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I have really messy writing when it comes to writing notes for lectures and a really slow typer but I record my lectures on my phone but its low quality. is there an app or any other resources that can help me? also what electronics would you recommend a tablet or laptop to bring with me to lectures. thanks

For iPhone, I used Audio Class Notes. But right now I am switching to the recording function in OneNote (so I am recording using laptop) and that quality is alright as well. I would also turn up the volume by using Audacity (because for most of the time if you are sitting at the back of the lecture hall it’s very difficult to have a clear recording).

I bring a laptop to lectures if I know that the professor is going to cover a lot (for me, it’s usually law courses). But I will bring a tablet to lectures if I don’t have to take a lot of notes for that class (or if I have the lecture slides beforehand). I will then take notes using my stylus instead of typing.


I’ve received few messages regarding color coding, personally i dont pay much attention to that aspect, i just use whatever color im “feeling” at that moment. Nevertheless, i decided to share a few tips :D
Choose 3 colors ( generally i go with black, red and blue) so i would start with black for the main chunk of information , then i would use blue for a more detailed Information . lastly , for other bits and pieces that i need to remember i would use red. Oh right, i also use red as my heading! The best part about using blue black and red is that they are available in one of those pens where 3 colors are included ( bic, pilot , etc tbh i only know those 2 :p sorry)
Lastly, pencils! I love pencils , i have more pencils than pens ! I generally use pencils when i dont feel like “color coding ” and i also use pencil for drawing difficult structures ( as shown in the 3rd diagram)
Sorry for the bad grammar, im still working on improving my english :p
Hope this helps :) have a great day ya'all

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I have a REALLY bad problem with shorting down words and stuff. I literally take lecture notes word for word and textbook notes word for word. Anyway I can learn to pick out he important parts from the useless info?

Hello. Look for signalling words in the lectures that mark where the emphasis is. These are some examples:

  • In the first place…
  • I’m going to focus on…
  • It’s important to note …The main point to notice…This is central …I want to stress that….The first important aspect is… (key point markers)
  • This is / happens because… (reason markers)
  • In other words……which mean that… (explanation markers)
  • A clear example of this is…We can see this in the case of… (example markers)
  • I want to move on to…The next aspect to look at it (change of topic)

You can also recognise changes in the lecturer themselves.

  • Change in volume or tone of voice
  • Body movements
  • Repetition
  • Pauses
  • Writing on whiteboard/powerpoint

You can also try asking yourself questions when taking notes:

  • What do I need to remember?
  • How does this relate to what I already know and need to know?
  • Are these details relevant?

When note taking from textbooks, read a section, then cover the book and make your notes. You won’t be able to take the notes verbatim any more and you’ll be forced to write in your own words, which is actually a very good study technique.

Tips for boring lectures

So no matter how much you love your subject, there is always going to be that one lecture that you just can’t concentrate on. Perhaps the subject matter is dreadfully dry or the lecturer is so monotonous you just can’t help but zone out. It happens to everyone. So here’s what helps me stay awake.

1) Drink water. You have no idea how much this has helped me!

2) Chew gum. Not for everyone but this is a tip from a friend of mine.

3) Write your own notes. So many lecturers will give you powerpoint slides and some without even gaps to keep your interest. So for a few of my lectures this year I made my own notes during the lecture, still listening to what the lecturer was saying in the back of my mind. Perhaps that sounds complicated but it helped me. 

4) Write down questions you can ask after the lecture. Some lecturers don’t like being interrupted (unless they’ve made an obvious mistake), but are quite happy to take questions afterwards. If you don’t want to ask, you can always go to their office hours or research the answers yourself. 

5) Get your friends to give you a nudge if you start to take a nap! Sometimes with the hectic uni lifestyle it is unavoidable. I actually got really ill in the first semester of first year (my uni room severely provoked my dust allergy, that’s another story). I just could not stay awake in my Probability lectures. Fortunately my friend was really understanding and gave me a tap every time I looked like I was asleep. And then there was my other friend, who took photos. But let’s not go there…

6) Sit near the front. You definitely won’t be sleeping with a lecturer staring at you…
Lecture List for University Chemistry Courses

Chemistry Courses Included:

  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Chemistry Lab Technique
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Metallurgy

This is an amazing resource for anyone currently studying these courses, studying these courses in the future, or anyone interested in the subject. Enjoy and please reblog so more people are aware!

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How do I balance high school and work ?

School first. You have your whole life to work, you need to focus on getting an education and being the best you can be so later in life you can work smarter and make the world a better place. If you’re in high school, recognize that even though we live in a capitalist society and a lot of people are going to be putting pressure on you to work that you do not (and should not) be giving work and school equal parts of your time or energy. School first, then use your extra time for work. Part-time jobs with few hours that schedule you on nights and weekends are the best for students in high school. I’m definitely not dissuading anyone from working through high school; I think that was one of the best things I did for myself, I’m just saying that work isn’t everything and wherever you end up working, make sure your boss feels the same way. Don’t work for the guy that gives you shit for not picking up extra shifts because you have a big test on Tuesday. 

It’s not about balancing, it’s about prioritizing. And I recognize that some people don’t have the luxury of choosing school and need to drop out to take care of their families, but if that’s not your situation, then I really urge you to put school first; your work life will be better for it.

Do you want to learn Haskell?

What is Haskell?

Try Haskell (online interactive Haskell tutorial which makes it easier to follow along)


Haskell in 5 steps

Learn Haskell

Hitchhikers guide to Haskell

Haskell tutorial



Real world Haskell

Haskell wikibook

Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours

Video lectures/lecture notes

Functional Programming Fundamentals (13 videos about 45 minutes each one; Dr. Erik Meijer teach Functional Programming Fundamentals using Haskell as the language for understanding the basic functional principles)

Haskell from scratch (Youtube)

Haskell video collection (Youtube)

Lecture notes and assignments (University of Pennsylvania)

Cheat sheets

Haskell cheat sheet

Another Haskell cheat sheet (Spanish version)

Ultimate Haskell cheat sheet


99 Haskell problems

20 intermediate Haskell exercises

Daily Haskell exercises

API search engines




Planet Haskell

Contemplating code

Other resources

Haskell for all (a blog about Haskell)

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The evolution of a Haskell programmer

Okay but like. Urban fantasy with dragon versions of shows like Hoarders where dragon camera crews go in and clear out the caves of dragons that hoard too much stuff to function and go off about “God, Frank, you can’t keep living like this.”

Humans watching this show and being so incredibly confused because holy shit was that a diamond goblet????? No don’t throw that away what the hell that’s so valuable. 

Also a dragon version of “My Strange Addiction” called “My Strange Hoard” where they look at dragons who hoard like, cats or plants or vintage lamps.