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To the Four of Us (Part Six)

lol guys why do i always post at 3:30am. ANYWAYS, the fun continues with the Hammy college AU shenanigans. As per usual, PLS PLS shoot me a message / like / reblog if you enjoyed the chapter. 

words: 2,147

warnings: swears

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette

all chapters: x

A/N: angst!!!!and fluff!!!!!

soundtrack song: Collar Full - Panic! At the Disco

full soundtrack: x

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*When mc closes her eyes when she’s in danger*

Me: …………………..

Voltage guy comes and rescues mc and ready to lecture me

Me: *Shhh* Yes. I know…..I know how u feel.
I also want to scream

BTS Reaction to Hearing Moans From Another Members Room

This would be soooo awkward.The request was originally for the members hearing the moans from Jungkook’s room based off a smut I wrote, but I just made it more vague. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He could hear the moaning from the other room, feeling his face getting hot and his eyes widened. He didn’t want to imagine any of his boys being intimate. But he couldn’t believe they would be doing it in the dorm. He yelled for the boy to come out, ready to lecture him about the importance of safe sex and knowing when and where to do that sort of thing.

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Suga: He had no idea what he was hearing the moment he took off his headphones. He thought he possibly left his music on and a weird song was playing, but the more he listened, the faster he realized the truth. He stared up in disgust and fear; unsure of what to say or think. He didn’t want to know whose room it was coming and he didn’t care. He placed his headphones back on in hopes of ignoring it.

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J-Hope: He was talking to one of the other boys about the choreography he was working on when he suddenly heard the moaning sounds from another room. He looked up in confusion. “What…” He couldn’t even bare to say the rest of the question when he realized what he was hearing. He quickly made his way out of the dorm, mumbling something about needing to get to the studio to dance.

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Rapmon: His attempt to ignore the situation was driving him crazy. He wanted to go in the room and stop the boy from being intimate; becoming a bit of a protective older brother. He managed to restrain himself and waited until the boy was free. As soon as he was, Namjoon took him to his room and gave him a long, and a bit embarrassing, lecture about the safeties needed when being intimate.

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Jimin: The sounds of moaning caused him to freak out a bit. His eyes were wide and he felt like he could die. He had to fight the urge to laugh nervously. He giggled a bit, not knowing how else to react. He turned towards the door, surprised that one of the boys would actually be doing something like this in their dorm.

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V: He chuckled, not really understanding what was happening at first. He had assumed it was just one of the boys watching porn or something, but when he heard their name being moaned, he realized with horror that it was real life. He stood frozen in his spot for a long moment before breaking out of it and running away to escape the awkward sounds.

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Jungkook: He didn’t know what was going on at all. He didn’t even hear the moaning at first. He just assumed someone was goofing around a bit too rough. It wasn’t until he saw Jin’s face of shock that he realized what was happening. He stared out like he had just taken a test or something and was stuck on a problem. He was completely dumbfounded.

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Can you do sick human friend and how Ratchet, Rung, and Ultra Magnus act if the human was hiding it from them?

Ratchet is absolutely lived, and immediately checks you over. If it’s serious, he has one of he other medics take a look at you instead. When you’re better, he has one hell of a lecture ready for you.

Rung is so worried, he takes you right to Ratchet. He spends the entire time pacing, and when you’re a bit better, he goes to see you. He might give you a little lecture, but overall he’s just glad you’re okay.

Ultra Magnus, like Ratchet, gets really angry with you. You’re also carted right off to the medics, and while you’re getting seen to he throws himself into his work. When you’re okay again, he scolds you for not being careful. His fans will come on if you comment that he was worried.

Okay guys so I started to write this when I was kind of drunk. Haha enjoy.

Rating: R
Pairing: Luke and Y/N
Themes: drunkenness, virginity, hand job, riding
Word count: 1.1k
Doodling flowers on the corner of your paper you were completely zoned out, a world away from the lecture that you were sitting in. The topic literally drained the life out of you and you couldn’t wait for the professor with the strange accent to stop talking. It hadn’t gone unnoticed to you that the boy to your left was taking perfect notes the whole way through, stopping only to push his glasses up his face. He was wearing black jeans and a red and black plaid shirt. You noticed the distinguishable bracelets and bands around his wrist and watched them as they moved as quick as his pen. The second the lecturer stopped talking you was up and out of the lecture theatre and ready to go get some food.

That night you had dragged your friends along to rock night. It was your favourite night on campus as the music topped all of the usual club music that adorned the other bars around. You and your friends stood in a circle on the dance floor. Vodka and cokes clutched in everyone’s grasp you swung your hips to the red hot chilli peppers song, sipping the remanence of your drink as you did.

“No way” you mumbled to yourself placing your solo cup down on the nearest counter and pushing through people to reach your target. The boy who was sat next to you earlier was now no longer wearing his spectacles. His plaid was unbuttoned revealing a nirvana tshirt and his hair no longer flat but in a quiff that was not affected by the heat of the room. He was dancing with what you assumed were friends of his. One had bright red hair, the other had chestnut coloured locks and a bandana around his head, and the final friend of his was Asian looking, maybe an exchange student, with his hair in a mess of curls atop his head.

“Hey” you said to the blond. He looked at you confused for a second until you clarified with “you’re in some of my lectures, I think I sat next to you today.” His eyes, which you could see were bright blue even with the room being dark, lit up in understanding.

He cleared his throat “Yeah, you’re really good at drawing by the way. I’m Luke” he said out stretching his hand.

“Y/N!” You shouted over the music taking his hand. For the rest of the night your friendship groups mixed and you all danced together. It had gotten to the point where your hands were around Luke’s neck and you swung back and forth to the music. He was shy at first but after a few round of shots he become comfortable with the positioning.

Smells like teen spirit by nirvana started and all of the ‘hipsters’ in the cramped bar screamed as it was a song they actually knew the lyrics too. You had a crazy idea. You span around and grinder your ass on Luke’s crotch in time with the music. He rested his chin on your shoulder and you could feel his cheek on yours grow warm. By the end of the song you also felt a semi rubbing against your leg. You turned back to him “wanna go somewhere more quite?” You suggested battering your eyelids.

Luke just nodded unable to form words.

The walk back to your dorm room was short. When you turned the lock on the door, you turned to Luke. He was watching you, hands hanging by his side as if he was wondering what to do.

“Are you okay?” You asked him sitting on the edge of the bed and inviting him to come with you.

He accepted your offer sitting next to you but leaving a gap of about a foot. “Yeah, it’s just…I erm” he stuttered then cleared his throat “I haven’t done anything with a girl before, besides kissing” you were 100% sure that he would have never admitted this to you had he have been sober.

“You don’t have to” you said feeling like a monster. You hadn’t realised.

“No no!” He interrupted followed by a mumbled apology and a grab of your hand. “I’d like to but I ask one thing” he said leaning forward and pecking your lips making you grin.

“What’s that?” You asked, curious.

“We have to go out next week, my treat” your heart swelled at how old fashioned he was and you nodded in agreement. He pecked your lips chastely again but you held him around the neck pulling him in closer. You sucked on his bottom lip before swiping your tongue over them. He parted his soft lips and you took control. His body tensed when you moved to straddle his waist but then quickly settled again. You gently urged him to lay back onto the covers which he did. The make out session though slow, was heated and eventually you took your hand down to plan against the growing strain in his tight jeans. His mouth gasped against yours and you carried on eventually undoing the buttons and pushing the jeans down slightly. You took off your top and let you lace bra show, looking down at Luke to coax his reaction. Something awakened in his blue eyes and he must have taken that as a hint for him to remove his shirt. He slowly undid the buttons and let it fall down his broad shoulders. You attached your lips to his neck while grinding on his erection.

Once you were both naked you pumped around his length a few times then rolled on a condom that you had cotton from your drawers. You positioned yourself ontop of him and lowered your self down slowly so that Luke could get used to it. He moaned loudly several times and then you finally started to rock. Eventually he rocked to meet you and you were both moaning messes. You could feel he was close so moved one of your own hands down to your clit, and crashed your lips against his kissing hard. Stimulating yourself more caused you to clench around him and he came undone with no warning, obviously unable to hold it any longer. You came afterwards and rode out the highs on both of your parks. Eventually you pulled away so Luke slid out of you and you cuddled against him. “I won’t ever regret my first time y/n” Luke mumbled as you fell asleep, tangled in his arms and legs, knowing you didn’t want that to be the last time.

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so apparently i can draw iron bull just fine if its lazy pencil sketches, while its a constant struggle with tablet

*looks down at own hands* why are you doing this to me

jeff x annie: the edge

When Jeff finally comes home from Britta’s party he finds Annie curled up on his couch, hugging a pillow to her chest. 

He squints and reaches above him to confirm that the spare key he keeps above the doorframe is, in fact, missing. He wonders how she even knew it was there, how she even reached it, but then remembers this is Annie he’s dealing with. No detail is above her scrutiny, no challenge above her determination.

Sighing, he steps inside, ready to lecture her on the finer points of breaking and entering, when she makes a soft sort of sigh and nestles deeper into the cushion. 

Only Annie Edison could break into an apartment, make herself at home, and proceed to fall fast asleep. 

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