses begin to rush in, Spencer leans in to kiss your cheek. “I won’t let you go.”

The nurse calls in the doctor to point out the sudden miracle of you breathing on your own. Spencer felt a twinkle in his heart that he hadn’t felt in the past two weeks, a twinkle of hope.

He knew you would be okay.

Mystery Tech Wizard

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Reader (You), Various JL Members.

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Jaime Reyes x reader. Reader is a tech wiz that helps out the JL sometimes and Jaime doesn’t know who she is. JL has inside jokes with her and Jaime is just confused as to who she is.


A/N: I’m really hoping this was cute?
Hope you like it!

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She had just appeared out of nowhere one day and vanishes just as easily. Jaime didn’t know what to say or do. Who was this girl?

She was hunched over a computer today, fingers moving at lightning speed and Cyborg and The Flash standing at her sides, mouths moving to ask her questions or something.
Cyborg said something and he and her laughed loudly, it echoed around the watchtower.

Wonder Woman walked into the room. “Long time, no see Y/N.”
“Hey, Di!” The girl chirped.
“Di?” Jaime scoffed. “She’s on nickname basis with Wonder Woman?”

“Alright there, Blue?” Green Lantern hovered past, raising an eyebrow at overhearing Jaime talking to himself.
“Yeah. Yeah. I’m not loco.” Jaime laughed nervously.
“Right.” Green Lanern rolled his eyes.
“Wait.” Jaime grabbed his arm and dragged him back to him. “I’m not loco, but I’m not imagining the girl talking to Cy right now, am I?”
“Who? Y/N?”
“Is that her name?” Jaime’s eyes widened.
“You’ve never met Y/N?”
Jaime shook his head.
“Are you really all here?” Green Lantern laughed and went over to The Flash and led him back down past me towards another part of the Watchtower.

More laughter came from Cyborg and Y/N, as he learnt her name was. But what was her story? What was she doing here?

Jaime was so lost in his thoughts about you that he tuned out and hadn’t noticed Wonder Woman standing next to him.
Jaime jumped.
“I said, ‘you’ve been standing there a long time. What are you doing?’.”
“Oh, um,” rubbed the back of his neck, “I have a question.”
“Yes?” Wonder Woman crossed her arms over her chest and waited intently.
“Um, oh gosh, it’s slipped my mind, how silly of me,” Jaime noticed Y/N and Cyborg staring at him now, “bye.” He darted off.


“She’s young. You can’t be serious.”
“We’ve taken in youth before,” Batman explained as he spoke to Martian Manhunter passing Jaime’s table in the cafeteria, “Besides, we won’t be sending her out. She will be our eyes and ears without leaving the tower.”
“It’s still a risk.” Manhunter replied.

Jaime couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know who she was and now she might be joining the league. He choked on his food.
“Need CPR?” A female voice came from behind him.
Jaime turned around to see Y/N, grinning from ear to ear.
“I have experience.” She sat down next to him with her tray.
“I-I’m fine.” Jaime coughed.
Y/N hummed and started to pick at her food.
“Oh!” She exclaimed. “I totally forgot that I haven’t actually met you properly. Well, I mean, you’re Blue Beetle. I’ve seen you on the TV,” She rambled, “But I mean in person. I’ve seen you around but it seems we are both too nervous to speak to each other.” Jaime opened his mouth to speak, but she kept talking. “I never would’ve greeted anyone here on my own. Especially not Batman. They all had to speak to me first.”
“You,” Jaime paused to confirm she was done talking. God, she is adorable, Jaime thought to himself, her hair, her eyes sparkling, and she was so bubbly and bouncy. “You seem pretty close to them all?”
“Ha! Yeah! Cy and Flash mostly. GL and Di as well, I guess.”
“Yup!” She sat up straight and looked like one does when proud of themselves.

“Y/N!” Cyborg appeared behind us and startled them. “Sorry.” He said. “The files are ready.” He placed a hand on her shoulder and Jaime couldn’t explain but he felt, jelousy?
“Coming!” She stood up. “Nice talking to you, Beetle,” she did finger guns, “I have no clue why I did that,: she blushed, "see you around!” And skipped away.
Jaime found himself smiling widely, attracting stares from other leaguers sitting nearby.

Not Much of a Looker

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Not Much of a Looker

Prompt: Hey I’m new to your blog but rumour has it that you adore Nightcrawler too! He’s honestly my baby. Anyway can I request a Kurt x reader fic where the reader is blind and Kurt takes such good care of her like she’s a china doll, basically just fluff! Thank you sooo much!!!

Note: Welcome to my blog, my dear! You’ve entered amidst my Kurt craze, also called KURTPOCALYPSE. This is a hella cute prompt omg!

You waited in Professor Xavier’s office anxiously. You had just arrived at his school for mutants, dropped off after months of begging your parents to take you to a place you belonged. Of course, you never felt like you belonged anywhere, but it wasn’t because you were a mutant. It was because you were blind.

“One of the students should be here in a moment. He can show you around. He’s new here too, so he understands what it’s like to be the new kid,” Charles told you. You pushed your sunglasses up the bridge of your nose and fiddled with your walking stick. “I know you’re nervous. I can feel it, but the kids here, they understand what it’s like to be different. You’ll fit right in, I know it.”

“Thank you, Professor Xavier,” You smiled softly. You heard the creak of the door opening and felt a new presence enter the office.

“Professor?” asked a voice with a thick German accent. You couldn’t help but smile a little. You couldn’t see him, but he sure sounded cute…

“Ah yes. Kurt. Kurt, this is (Y/N) (L/N), our newest student.” Charles introduced. You waved, flashing a small smile. “(Y/N), Kurt Wagner,”

“Nice to meet you,” he greeted you. You nodded.


“Now um, Kurt,” Charles started to explain. “(Y/N) needs special assistance. You see, she’s-”

“Blind,” You finished for him, standing up from the chair. “I’m kind of a burden.”

“No, it’s no trouble,” Kurt said quickly. You heard a noise, and then felt his warmth beside you. “I’d be happy to help,”

“Great,” Charles smiled. “Kurt, you can give her the tour this hour instead of going to class, and then bring her to lunch with you.”

“All right,” he nodded. You retracted your walking stick to its portable size and stuck it in your purse.

“Could you um, give me your arm? It’s easier,” You asked.

“Of course,” He used his tail to guide your hands. You latched onto his bicep. You felt a jacket on his arm. Leather maybe? You couldn’t tell. Carefully, Kurt led you out of Charles office, narrating everything.

“Ve’re going zhrough zhe door,” He told you. “Zhere are steps here. Careful. One, two, three, one more. Zhere,”

“Thanks,” You smiled. “You’re great at this.”

“No problem.” He nodded. “You know, I know how you must feel, being left out. Most of the others here look almost human. I’m about zhe opposite of zhat.”



“I wouldn’t be able to tell.” You chuckled a little bit. “I don’t even know what I look like anymore,”

“You’re beautiful,” he blurted without thinking. Immediately, he began blushing. “I mean- watch out!”

“What? What is it?” you asked, stopping.

“Zhere vas a ball in zhe vay. One of zhe others must have left it. It’s gone now.”

“My hero,” you laughed.

“Vell, um, vould you like to go outside?” He offered. You nodded, figuring fresh air would do you both some good.

You felt the change in atmosphere as soon as you stepped through the doorway. And then there was a gust of wind and a new presence.

“Woah Kurt, found a girlfriend already?” asked the new voice. He spoke quickly.

“Peter, zhis is (Y/N),” Kurt introduced.

“Peter Maximoff, kind of a big deal around here.” he said. You chuckled. “So what’s the deal? Why are you clinging to Kurty boy?”

“I’m blind,” you told him.

“Oh. Well you’re not missing out. Kurt’s not much of a looker.” Peter teased playfully. Kurt whapped him with his tail. “Kidding, kidding.”

“Well, I’m not really much of a looker either, so…” you laughed, pointing to your eyes. Peter chuckled and Kurt smiled in amusement.

“Hey Kurt!” Jean greeted, walking up to the small cluster hand-in-hand with Scott. “Hi, you must be (Y/N),”


“I’m Jean Grey. This is Scott.”

“Hey,” Scott waved a little. “So you’re the new girl,”

“That’s me,” you nodded. “I’m also blind, so…”

“What’s your mutation?” asked Scott curiously.

“I can manipulate sound waves. The call me Echo.” You told them. “I mean, the blindness kind of came with it, but yeah.”

“Your mutation blinded you?” Jean asked with concern.


“Well, Kurt here will take care of you,” Jean smiled, watching Kurt look at you nervously. She could feel that he didn’t want to mess up, didn’t want you to get hurt. But he also didn’t want you to leave his side. “Come on Scott, let’s let them finish their tour.” She led Scott away, flashing Kurt a smile and winking.

Peter sped off too, leaving you and Kurt alone. He gulped nervously. You smirked. What a cutie.


It was well after dinner. You and Kurt were sitting on the couch in the living room together. Today had been fun. You felt really comfortable here, and you couldn’t wait to get to know Kurt more. But there was one thing that was nagging at you.

“Hey Kurt?”


“Could I…um…well, sometimes when I meet new people, feeling their face helps me build a better picture of what they look like.”

“Ah,” he nodded. You began to raise your hands, but he stopped you, grabbing your wrists.

“V-vait,” he paused. “Vhat if you…don’t like vhat you ‘see’?”

“Kurt,” you smiled sadly.

“I told you…I’m not exactly…normal looking.”

“Kurt,” You repeated softly. “I don’t care what you look like. I just want to ‘see’ you.”

“Okay,” he nodded, gulping nervously. He guided your soft hands to his cheeks. You gently felt his face, using your fingers to explore its surface. You smiled softly.

“You’re so intricate,” you whispered. He smiled softly, heat rising to his cheeks. Your fingers reached the tips of his pointed elf-like ears. “Awwww,”


“You have cute little elf ears!” you smiled. He chuckled.

“And a tail,” he flicked it, not that you could see.

“You certainly are something else, aren’t you?”

“Zhat’s one vay to put it,”

You yawned, exhausted from such a long day.

“Vould you like me to valk you to your room?” Kurt asked. You nodded, stretching. He took your hand and helped you off of the couch. And while he knew he could teleport right outside your bedroom door, he decided to take you all the way there.

“I kind of miss seeing sometimes. I miss color,” You sighed as he very carefully, very slowly helped you up the steps.  


“My favorite color was blue…” you remembered. Kurt smiled widely, giddy with excitement.

“It’s a good color,” he tried to play it cool, but you could hear the smile in his voice. He stopped in front of your dorm. “Here ve are,”

“Thank you, for everything,” You said. You thought about it for a second, but decided to go in for a hug. His heart was racing, eyes wide. You felt his arms wrap around you tightly.

“It’s no problem, liebe. Really.”

“Goodnight, Kurt.”

You kissed his cheek before opening the door and walking into the room you now shared with Jean and Ororo. Kurt stood in front of the door for a while, hand on his cheek, smiling like a fool. Peter zipped up and stood beside him, patting his shoulder.

“Yep buddy. You’re screwed.”

Part 2: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/145321959987/not-much-of-a-looker-part-2 

Remote Trigger for Sound FX on the cheap! (And, there is NO coding required!!!!)

So I have been reading around a few places, and have noticed that there is a lot of interest in doing remote SFX (Sound Effects) triggers. That is, having the sound cue go on the action of someone other than the A1/Sound Technician.  Normally, this would be a VERY bad idea to divide control of critical show cues. But, sometimes you need to. Perhaps the action is dependent on an action the actor does (Like firing a prop gun to match a SFX of a gunshot). Sometimes, you may need to cue intro music for a band and their entrance point doesn’t have the ability to have radio or clearcom, leaving the SM or technician to have to cue them in for you.  And sometimes, you are just not anywhere near the computer running the effect and still need to launch them (Such as having to run multiple functions and your cue PC is no where near you). 

There are plenty of MIDI controlled options (Such as foot switches, drum pads and keyboards) that have been used by professional Broadway shows and live musicians (OK GO actually comes to mind, since a lot of their rigs are time and action dependent even in their live performances).  And, there are DAW’s like Ableton that make programming these MIDI controllers a breeze. The downside is that those systems can be quite costly to do correct.  You can get a “Lite” version of Ableton and a $99 Mini MIDI keyboard, but for highschool theatre or street performers that is even out of budget.  Also, once you get into custom made controllers for stage work and props, the price can easily climb into the thousands. And, if you are deciding to use a program that isn’t a pre-programmed click and play compliant controller outside of Ableton Live, then you have a lot of programming to look forward to.

BUT….  What if I told you that you could design a remote trigger for as little as $10? And, there was NO coding and very little programing involved? 

Well, you can.

First, you need the basics: The Controller. 

This is a bog standard presentation remote. These little Pen-sized devices (they do come in different shapes, but this one happens to be what I had in my desk) are a common sight in any corporate office or classroom.  They are almost exclusively used to run presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.  But, did you know how they work?

First of all, this clicker operates on RF, or radio frequency.  You simply plug the USB adapter into the computer, and the remote communicates to the PC via radio waves.  Some have infra-red (IR) transmitters, which uses a small LED that flashes commands in binary to the receiver in a light frequency we as humans cannot see, but the sensor can.  Both devices are “Paired” systems, which means that the transmitter and receiver are matched to one another, so no programming is needed.  Just plug and play.

Second, These clickers belong to a family of devices that are called “USB Class Compliant Devices”.  In short, they use a generic key map and programing code that all keyboards, ten-keys and clickers use to activate a function.  Each key on a class-compliant device is mapped to a key (letter, number, function, etc).  On Keyboards, it allows Windows machines (and most macs) to understand just about any input device without the need to install a separate driver. 

And, when you think about it, that means that while this clicker has three keys… if it is class-compliant, then that means these keys actually match something that may be on an actual keyboard!  Why is this important? Because every program uses a Keyboard to input actions, including…


For this example, we’re going to be using a Windows-based sound cue software called Show Cue Systems. This is the Windows cousin to Apple’s QLab, and both effectively do the same thing: They can control audio, video, static image, control cues (actions) and even lighting cues (DMX based) and can be programmed to automate a show.  But, in this case we want to launch a cue and not have to be near the computer that is launching it. 

In this second picture, you can see that the cue we are looking to activate gives you some options on the drop down menu.  Now, it may be tempting to figure out some wacky way to get a MIDI device to communicate to SCS, but take a look at the “Manual” option.  They simply mean a “GO” button.  In this case, it is the space bar.

Wait! The spacebar is the go button.  That means that there is something that TELLS the program that, when I press that space bar, I want my cue to go.  And, it also defaults to the Escape key (ESC) to stop everything in the show.  The question you should be asking is “Is there a way to change what key activates the go button?”

In this case… YES. There is

In Show Cue Systems, you will find this list under the “Options” menu while in show mode.  Then, click on “Shortcuts”.  There, you will find a list of actions, and an associated key to make things happen. Remember when we mentioned that all class-compliant devices use the same “map” for keys so everyone can code in the same language? Well, that means our little remote’s 3 keys correspond to three keyboard keys. 

But what are those keys? Well, the manual might not say, but there is an easy way to fix that. In nearly all media performance programs (Qlab, SCS, Ableton Live, Logic Mainstage, etc), you can find the option to re-map your keyboard to have different keys do different things.  The easiest way (and the way I did this in SCS), is to click on the function I wanted to alter, click on it so that it was active, and went to the space that told the program what key would activate the function.  Then, I cleared out the preset and simply pressed a key on the remote clicker.

Sure enough, in this case, the dialogue box showed that the clicker’s button was the same as the “Up Arrow” key on a keyboard!

Once I knew that, I went through the list, removed any other function that used the Up Arrow key and then assigned the Up Arrow as my go button!

(And, don’t forget to “Apply” and “Save” all changes depending on what software you are using)

Now, I simply go back to the cue, and choose the “Go” button to be the action that activates the cue.  And, once I press the button on the remote that matched the keymap… THE CUE FIRES!

Not all programs allow you to remap the keyboard functions, but most do!  I was on the Windows side of my MacBook Pro, so I couldn’t use Qlab as an example.  But, it isn’t difficult. In fact this can even work with recording software! 

If you are recording your own demo track, for example,  and don’t want or can’ t get your computer or keyboard near you (Such as if you are playing drums and your DAW and interface are on the other side of the room), you can map the transport keys to any class-compliant device like a powerpoint clicker.  Then, when you are ready, hit the button that activates the recording and you are off!  (Admittedly there are better MIDI options for musicians, but this is simply another way).

Now, as long as you have a different key, you can even assign hotkeys to certain cues. Have a doorbell effect that the actor cannot seem to keep consistent on? Put a PowerPoint clicker in the doorbell and have the actor hit that! Now, they can have all the doorbell they want, and it doesn’t affect your cues and everything seems flawless.  Tape the clicker to the prop gun, and never again does the gunshot have to mismatch the shooter on stage!  And, these devices are DIRT cheap! This clicker I used was $10.  That means, with the three buttons (assuming that each device does NOT share the same radio frequency) you can have three different hotkeys assigned. One to each clicker!

The only downside is that you have to make sure that each device isn’t “Cross Talking” over the other.  Most manufactuers don’t assume three of the same type of clicker is going to be used, so they tend to just copy the same radio frequiency for all.  Always double and triple check any infra-red and radio based device BEFORE the show for interference!

Yes, there are other, more stable and more effective ways to remote launch cues. But if you are on a super shoestring budget, in community theatre or even in high school, this is the tool for you!

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Why are the Shanghai fans so into Kaylor? They are really intense. Are they in the know?

Hi Anon,

The famous Shanghai Gang is one of a kind :)  They’re hardcore Chinese Kaylors (& also from a few other Asian countries: Indonesia,Taiwan, the Philippines..) but we “regroup” them under the Shanghai Gang name…(hoping none of them is upset about it)  

During the 1989 tour, there were 3 shows in Shanghai & the Kaylor fans went all in & wild :)  

Yesterday,  we reblogged the short video of them screaming “Kaylor” during one of the shows, flashing their led cardboards in the crowd, & Tay’s reaction ;)  They had also made different led boards: of the girls’ faces on it (from the 2014 VS show), of the cats (lol so funny), of “Kaylor is real” & customized their phone cases with Kode with Klossy and Tay’s logos on them…..

I will find the old long & detailed post about it, because it’s incredible :)  

For the record: one of Tay’s bodyguard &/or PR person had taken lots of pics from their kaylor props + had taken a few led boards to give to Tay (she had asked if they could take them) ;)   

That’s why they are very special to other Kaylors :) 

They said that before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. The flashes is what stays true, but it’s not the life I led that flashes before me. It’s the moments in my life that I wanted to remember.

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The happy ones,

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silly ones,

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playful ones,

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pure ones,

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smiley ones,

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cute ones,

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unforgettable ones,

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and the most beautiful moment in life ones.

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The Flash - SDCC Season 4 Trailer

The Flash cast offered their first glimpse at the upcoming fourth season, when they debuted an exclusive sizzle reel for Comic-Con fans gathered in Ballroom 20. The reel showed a very different Team Flash, one led by Iris West in the Cortex and Cisco & Wally in the streets, but audiences were also given hope for a happy return for The Fastest Man Alive, Barry Allen.

Family Trip at the Fair

A/N: So…I’ve been having dreams about the boys for the past couple of nights, so I thought I’d write about them. DO NOT JUDGE THEM BC DREAMS ARE WEIRD SOMETIMES. If it doesn’t make any sense in writing, it made perfect sense in my dream. Let’s begin with dream number two…

I watched as my two-year-old son pranced through the ball pit with a huge smile on his face. “Hi, momma!”

“Hello, my dear! Are you having fun?” I asked.

My son nodded and lifted his hands, asking me to pick him up. “Alright,” I said, holding him close. “Let’s go see daddy!”

I walked over to my husband, Luke, and handed him our son. “Hello, my love.” He said, kissing my forehead. “I saw this new activity over by the Ferris Wheel, and I was thinking we could go try it out as a family!” 

“So what exactly is it?” I asked, heading towards the area Luke was talking about. “Like, what will we be doing?”

“Well, do you see that black building up here?” Luke asked. “It is in there. Basically, we can get inside this glass box and they will play music of our choice. It’s supposed to be a new form of meditation. However, rumor has it that there is a big surprise that they won’t tell customers about.”

I laughed. “So, you basically just want to do this for the surprise…”

“Yeah, pretty much. But, children under three get in free!” He exclaimed, bouncing our son in his arms.

When we walked inside the building, a lady with long, black hair greeted us. “Hi, would you like to try our new - ohmigosh…are you Luke Hemmings?”

Luke smiled. “I am!”

“Oh, please come in and try our new activity! Free of charge, of course! In fact, we have a glass box big enough for a family of three right over here. Please follow me.” The lady said, trying to calm herself. “As you may know, you have an opportunity to choose any type of music you wish. Any suggestions?”

I looked at Luke and he smiled back at me. “Do you have 5 Seconds of Summer?” I joked.

“Absolutely!” The lady exclaimed. “Just climb into this box right here, and I will begin the relaxation method.”

Luke laid on the right side of the box, I laid on the left, and our son was snuggled up in between us.

Not long after the lady closed the glass box, 5 Seconds of Summer began quietly playing in the closed area.

“That is daddy’s music!” Our son smiled.

Luke and I nodded and closed our eyes, trying to relax. Eventually, we opened our eyes to see white smoke filling the box.

“Um, how is this relaxing?” I asked Luke. “I feel like they are going to suffocate and kill us!”

“Don’t question the process, [Y/N]. Just go with it. Besides, the sound of the smoke is quite relaxing!” Luke said, squirming to get in a comfortable position.

I closed my eyes, trying to take Luke’s advice. 

“Pink!” Our son said, pointing to the smoke.

I looked up and saw bright pink LED lights flashing from the top of the box. “Oh dear, this could be hazardous!” I said to myself.

“Calm down, m’love! Close your eyes and take deep breaths. It will all be okay.” Luke smiled.

After what seemed like a decade, the young lady arrived at our glass box and opened the door. “I hope that was a relaxing time for you! Please let us know by filling out one of our surveys located at the front desk. Please enjoy the rest of your time here at the fair!”

Luke was more than happy to jump out of the box and grab a survey sheet. I was just excited that I had made it out alive. I grabbed my son, and we walked over to Luke, who was still filling out the sheet. “I think we are going to get something to drink.” I said to Luke.

Not taking his eyes off of the survey form, Luke said, “Yeah…okay, cool. I’ll meet you guys there.”

Laughing, I took my son to the nearest food stand. “Daddy’s silly, huh?”

“Daddy’s silly!” He repeated, laughing.

“Well, I’m glad you had fun today! Now, let’s get you some food.” I said, smiling.