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Philkas + Adore You Lyrics

I love lying next to you
I could do this for eternity
You and me - we’re meant to be
In holy matrimony
God knew exactly what he was doing
When he led me to you

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Had a slightly unsettling night and I thought you might appreciate it a bit; at around 8pm, I was sitting in my living room when my grandma came up to me and asked if I was hearing weird stuff outside. Now I thought this was our neighbor working on their boat- I didn’t think that it would be weird for them to be doing this so late at night for some damn reason. So I go outside with her and the only the way I can really describe the noise I heard was continuous thunder that just went on and on and it was something I’ve never heard before. For some reason, my brain immediately jumps to the idea that a bomb just dropped, don’t ask why but I push my grandma back inside and close all of the windows. Back inside, my grandparents decide, against me telling them not to, to go outside to see wtf is happening. They go, come back, don’t see shit but the noise is still going on. The noise stops after awhile and I figure that’s the end of that weird encounter. But then my grandma comes back a little later and she says that there was an 11 car pileup 2 or 3 blocks away from where we live and it was on the news. She thinks that the noise and the crash are somehow connected. I’m a little skeptical of this so I look up some articles on the crash which led me to the police twitter that was posting about the crash. I look at the time stamp of when they arrived and of fucking course, it matches up to around the time my grandma started hearing the sound. Now she’s trying to convince me that aliens were responsible for the weird noise and causing a car crash. 


A/N: Sorry this took so long. Hope you like it.

“Jay Park?” I stared curiously at my instagram notifications.

“Who’s Jay Park?” My manager, Sam, peeked over my shoulder.

“No clue, but he’s liking all my pics. Even the ones from when I first started my account.”

“Sounds like a fan. That’s really not abnormal for you.”

My curiosity took me to his instagram. “Nice! Look at this!” I showed Sam a shirtless picture of Jay Park.

“Can you focus on your lines please?” She scolded.

“Let me like this pic first.” I continued to scroll through liking the shirtless pictures and other fully clothed selfies.

“I don’t know why you insist on flirting with someone through instagram.”

“He’s cute though.” I smiled to myself. “AH! He just followed me. Should I follow ba—“


“—ck?” Though I wanted to continue my search into Jay Park, I had to focus on work. I started out acting and dabbled into some singing, but dance was my true passion. I loved to move on and off the stage, but dancing had its limits. Touring as a backup dancer sounded fun, but being a choreographer would be a dream too. Through my acting I was able to showcase my dancing skills, as well as the few music videos I filmed.

When my schedule became too much to handle, I hired Samantha, Sam for short. She was smart, loyal, and more importantly, she could keep me on task. Sam was my rock and a true friend. Though, at times, she could be a real stick in the mud. Nonetheless I truly loved her and was grateful for her friendship.

“Stay off instagram and rehearse your lines.” Sam scolded me once again after dropping me off at my apartment.

“I can’t make any promises.” I teased and ran inside. My night was filled with stalking his instagram, which led me to his twitter. I had fallen into the trap and landed on youtube. Something about him drew me in and I suddenly wanted to know more about him. Articles upon articles came up with his days as an idol member in 2pm. I was engrossed in his story and felt his need for success.

“You look like shit.” Sam greeted me as she entered my apartment.

“I couldn’t sleep.” I pouted.

“Because you were up all night stalking some guy you’re never going to meet!”

“Oh, but I will meet him.” I mischievously smiled.


“The World Music Awards is coming up. And he’s already announced that he’ll be there. So I was thinking since we’re in the same industry you could get me a ticket. Plus I’ve never been before, so imagine all the connections I would make.”

“Did you even rehearse your lines last night?”

“Do you want me to answer this honestly or—“

“This is why you can’t go, you’re not foc—“

“I’ll work really hard. I will practice and rehearse as long as you get me a ticket to the award show.”


“Promise.” Sam and I shook hands to seal our deal.

Over the next month I worked diligently and kept my end of the promise up. I booked 2 commercials, was a backup dancer for 3 music videos, and got to teach a piece of choreography at a dance studio. Even though my schedule was busy I still found time to reply to Jay’s flirty DM’s. I didn’t want to think too much of it but he had released 2 songs, one in English that was really suggestive. Sam told me not to get a big head, and that his lyrics quoting some of our conversation meant nothing.

The month went by in a flash and Sam had kept her promise.

“Because you were such a good worker bee, I got you the spot to present an award with that guy.” Sam and I were finally in London on our way to our hotel.

“Jay Park?!” My voice startled the driver.

“Yeah, whatever his name is.” Sam was memorizing my schedule on her tablet.

“Is it or isn’t it? If you don’t even remember his name, you probably set me up with someone else!”

“I set you up with the guy you wanted to meet, so stop being a brat. When we get to the hotel, we have time to check in and that’s it. We have to be back out and get to rehearsal for the awards show.”

“Mh.” I checked my DM’s searching for any acknowledgment of our pairing up to present an award, but there was nothing. If I was meeting Jay for rehearsal, then I needed to change. There was no way I would meet him for the first time looking like a bum.

Sam and I checked into our hotel rooms, she gave me 10 minutes to freshen up, which was just enough time. I had perfected my makeup routine and could get that finished in 5 minutes, which gave me enough time to get the perfect outfit.

“What is that?” Sam greeted me in the lobby.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“I can’t with you.” Sam shook her head and led the way to the car.

“Does it look weird or something?”

“No, it looks like you couldn’t afford the rest of the fabric for your skirt.”

“Well, my legs are my best asset.” I teased.

“Just please be professional.”

“Don’t worry.” I gave her a reassuring smile.

The location was packed with paparazzi trying to get photos of celebrity’s comings and goings. Fans were waiting holding signs and gifts for their favorite celebrities passing by.

“Good thing I got dressed.” I gracefully exited the car and made my way into the building. There was no faking my smile for the cameras, as I was about to meet HIM. As soon as I entered I was directed to a waiting room and handed a script.

“Jay is already inside, so just run over these with him. It’ll be about 30 minutes until we’re ready for you.” The polite coordinator informed me.

I placed my hand on the door handle and took a deep breath before entering. As soon as I opened the door the sound of his humming met my ears.

“Hi.” I cheerfully greeted, shutting the door behind me.

“Hey, I’m Jay, nice to officially meet you.” He walked over to me and placed a hand out. I immediately took his hand in mine and shook. Finally.

“Nice to finally meet you as well.”

“I guess we should get to rehearsing.” I followed behind him to the couch. My eyes couldn’t help but explore his body and I suddenly wanted to see the tattoos that were covered. “So the first part goes…” My eyes locked on his lips, the lips he kept licking. Was he doing it on purpose? I wonder what they feel like. “What are you doing?”

“Huh?” My lips were suddenly inches from his. “Oh my God. I am so sor—“ Jay’s lips crashed into mine.

“I thought it was just me that couldn’t focus, but damn.” He whispered against my lips. My hands ran through his hair and grabbed a chunk pulling him closer to me. His hands gripped my waist and pulled me on top of his lap. My body began to move on its own grinding my entrance up the growing bulge in his pants.

“Wait, no. Professional. Need to be professional.” I broke our kiss and tried to convince myself. He stared at me biting his bottom lip. “Oh, fuck it.” I met his lips once again. My grinding on his member had him fully charged and ready. I myself was soaking through my panties. My hands roamed down to his pants and freed his throbbing member. I sat up just enough to pull my panties to the side, allowing his entrance.

I slowly sat, as he fully entered me. My hands locked around his neck, while his gripped my waist controlling my movement.

“Oh, yes.” I moaned, throwing my head back. Jay buried his face in my chest as he picked up his speed.

“I don’t think I can hold it.” He groaned.

“Not yet, just a little more.” I pleaded. My body went into auto pilot as I tried to keep up with his pace. The warm built up and rushed to my core. My walls began to pulsing around him, sucking him in more.

“Fuck.” He moaned, letting my ride out my orgasm. I quickly jumped off and pumped him into my mouth. His hands gripped my hair as he begged for me to take him all the way in. I moaned in surprise, giving him a surprise as well. He thrust to the back of my throat, his swelling member pulsing its warm liquid inside.

“Dammit! I said be professional.” A bang on door and Sam’s yelling brought me back to reality. Jay and I burst into laughter.

In case anybody was wondering why a simple fanfic about the communal weighted blanket of the B&B is taking so long to write (besides me just being terrible), it’s because I keep getting distracted practically drooling over Allison :P For example, I had her cover of Ignition Remix stuck in my head, so I looked it up, which led me to her twitter. So I looked through her photos. I present:

For the record, I did not utilize any illegal means to obtain the information I posted. I followed a string of clues she had left before obtaining notoriety which led me to her personal facebook, linked in, twitter, and other accounts. There is nothing illegal about assigning a person’s name, address, location, phone number, work place, or any other personally identifying information to their online identity. I also did not post her address or phone number or encourage anyone to try and harass her in person. She has posted her own P.O. Box, and what she claims is her current work place, and issued a challenge for people to try and come for her.

I did not hack into any of her accounts. I did not report her account or get it deleted. I find it convenient that she is claiming to be hacked now that there is a possibility of her workplace discovering her blog. My personal opinion is that this is a calculated ploy for sympathy, especially considering that her M.O. is in exaggerating her encounters with SJWs, but I can only speculate on what happened there. The information I gave would not help anyone hack her. Some of the most inflammatory material (her responses to people which were filled with slurs) have been deleted along with it.

The moral of the story is that the internet is not the wild west. You can be held accountable for bullying people and creating oppressive propaganda. There is no such thing as the right to anonymity. If you seek notoriety for being cruel, that notoriety is likely to catch up with you. You do not deserve protection from consequences when you dedicate your time and effort to making life harder for already oppressed groups of people just because you did it under the guise of pseudo-anonymity. It’s like complaining that you were caught robbing a bank even though you wore a mask because detectives put clues together which led to your identity. You do the crime, don’t complain if you do the time.


James Roday and Brad Raider in Sexual Perversity in Chicago (2002)

A conversation on twitter led me to the rediscovery of this gem. Enjoy!


The only good thing about the DDos attack on Blizzard is that it made me look at the forum they posted on twitter and it led me to this.