led belt

ten years ago I was walking through my high school in a wet swimsuit to get my dive coach when I witnessed a girl getting in trouble because she had a custom LED belt buckle that scrolled the message “BOY GIMME THAT JOHNSON” and I loved it so much that I couldn’t even go back to practice, I just went home and went to sleep

the ironic thing about naomi and customizingthe  womens title (aside from the fact that white, racist, male fans are projecting their hate on to her because they cant process the fact that a dark skinned, unapologetically black woman is champion), is that, SHE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING INNOVATIVE WITH THE BELT! SHE PUT LED LIGHTS ON A BELT, AND IT ACTUALLY LOOKS COOL! 

But the smarks can’t appreciate that because, “How dare Naomi exist in this space beyond where we think she should be?! AND ACTUALLY TRY NEW THINGS!?!?!”

Stunt double Caitlin Dechelle on 'Wonder Woman' and her real-life superpowers
Flying through the air, expert sword handling and martial arts mastery? Yep, "Wonder Woman" stunt double Caitlin Dechelle has you covered.

Caitlin Dechelle fights for a living.

She doesn’t suit up and step into the Octagon, or put on gloves and get into a ring. She slides on shields, thrusts people off towers and wields swords. As the lead stunt woman for the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Justice League film “Wonder Woman,” which comes out on Friday, Dechelle may qualify as a real-life superhero herself.

Behind Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince – the Amazonian warrior who is also Wonder Woman – is Dechelle. She’s punching, kicking and, yes, leaping through the air. She doubles Gadot and was selected specifically for her fighting proficiency.

“Fighting is my thing and what I’m hired for 99 percent of the time,” Dechelle, 26, said in a phone interview.

For the Patty Jenkins-directed “Wonder Woman” film, Dechelle spent eight months (seven in London, and one in Italy) on location shooting, which gave her plenty of time to get to know the woman she was doubling.

Dechelle had nothing but kind things to say about Gadot, who certainly held her own regarding action scenes and fitness. When their shooting overlapped, Dechelle stood off-camera, coaching Gadot through footwork and her portion of the stunts. “She picked up quite well,” Dechelle said. “Obviously, anytime you do something you’ve never done, it’s tough, but [Gadot] had such a willingness to learn and was always upbeat.”

Dechelle has been honing her superpowers since she was 6 years old, which is when she started taking martial arts. Her two decades of training have led her to black belts in three disciplines: Chinese Kenpo, Japanese Goju-Ryu and taekwondo. All of which proved quite helpful for many of her film projects.

“I was trained to be like the boys, if not better,” Dechelle said. “People say that men can do it better, but that’s not true. This film portrays that.”

Hold Still (part 1)

“Josh,” Tyler squealed, his hand quickly clasped over the drummer’s knee and his other hand pressed down stiffly against the Mickey Mouse cap that sat on top of his head. Animatronics sung gleefully in the background as they peered over a steep drop ahead of themselves.

“I think this is where they take the photo,” Josh hummed, glancing over at his best friend. Eyes shimmering with excitement, Tyler nodded to the pink haired male and gestured quickly to pose with him. Plummeting down, Tyler pressed his lips against Josh’s cheek, the camera’s flashes shot three times to get the perfect photo of the drummer laughing and the singer turning his head back to kiss the male behind him.

Water splashed as they reached the bottom of the 50 foot drop, almost enough to cool their blushing cheeks. “That is going to be a perfect photo,” Tyler giggled, spotting a camera man capturing the perfect shot of the two laughing away. Motioning his head to the cameraman, he looked back at Josh once more. “You think they recorded the drop too?” He cocked up an eyebrow, a small smirk grew on his face until Josh broke his stern look and smiled with his friend. He shook his head before pinching the singer’s side teasingly.

“You’re so gay,” He laughed. Tyler flinched before swatting at Josh’s hand.

“I am not gay. I’m straight. Straighter than straight. I’m a total ladies man.” Tyler dismissed, his eyes shot all around nervously. Their log jolted to a stop, it was their turn to get off the ride and onto another one. Climbing out after Tyler, Josh grabbed his friend’s hand and followed him out.

“If you aren’t, then why did you kiss my cheek?” He grinned and squeezed his bandmate’s hand tightly.

“For the cameras.” He replied dully before shooting a glare at the drummer. “Why are you holding my hand?”

“For the cameras,” he imitated Tyler and stuck out his tongue.

“We sharing ‘doom buggies’?” Josh asked, stepping onto the conveyor belt that led to the buggies.
“Duh,” Tyler replied, sliding into the cold black seat, waiting for Josh to sit beside him. Josh sat at the very edge of the seat, keeping a small distance between the two. The distance concerned Tyler a bit, so he slid over, his hip pressed against his friend’s. “Hey,” he whispered “This ride is pretty spooky,” Josh’s arm slowly slinked around the singer’s shoulders, pulling him into his chest.

“Really spooky,” the pink haired male laughed quietly. “It’s too dark for them to record us,” he pointed out, looking down at Tyler, trying to make out his face and what expression he was showing. Goosebumps littered Tyler’s arms, he wasn’t sure if it was cold inside or if something else was giving him chills. “Are you cold,” Josh asked, his fingers grazed up and down the arm of his friend.

“Yeah, well no. I don’t know,” Tyler stuttered, his nose filled with the smell of Josh. They practically lived together yet Josh still had his own scent that comforted the singer. “This is nice though,”

All Josh could think about was how Tyler told him about his sexuality. How could the drummer make a move when his friend made it very clear that he wasn’t gay? His chin softly rested on top of the singer’s head, eyes closed slowly as he held Tyler close.

“Josh,” Tyler cooed, moving over so he could see Josh eye-to-eye.

“Mm” Josh hummed, looking directly into Tyler’s brown eyes.

“This place is magical,”

“Well this is Disneyland,” he laughed, placing a hand on Tyler’s thigh gently.

“Yeah but I feel like it has potential,” his eyes grew big as he started to get excited.

“What kind of potential,”

“The potential to live your dreams. Like you can be unstoppable. You come here and have fun. With cute hats and balloons and stuffed animals,” his voice grew louder the more excited he became.
“Shh… This is your day, Tyler. You are unstoppable. Do whatever you want today,” his hand squeezed Tyler’s thigh as he smiled brightly. “Now which ride are we going on next?”

“Forty minutes went by pretty fast, huh?” Tyler was practically buzzing, Space Mountain was his favorite ride by far.

“Lines always go by fast when I’m with you, Tyler,” Josh replied.

Hopping into the car, the two pulled down the safety bar before getting 'sent off into space’.
Bright lights blurred as Tyler concentrated on Josh’s hand that was placed on the safety bar. Moving his hand over, the singer slowly touched the drummer’s hand. “This is your day,” He repeated in his head, chewing on his lower lip as he debated conflicts in his head. “Josh,” he spoke up.

“Tyler,” the drummer replied and laughed. “What’s up,”

“Well I’m on a ride,” Tyler said dryly. Sarcasm slipped through his teeth, almost making him afraid he sounded like a prick.

“Really?? Me too, I’m sitting next to this cute guy too. I think he’s having a fun time,” Their conversation took a turn, a sharp turn. Sounding like they were on the telephone, the two giggled away.

“Josh,” the brunette’s giggles slowly went away. The ride started to ascend, stars shimmered all around the two.

“Yes,” he turned his head, facing his best friend although he could hardly make out where his eyes were.

“Jishwa…” His voice trailed and his hands slowly pressed against Josh’s cheeks.

“T-Tyl-” Before the drummer could finish his sentence the ride sped up, sharp turns and steep dips jerked the car around. The singer somehow managed to keep his hands stuck onto his face.

“Help me, I can’t do this if you won’t cooperate,” he practically had to shout over the loud music. The two men awkwardly faced each other, trying to steady themselves out in the jerking cart.

“Okay,” Josh could hardly breathe, he wasn’t sure if it was the ride or the situation he was in. His hands carefully cupped Tyler’s face, he could feel his stubble underneath his soft fingertips.

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a bunch of seijou hcs i made bc i Cannot Contain myself

i’ve had most of these for a while tbh and i didnt wanna post it until i had Absolutely no more headcanons to create but that is just Impossible™ so i’m just gonna post it now and keep adding on whenever i think of anything else lmao enjoy these idk if they’re any good or not:

-matsukawa knows how to play guitar (and a little bit of the bass too), and sometimes when he’s alone he’ll practice singing as well
-he probably sounds like Charlie Puth or smth
-he really loves jack johnson like he has probably every album by JJ himself
-hanamaki can play keyboard, and a little bit of the harp
-he learned how to play the harp when he was little because he’d visit his grandma’s house a lot and she’d just have a rlly old one sitting in the middle of the floor
-hanamaki Cannot Sing to save his life but dang can he make up lyrics someone give this guy a medal
-one time mattsun and makki were hangin’ out at makki’s house and makki started playing bohemian rhapsody on the piano which of course led to matsukawa belting out the lyrics
-halfway into the song hanamaki joined in and by the end they were both completely out of breath (they sang the guitar solos as well)
-that was the day they both discovered each other’s talents
-“dude what the fuck why didnt you tell me you could sing” “um excuse you since when did you know how to play bohemian rhapsody”
-they formed a “Two Man Band” called The Spicy Jalapeños
-eventually they debuted themselves to the rest of the team
-“who the fuck decided on the name” “it was a joint effort actually”
-nobody knew until one Seijou Movie Night was hosted at his house and they all saw the GINORMOUS drum kit that took up like half the space in his room
-hanamaki and matsukawa immediately tried to recruit him into their “band”
-watari agreed on the condition that he could change the name
-it actually took two days for matsukawa and hanamaki to agree to his condition
-“wow r00d we worked really hard in the two minutes it took us to think of that name” (they were actually daring each other to eat jalapeños from a jar when they had their epiphany)
-watari renamed the group The Homiesexuals
-hanamaki and matsukawa had tears of joy in their eyes upon hearing their new name
-“we’re sorry we ever doubted you man holy shit”
-they started dickin’ around with their instruments at watari’s house like hanamaki leaves his keyboard there and matsukawa always brings his acoustic and they just jam out
-every friday night makki and mattsun stay really late @ watari’s just to practice
-they all agree to host a talent show just for the volleyball team (makki and mattsun use their third year privileges to get everyone to join)
-they host it at kindaichi’s house because damn kindaichi’s got moNEY
-The Homiesexuals dont participate in the talent show they are the judges
-iwaizumi was the first to go up
-he literally got away with just taking his shirt off and flexing that’s all he did 10/10 iwa-chan
-kindaichi and kunimi went up next; without consent from kunimi
-kindaichi can beatbox like a pro god damn
-“alright what do you have for us today” *kunimi starts aggressively rapping freestyle with kindaichi laying down a sick beat*
-that was the moment the entire team realized kindaichi and kunimi are the real Ultimate Duo™
-“kunimi what the fuck” “i only rap free”
-right when oikawa got up to perform makki said “its a no from me”
-he still performed anyway
-he sang Emotions by Mariah Carey and almost broke every single piece of glass in the kindaichi household
-no one even knew he could sing that high like oikawa what the fuck
-he still got a 6/10 tho lmao rip oiks
-“that’s all i get!?” “we deducted points because mattsun wanted to personally say ‘get rekt’” “get fuckin re k t”
-kyoutani was next to go up
-hoo boi This Child™
-he brought his own electric guitar and amp and noBODY NOTICED IT UNTIL THAT MOMENT
-once he set everything up he totally went all-out like he was even head banging and shit
-right after his performance he sat down like nothing happened while everyone looked at him like he was insane
-“kyoutani did you really just fucking play Get Scared” “i like their songs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”
-yahaba was the last to go up because “the best is always saved for last”
-it was agreed by everyone at that moment that yahaba was a Literal Angel
-makki actually had tears in his eyes by the end of yahaba’s song
-he sang Love On Top by Beyoncé and got a perfect score from all three judges
-“he really was the best” mattsun had said and nobody disagreed
-yahaba and iwaizumi won the talent show (no one wanted to think of a tiebreaker so they just both got first place)
-after the talent show The Homiesexuals tried to get the entire team into their band
-everyone agreed, if only to stop both the constant complaining and screaming from the original band members (matsuhana and watari are like the pettiest people ever i’m crying)
-eventually the seijou vball team started doing concerts as fundraisers and stuff for their club
-iwaizumi is used as the security/manager for the team’s band
-he does not trust anyone on the team with handling money or other people
-sometimes makki’s harp makes a surprise appearance at concerts and rehearsals and everyone gathers around just to listen to him play
-its Literally the most soothing thing anyone has ever heard like yea u go makki play that harp
-one time makki got too emotional and he vented using his harp and when he turned around he saw mattsun like silently bawling his eyes out
-mattsun of course gave him a hug and tons of love and support and makki gladly accepted it all
-sometimes makki prefers to use his harp during practice and everyone just goes along with it because really who doesnt wanna listen to hanamaki playing the harp
-it also somehow ties their music together like no one knows How he does it but it all just magically fits into place makki you magician

i’m probably gonna add more stuff to this and use it in one of my fics but for now this is all i have lmfaO

Fairy RP


Elissa walked through the woods by herself as she watched some deer run by. Kailen walked over, and put his sword inside the scabbard on his belt. He led her over to a wood cottage/tree house that he had finished working on.

The Tenth Event, Sister Big Stuff

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Ariadne had shown Baltimore and Beam to the wardrobe, which was actually a large closet about the size of an spacecraft hangar. Beam had quietly asked Baltimore whether she thought Ariadne’s crew had somehow managed to steal an entire thrift store, but Ariadne overheard and insisted that they never stole from thrift stores. Poor people needed those clothes. For clothes, they only raided high-end department stores and army surplus stores, so that they were only taking money out of the pockets of people who had more than they needed.

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Alexander McQueen S/S 2003 “Irere”

In a spectacular display of storytelling, the Spring/Summer 2003 show, titled Irere (meaning “transformation” in Amazonian), was the beginning of a new era for Alexander McQueen. While the opening video sequence was typically macabre, it was setting the stage for a runway show packed with wearable, covetable items. In the film, directed by John Maybury, a woman is drowning in the ocean, and writhes around, entangled in a torn and gauzy dress. This is our protagonist; the woman is shipwrecked, and will have her “transformation” on land.

The first part of the show consisted of pirate inspired pieces, with the beauty look being very in keeping with the “shipwrecked” theme: wet hair and black eye shadow smudged far beneath the eye. Brown leather miniskirts, knee-high pirate boots, military-inspired jackets, and low-slung belts all led to an incredible gown that has been nicknamed the “Oyster Dress”. Layers of off-white ruffles fell off of a highly structured undergarment. It was stunning.

Next, the backdrop showed a creepy woods sequence, which set the tone for a series of all-black ensembles. The shipwrecked pirate was being transformed into a conquistador. The black eye makeup became more intense and defined, and hair was put into half-up styles, all accented with Amazonian-inspired jewelry designed by McQueen’s friend, jeweler Shaun Leane. Ending with an Elizabethan-inspired ensemble, the backdrop took a sudden turn for the bright and colorful.

In the final part of our protagonist’s transformation, she evolves into a jewel-toned Amazonian Goddess, with hints of a bird of paradise. The chiffon-y dresses were tie-dyed in incredible bright color palettes of blue, red, and yellow. Accompanying the dresses were jumpsuits made from parachute material, and re-incarnations of previous designs such as the Elizabethan corset and “Oyster dress”, taken from beiges and black to every color of the rainbow. When Lee McQueen took his bow at the end of the show, the audience was shocked to discover that he had lost 30 pounds; indeed his own transformation was intertwined with his protagonist’s.  

Fantano-Americans and The Death of Music Culture

Believe it or not there once used to be a time when it wasn’t cool to be a nerd. Non-nerds always had a feeling that nerds would be successful someday but that couldn’t stop the nerds from getting ridiculed for their odd-duck social skills or having their gadgets broken. Being a nerd was hard and it was the furthest thing from cool. Today people actively pursue the nerd label and wear it as a badge of honor. It’s cool to be a nerd.

No one exemplifies this dynamic better than Anthony Fantano, the self-proclaimed “Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd”. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Anthony Fantano is a dude with a YouTube channel where he talks windily about new music mostly of the “indie persuasion”.

His videos often feature skits involving his abhorrent alter-ego Cal Chuchesta whom is apparently some sort of functionally retarded Cosby sweater immigrant. Fantano, for all intents and purposes, is a music nerd and a critic. But most importantly he is the type of nerd that can only exist in a world where the music industry is filterless and lacks the type of quality-control we romanticize about the classic rock era. Music criticism itself has been reduced to a hype-blog saturated echo-chamber that’s more concerned with gimmicky aesthetics and contrived innovation rather than any sort of artistic merit.

The days of curmudgeonly cranky critics like Lester Bangs or curators of cool like John Peel are long gone. All that we have are Fantano-Americans: bespectacled and shameless hipster prototypes stroking their chin (or beard) while gazing pensively into a MacBook Pro wearing Beats by Dre headphones. The mere act of simply consuming music and posturing has become more important than actually appreciating it or criticizing it.

As we know, the internet is really good at making people instant experts on things that would otherwise require a lot of time and effort. Just as there used to be a time when it wasn’t cool to be a nerd, there used to be a time when learning about cool music required reading interviews with people who knew their shit, like Kurt Cobain. Or frequenting stuffy record stores where snarky elitist clerks gave you the stink-eye even if you purchased something they approved of. Or going to one-off shows in cramped places that smelled of piss and puke. I know that I probably sound like an old man upset about the kids playing on the lawn, but there was just something much more edifying about that kind of experience.

The Fantano-American approach to music appreciation consist of reading countless blogs, downloading countless albums, and Googling band bios. Badabing! You are now an expert on every genre, fringe genre, sub-genre and micro-sub-genre music has to offer. Never mind the fact that deep down you are a folk-punk dork who evolved into a post-rock dork and now you have strong conflicting opinions about the new Kanye West record. Now you are suddenly concerned about the state of hip-hop. “The thing is, an album like ‘Paul’s Boutique’ could never be made in today’s Daft Punk world because blah blah blah…..samples!”

Now that you are a connoisseur of only the finest, most radical pop curiosities on this side of the web, you are an authority and arbiter of taste. Now you can go catch 30% percent of the bands that inhabit your iPad and live at an outdoor music festival sponsored by Dos Equis and Beats by Dre headphones.

It is important to note that music festivals aren’t for people who appreciate music. They are for people who appreciate drugs and like the idea of 'appreciating’ music. Seeing a band you like play a rushed 25 minute set in the middle of the hot afternoon while a bunch drunk (presumably off vodka-red bulls) girls wearing high-waisted denim shorts and floppy hats shout annoying shit like “YOLO!” and groove around taking selfies is not an ideal scenario for a music fan. It’s basically music hell. It’s the physical equivalent to voracious “have you heard of this? Have you heard of this? Check this out!” digital clusterfuck that Anthony Fantano embodies.

Fantano-Americans aren’t necessarily bad people. I suspect that their heart is in right place even if they wear shorts year-round and insist on playing a playlist off iTunes at every social gathering they attend, including funerals. At they end of day they just want to have their cake and eat it too. They want be cool, in spite of being a nerd and nerdy in spite of being cool. They want to talk into a web-cam for 10 minutes about the new Beach House record (even though they’d be better suited to offer tips on a moisturizing regiment) and then fingerbang their shy girlfriend under an afghan blanket while it plays softly in the background without the fear that some ignorant brute wearing a Led Zepplin belt-buckle that also opens beers will smash their rig and call them a dork.